Report for 1-2024554923 - 2017-10-05 202
It's either about Obama trying to raise taxes or the people of the GOP are making this call to try to drive the electorate out of his party. I got the first one today.

Report for 1-2022395351 - 2017-10-05 202
called, left no message

Report for 1-2028732709 - 2017-10-03 202
It's a scam, don't trust it, just ignore it, they are scammer trying to access your information, like credit cards.

Report for 1-2026979026 - 2017-09-29 202
Called my work phone, I'm not even the person they are looking for, I'm the HR person in my field and not the person they are looking for. No message left for the person they say they are looking for. I have blocked their number.

Report for 1-2024375401 - 2017-09-24 202
It is a scam

Report for 1-2020360533 - 2017-09-22 202
I got a call from this number and when I called that number and a very rude lady said that I owed money to bank of American and I would have to pay them, I told her, you work for a bank, and I only have three days before the bank shuts down the account and I will have to pay you back. She said, you are a stupid idiot. So i told her, well if I owed Bank of America, they would contact via mail and not in a voicemail. I told her I have proof of all payments. So she started saying, we will just call the local law enforcement department and you will pay us. So I said, how do I know you weren't going to call me back again. They said if I hung up on her

Report for 1-2022535384 - 2017-09-22 202
Scam call

Report for 1-2024178996 - 2017-09-13 202
Caller from this number left a message today, March 6, 2009 saying, "This is a public message for all of the seniors we have done our due diligence in calling in the past." When I hung up the call, the caller said in a deep voice, "Is this your husband?" I laughed and said he was not here, then put the phone down and let his boss speak. When I came back the next day the caller was looking for someone else. The caller said "you better call or I'll have to call your husband. It is very important." I was surprised when I looked online at another site where the same caller from the same number has posted a complaint, "The Senior Scam" which is very entertaining to look at:

Report for 1-2026187293 - 2017-09-11 202
I received the exact same call today. I was wondering if anyone else received a call regarding a "green card I'm supposed to get from the IRS". The person has the same "hard tone" accent, very hard to understand. I looked up the number and it leads to some other website. I also found his website and it looks like a real scam. Sounds like it should be illegal to do this and not give it out. I'll be filing a police report on this and other sites.

Report for 1-2026105700 - 2017-09-09 202
It is a health insurance scam and was told 2 months ago that my number is listed with the government do not call list

Report for 1-2022281411 - 2017-09-02 202
They call at work and on my cell phone. I block one number and then they call from another. I have told them to stop calling but I am now going to block the number.

Report for 1-2026186933 - 2017-09-01 202
Caller says it's the IRS and they are suing me. I should call this number.

Report for 1-2026297788 - 2017-08-31 202
They keep calling me asking for my husband asking me to verify who I am and I said I am not telling anyone about his bank account unless you tell me who you are!!!!

Report for 1-2022281411 - 2017-08-28 202
Called and hung up.

Report for 1-2026979849 - 2017-08-24 202
Received a message saying that i needed to return the call asap to keep from being charged with bank fraud and something else

Report for 1-2026260290 - 2017-08-23 202
Robo call said to call back and speak with the department of treasury and left a call back number, with extension. Scam call...

Report for 1-2025808094 - 2017-08-21 202
These jerks just keep calling from numerous different numbers. I just keep blocking them. I owe no one any money.

Report for 1-2025739209 - 2017-08-19 202
Same thing, called my cell I didn't answer called back no answer

Report for 1-2027381840 - 2017-08-19 202
Caller stated her name was Melissa Turner and she was calling for a call back with a reference number about a matter in their office.

Report for 1-2024178996 - 2017-08-15 202
Just received a call from this number. Since this is a Denver number, I answered hoping to get off the list. When I answered they hung up. I will be blocking this number now.

Report for 1-2024702464 - 2017-08-14 202
just called my cell but didnt leave a message

Report for 1-2021242730 - 2017-08-10 202
The caller said my first name and asked for me by

Report for 1-2023564123 - 2017-08-09 202
Robo call

Report for 1-2025077332 - 2017-08-08 202
Yes, I got a call, left no message. So, I called back. Recording says they are "Call Control".

Report for 1-2026186933 - 2017-08-07 202
got the same message a few days ago saying it was a "federal criminal offense". they said it was to verify my address because it was the second attempt to serve me, and they gave this number to call back. didn't say the name, didn't say what state the matter was from, didn't say who they were, just said "federal criminal offense".

Report for 1-2026159942 - 2017-08-07 202
A phone call and a voice mail saying they had a complaint against me and there was no information on how to contact me (I know that I owe nothing). They gave me a reference number to find out. I called the number only to get a voicemail asking me to leave my name and social security number and they would locate me "or I would be served legal documents." No clue as to what they are talking about. They called me last week also asking the same thing. I called them back and told them I have never heard of this person and wouldn't they have the right number and then they proceeded to tell me it wasn't their call for me to call THEM back, yet they had told me not to call THEM back (how they knew my phone number) and I continued to ask them who they were as this was their call? They hung up, but today I received another phone call from them.

Report for 1-2028009099 - 2017-08-05 202
A person from this number is harrassing me as well. He said I owed money to a bank and that a law suite was going to be filed against me, and he's going to call every day for two weeks. Then he told me to get my lawyer on the phone or I would be arrested. After asking who and what bank it was he couldn't tell me. He wouldn't give me any information either. I am on the DO NOT CALL LIST, but this person just keeps calling.

Report for 1-2021242730 - 2017-08-03 202
Asked for me, then hung up

Report for 1-2023185122 - 2017-07-31 202
I just received a v/m from a woman from the "USA Grants Office" saying they were

Report for 1-2027381731 - 2017-07-31 202
Called 6 times today - it's a computer scam. When I asked what it is about, I was told I've committed fraud and I'll be sent to jail.

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