Report for 1-3039678911 - 2019-12-15 303
Rang then they hang up

Report for 1-3033279096 - 2019-12-05 303
I get calls from this number all the time and I am on the do not call list. What do I need to do to stop it. They call themselves the health insurance company.

Report for 1-3034254777 - 2019-12-05 303
I got the same thing. They called about 3 times a day and I didn't answer. I finally got sick of it and answered the phone for everyone to keep telling me "hello." A man answered, and as soon as I heard his voice I hung up immediately, because no one says hello like I heard it.

Report for 1-3034232605 - 2019-12-03 303
They said my loan would be canceled unless I sent them money

Report for 1-3032493483 - 2019-12-01 303
Got a voicemail that was cut off and the same number and the voicemail they left was "you have been served, we have your name and social." Really....

Report for 1-3035694621 - 2019-11-28 303
call from 818-309-2093, answered, no one there

Report for 1-3037474210 - 2019-11-25 303
Got a call from this number today...I said hello and there was silence and then a click and a dial tone.

Report for 1-3033279096 - 2019-11-13 303
Scam from unknown source. Blocked!

Report for 1-3037474210 - 2019-10-29 303
Got a call from this # and they left a nasty voice mail saying they are going to pursue this matter...and to call right away...not happening.

Report for 1-3032140236 - 2019-10-29 303
Keep getting calls from this number and no one answers. This is a scam. I would hate to get calls like this and then try to use that to try and get me to "sign" onto some kind of scam using my phone to get info.

Report for 1-3037521621 - 2019-09-30 303
They keep calling every day and sometimes several times a day. When I answer the phone, no one is there. If I call back, it says, "The person at extension 9999 is unavailable." The number they give me is 415-234-9889. How can we stop these calls from coming to our phone? They're calling all hours of the day, every day!

Report for 1-3039209351 - 2019-09-30 303
Received a call from 210 812-3447. Said to not disregard the call. I am an Attorney.

Report for 1-3032140236 - 2019-09-28 303
they called my phone. they asked for my mom they wouldn't leave a name, just said it was a personal matter and i told them i would take a message and they said fine, call me back i'll send a letter. we'll see what happens

Report for 1-3037886657 - 2019-09-27 303
They claim that the Federal Government wants to give me 9,200 because I owe them money or whatever. They asked me my exact amount. When I asked them for a website I was told they were closed at that time. I called again one hour later when I tried to call back the number was unavailable. I'm still waiting for my $9,200.

Report for 1-3033174123 - 2019-09-17 303
This number has called me about 20 times in the last 3 hours, atleast 5 times each time.

Report for 1-3035694623 - 2019-09-16 303
This guy is calling my work. Claiming that I owe them money. I will call the FBI with the info he had.

Report for 1-3032146453 - 2019-09-15 303
Got several calls from this number and they hung up when I answered. Today they also called my sisters cell phone and left a message about fraud but wouldn't tell me who they were calling for.

Report for 1-3035003894 - 2019-09-10 303
They call from different numbers but the same robot calls and gives

Report for 1-3038075588 - 2019-09-10 303
Called me several times and left a voicemail saying to call and verify who I was. Called back and the lady asked who I was said her name was jennifer. Told me she needed personal information of me. I said no I'm not giving you that. They hung up.

Report for 1-3035694623 - 2019-09-03 303
Yes, I answered the phone, but no one was on the line.

Report for 1-3033279096 - 2019-08-30 303
Left a voicemail stating that I have been suspended/suspended. Didnt say who they were just saying the number.

Report for 1-3032334669 - 2019-08-26 303
Rec'd call from 352-202-9668 - I answered "Hello", caller said nothing, still there for several seconds- I hung up.

Report for 1-3032334669 - 2019-08-22 303
They called twice but only left a message once. The part of the message that was left was that "If I want to be removed from our phone list press nine."

Report for 1-3037521621 - 2019-08-22 303
i got the same exact one

Report for 1-3038488715 - 2019-08-12 303
This is another scammer. I just got a call from this number, it said unknown name on my caller id. They called again an hour later, this time they left no message. I will be blocking this call

Report for 1-3039209351 - 2019-08-10 303
You probably paid him to be rude and sarcastic!

Report for 1-3035861727 - 2019-07-27 303
Criminal/scam debt collectors don't care. They keep calling because most if not all of their records are old by now. The only way for a company to remove your name from their database is to pay them to be placed off of their list. Many people are so scared and scared of giving out their info they get suckered into answering their phone. A lot of debt collectors buy those lists from other criminal enterprises and then call you to collect. A few have already filed criminal charges against you because you declined to pay them the money they say you owe! You still owe the money. If you pay nothing in full, the original debt can be erased. If you pay nothing, they sell it to another criminal enterprise. It don't make a difference what the original debt was for as long as you keep it.

Report for 1-3038259018 - 2019-07-19 303
Same story, I was told to call this number so that I could receive a grant and all the details were being sent to my email about me giving my information and giving a reference of what phone # I would like it delivered via mail. The said they would be calling back to confirm this information. Funny thing is my name and an exact phone # they could call (my cell#) back to confirm and I wasn't even calling that number back. They also had my email address and personal info but I could not recall the email address they said they would be using because they were having technical difficulties and a computer is down and that could handle it. I am assuming it was phishing because I have no idea how they knew that I had been granted and what the specific purpose was and what this was in regards to.

Report for 1-3035003894 - 2019-07-11 303
Mortgage was on my list of things to drop off when I bought my house and I do have a mortgage with a 5 year hold. Scam.

Report for 1-3037300549 - 2019-07-05 303
The caller did not leave a voicemail

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