Report for 1-2024375401 - 2017-11-29 202
They call everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. I tell them I'm reporting them and to never call again. It's harassment. It's rediculous. I'm calling my state's attorney generals office tomorrow.

Report for 1-2024313786 - 2017-11-28 202
This number called me at 6am this morning and has called me 6-7 more times since. No message, just repeated calls. I don't know anyone in the 323 area code, so I'm assuming they want to sell me a new car.

Report for 1-2026260290 - 2017-11-23 202
Received a voice mail on landline this morning. The message stated that there were four serious charges against me and that I was to get arrested if I did not call back. This is a scam. They are spoofing a local number so they are hoping someone will call them back. I have an AARP and an I tune phone number. Nothing else comes up on the caller ID.

Report for 1-2022395311 - 2017-11-23 202
Answered the call, no one on other end. Hung up; no message.

Report for 1-2025739209 - 2017-11-22 202
Blocked by my AT&T Call Protect, one of the few that can tell the call is Scam 1, Scam 2, Scam 3. They always seem to call the wrong day and call from a different number each day. I've never answered.

Report for 1-2020400021 - 2017-11-12 202
Got a call on my cell asking for my husband and asked why I would not speak to someone who was "on another call."

Report for 1-2028108179 - 2017-11-09 202
I think you are right as the person that posted before posted in error. I had been searching for a student loan for over 40 years and has been an honor and privilege of my life.

Report for 1-2024453250 - 2017-11-08 202
Same here. I missed a call from this number. No vmail.

Report for 1-2028569559 - 2017-11-05 202
I think you are the person who created the post because I am not even close to being able to understand the meaning of it

Report for 1-2024176956 - 2017-10-31 202
CID shows "Out of Area". It was the "Lower your credit card rates" phishing scam. I pressed 0 for operator and a female came on the line and said the number dialed is not in service. So how could it be in service? I hung up after that. These idiots never give up.

Report for 1-2026297788 - 2017-10-30 202
Just started getting calls from this number. They never leave a message. I have a San diego cell phone account and the only place I got this number is Verizon Wireless. When I asked them to remove my number from their calling list, they said they would but couldnt tell me why they called. I also told them they were calling in violation of the Do NOT Call registry. And they said they would remove me. Im still getting calls from them.

Report for 1-2026015253 - 2017-10-27 202
I received a call from 888-334-2489 saying I should call back 1-877-618-0954. The number they said to call back was 1-888-334-2490. All the caller said was his/her name. I called the number from a landline which is non-listed and got a voice mail. The voice mail said, "Thank you for calling the Fundraising Center, a non-profit organization. If you know the year, kind, and amount of the donation you are requesting, please put it in the box below." I don't know where or how any non-profit organization can get my cell phone number to call me when I don't even have a landline. I called back from a landline and the voice mail said, "Thank you for calling the Fundraising Center. If you do not wish to be called please leave your phone number. If you would like to be put on the do not call list, press 1 (1)." I did this 3 times. It still does not say "the name of the fundraiser" or anything for the name in the voice mail.

Report for 1-2025169101 - 2017-10-27 202
i keep getting a call from 360-967-4128 it is an automated call but it was a woman who left the message that if i'm not this guy it will be my fault but I was really scared that they are going to have me arrested

Report for 1-2024555956 - 2017-10-26 202
Didn't answer the unknown number but seeing comments here,I just can't wait for them to call me back! I've had it with these damn calls and wish I knew how to stop them

Report for 1-2029141105 - 2017-10-24 202
Same as above as other callers, left message on my answering machine saying they're investigating me and to press 1. I've received calls from this same area code and prefix before. It's always a computer-generated voice in the message. Caller ID says it's from Ocala, FL

Report for 1-2026246049 - 2017-10-21 202
I received a call from this number on 10/19/18. Claimed to be from the law firm of Cooper and associates and said that they had a case against me regarding a case file and that I should call this number back. When I called back, the company is named Cooper Law Firm which does refer to itself with a different business name, which is obviously bogus. So, I believe this is a scam, and would recommend not calling back.

Report for 1-2026159942 - 2017-10-21 202
Received a second anonymous call from 360-722-6756. Caller ID showed this call coming from "NONE" This time he said to tell me that the IRS will be suing me because of errors on my tax returns. When I told him that I knew the IRS does not engage in random calling/sent via internet to people, he said it is not a lawsuit because if it was the IRS, I would be receiving something in the mail first. I then asked what he meant by "nothing in the mail."

Report for 1-2024178409 - 2017-10-15 202
Call from this number at 6:10 p.m. There was no one there and when I tried to call it back, it said my call could not be completed as dialed.

Report for 1-2025808176 - 2017-10-14 202
this number has called me everyday for over a month and no one ever answers and then they hang up!!!!!

Report for 1-2028009099 - 2017-10-12 202
I got same call

Report for 1-2028333366 - 2017-10-11 202
just received a call from this number, didn't answer, no VM left, didn't call back, blocked the number.

Report for 1-2020400021 - 2017-10-10 202
I have been

Report for 1-2024554923 - 2017-10-05 202
It's either about Obama trying to raise taxes or the people of the GOP are making this call to try to drive the electorate out of his party. I got the first one today.

Report for 1-2022395351 - 2017-10-05 202
called, left no message

Report for 1-2028732709 - 2017-10-03 202
It's a scam, don't trust it, just ignore it, they are scammer trying to access your information, like credit cards.

Report for 1-2026979026 - 2017-09-29 202
Called my work phone, I'm not even the person they are looking for, I'm the HR person in my field and not the person they are looking for. No message left for the person they say they are looking for. I have blocked their number.

Report for 1-2024375401 - 2017-09-24 202
It is a scam

Report for 1-2020360533 - 2017-09-22 202
I got a call from this number and when I called that number and a very rude lady said that I owed money to bank of American and I would have to pay them, I told her, you work for a bank, and I only have three days before the bank shuts down the account and I will have to pay you back. She said, you are a stupid idiot. So i told her, well if I owed Bank of America, they would contact via mail and not in a voicemail. I told her I have proof of all payments. So she started saying, we will just call the local law enforcement department and you will pay us. So I said, how do I know you weren't going to call me back again. They said if I hung up on her

Report for 1-2022535384 - 2017-09-22 202
Scam call

Report for 1-2024178996 - 2017-09-13 202
Caller from this number left a message today, March 6, 2009 saying, "This is a public message for all of the seniors we have done our due diligence in calling in the past." When I hung up the call, the caller said in a deep voice, "Is this your husband?" I laughed and said he was not here, then put the phone down and let his boss speak. When I came back the next day the caller was looking for someone else. The caller said "you better call or I'll have to call your husband. It is very important." I was surprised when I looked online at another site where the same caller from the same number has posted a complaint, "The Senior Scam" which is very entertaining to look at:

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