Report for 1-3057338432 - 2019-10-30 305
I got the same call!

Report for 1-3057484977 - 2019-10-21 305
Keep getting a call from this number I answer and they hang up. I have my phone turned off and yet

Report for 1-3052198464 - 2019-10-03 305
Received a message from this number asking to

Report for 1-3052606107 - 2019-09-22 305
It is from a collection agency.They got my number from the "YouSaulTee" website. You signup for something, get charged for that thing and then you cancel it.If, it's your credit card, use your own number to call them. I do this all of the time.

Report for 1-3052606107 - 2019-09-15 305
I heard my phone ring and I answered and they hung up. Who the hell are these ppl anyways

Report for 1-3053954291 - 2019-09-03 305
This number has been blocked after only 4 calls. Never gives

Report for 1-3058588882 - 2019-08-26 305
I just got this email with the same account #, what was it about

Report for 1-3050900050 - 2019-08-23 305
I kept getting the same call but I just blocked this number so it stopped for a couple of weeks. They're trying the number again. Today they keep calling but I blocked

Report for 1-3052398888 - 2019-08-20 305
Same as Tessa - I'm from TX and they called my husband today - I'm in CA. What the hell?

Report for 1-3054113271 - 2019-08-18 305
This is AICR... The name shows on my caller ID but they never leave an answer.

Report for 1-3059246903 - 2019-08-10 305
Just got a call from this number, didn't answer, but no message was left so i called back with *67 to block my number , but it was already blocked and the call wouldn't go through , so i googled it and got this site ! thank god for this website, thank you guys a bunch!

Report for 1-3053984309 - 2019-08-09 305
Caller claims to be the irs

Report for 1-3055317765 - 2019-07-18 305
A call from Unknown... Did not leave voicemail

Report for 1-3056724554 - 2019-07-01 305
Just got same message. Didn't answer but they called my wife's phone and left an VM on her phone.

Report for 1-3057338432 - 2019-06-16 305
Call from this number, no msg left. Called back, and got a message "The phone company was not accepting calls at that time. I will try again later." Just got another call from the same number, and it just went into voice mail with this message:"The party who is accessing

Report for 1-3058886464 - 2019-06-11 305
Robo call about I want to talk to you about your social security number... etc

Report for 1-3054113271 - 2019-06-05 305
This is just a new way of getting around the "Do Not Call" asking for my address (which I do not give out) - I said that he has the wrong person and he hung up - If they call again, I will take a different approach. Just saying...I do not pick up my cell phone when I see the caller ID showing 'V'I am on the do not call list

Report for 1-3055035779 - 2019-05-26 305
They just called and wouldn't identify themselves

Report for 1-3056519200 - 2019-05-22 305
just answered this call - a lady said i won $100 prize. asked which one - asked same questions. I hung up

Report for 1-3056724554 - 2019-05-12 305
Called and left no message. Called yesterday again.

Report for 1-3059246903 - 2019-05-11 305
I don't answer numbers I don't recognize. No message left. Blocked.

Report for 1-3059120998 - 2019-05-01 305
Recorded message said they are the Irs and to call this number before we were sued.

Report for 1-3053954291 - 2019-04-29 305
this number was calling me today for the 4th time. I didn't answer because if it was something important they would have left a message. I'm so sick of being harassed, even by a person on the other side, I've had to take to my phone and make it private.I'm thinking of changing my number again. This crap is ridiculous... I'd love to make an example out of these scammers.

Report for 1-3055035779 - 2019-04-22 305
Calls. Leaves no message. Don't answer.

Report for 1-3056519200 - 2019-03-29 305
Message said my security contract was going to expire. Left call back # 877-301-1341.

Report for 1-3059120998 - 2019-03-21 305
Called this morning. No one there. Called back and it was always busy.

Report for 1-3055927513 - 2019-03-17 305
Called, no message

Report for 1-3053984309 - 2019-02-28 305
I was getting calls from them and nobody talks

Report for 1-3058886464 - 2019-02-24 305
This company is from Quebec. They have no reason to be calling me. I work with Global TV and all my debts have been paid or settled. As far as I can tell it doesn't extend to any more.

Report for 1-3055035779 - 2019-02-22 305
Called a few minutes ago-they left a message about a job opportunity- I didn't listen long enough to know who that was. I'll just block all future calls from that number.

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