Report for 1-3037300549 - 2018-05-22 303
Just called with no message (I answered) and no pickup after reading all your post (I did not answer) Thanks!

Report for 1-3032199286 - 2018-05-06 303
I got a call too saying that I owe money to the fedres and that I need to pay them $400 to receive the $8,000 grant money, how they got the phone number they don't know. I'm just sad

Report for 1-3039678911 - 2018-04-15 303
They left a voice mail with nothing on it but the end of the message was "I will be in your area". When you call back - the number won't even connect. Blocking this number.

Report for 1-3037300549 - 2018-04-06 303
Called while I was out but left no message.

Report for 1-3032493483 - 2018-04-01 303
Said his name is Mike Adams with National Document Delivery Services, calling for a family member. He is calling to serve a summons at address listed in a judgment they have and he needs the full name of the defense attorney and a valid address. If this were real, he would have to have the paperwork on file in order to serve. He is a complete fraud and should be stopped. Beware! The caller uses a number that matches another number used in a similar situation with a prerecorded message. This is definitely a scam!!!

Report for 1-3032199286 - 2018-03-21 303
Received a call from this number and I decided to answer. I don't normally answer numbers from other states but for some reason I did. The "foreign" woman on the other end said she was calling for an elderly people's service. When I asked her to repeat that she hung up the phone.

Report for 1-3032334669 - 2018-03-14 303
I received a text from a David Green (he called himself David Taylor too!!) at 11:01 pm when I was working. He stated there was a civil case pending against me and my name would be put on it before it went to court

Report for 1-3032199599 - 2018-03-01 303
called my cellphone and left no message

Report for 1-3038259018 - 2018-02-21 303
Said his name was Jeff and that I shouldn't ignore his call.

Report for 1-3032199286 - 2018-02-18 303
Just got a call from this number. I answered and hung up.

Report for 1-3038488715 - 2018-02-08 303
I received a call and voicemail from the same guy with a Indian accent, but the part he was calling about was the first part of his voicemail; the beginning of this part was cut off by the robodialer so I only heard my name in the last few words. I called the number back and a message for "Morty Brown" answered and no mention of a company name or anything about a message for the named person. When I told the message that the person that they were calling for was not at this number, they hung up. I called back and they said they were from some sort of legal firm. I told them no, I wasn't the named person and they simply hung up.

Report for 1-3034232605 - 2018-02-08 303
Tried calling back and get one ring then voicemail

Report for 1-3033174123 - 2018-02-04 303

Report for 1-3038075588 - 2018-01-19 303
My father received a VM from this number. Stated his name is Mark Johnson and that he was with Global Business - left the same number. We did not try calling it back.

Report for 1-3035864269 - 2018-01-17 303
Just got a call and no message left.

Report for 1-3037886657 - 2018-01-16 303
They called today. I called the number back and a lady answered "Grant funds service"

Report for 1-3032199599 - 2017-12-22 303
Just received the same call on my cell phone. It showed the call was received from Orlando, Florida. Did not answer, and am blocking it from calling back.

Report for 1-3034232605 - 2017-12-13 303
Got an automated call from John Carter today saying he was with SSA & had documents to deliver. Wanted my ss# & my address. This scam must be in a lot less on the news because it works on the elderly. Beware!

Report for 1-3037300549 - 2017-12-11 303
Caller says my credit card has been compromised and will be credited $399 for a renewal. I have a $2,000 cap on credits. He asks if I want him to send it to my email address. I say I've got it. I ask for a number to call and he says, "I can't help you I'm just a service on a computer." Then he hangs up.

Report for 1-3033230037 - 2017-11-30 303
Scammers using a spoofed phone number trying to get you to call their callback number.

Report for 1-3037886657 - 2017-11-29 303
This text message: (FRM: 877.858.8307 @10:51am EDT)Your ATM card has been stoppedDue to fraudulent activities. Please press 1 to connect with our fraud prevention services."

Report for 1-3038075588 - 2017-11-28 303
Left no message, called it back and it was disconnected??

Report for 1-3032493483 - 2017-11-23 303
I got a call from this number regarding a civil suit with a case number, they said I needed to call back to make the payment arrangements for them to serve me with the papers. They had my social and all.

Report for 1-3032199599 - 2017-11-08 303
This # 928-675-08095 has called me atleast 30 times i hae called back and asked them to quit calling ...but they keep calling...

Report for 1-3035867374 - 2017-11-08 303
Called a minute ago. Left no message.

Report for 1-3039678911 - 2017-11-04 303
It is a scam. If the caller asks you for your SIN, DO NOT GIVE THAT TO THEM!! If they call telling you you've been notified and going to be served, or they are already there coming with the service, hang up and call the local police for more information. If you call them back asking for more information they are likely to hang up again.

Report for 1-3035861727 - 2017-11-03 303
Call with no message

Report for 1-3037331121 - 2017-10-25 303
Unwanted call that did not leave a message....

Report for 1-3034254777 - 2017-10-25 303
Received call from this number. Recorded message saying I have a warrant out for my arrest. I know I have no warrants.

Report for 1-3032146453 - 2017-10-23 303
Same thing as above they don't leave one message. I also have several other numbers calling my cell phone as well.

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