Report for 1-3102202627 - 2018-06-14 310
Yes we all had the same number and have one too!

Report for 1-3105043468 - 2018-06-06 310
I called back, and they said that they were doing a contest giveaway to give away from a sweepstakes. I told them I'm not interested and to put me on the do not call list. He said he

Report for 1-3105043468 - 2018-05-26 310
Same experience as above. Blocked

Report for 1-3109294023 - 2018-05-06 310
Got a recording stating I was gonna get the next, I have no idea, but they call from all different area codes.

Report for 1-3107192113 - 2018-04-26 310
scam scam scam, blocking

Report for 1-3103413024 - 2018-04-24 310
They said the were a debt collector and my SS number was used in a drug activity and if I didn't want to be arrested I needed to contact them.

Report for 1-3104598699 - 2018-04-16 310
Health Insurance Scam

Report for 1-3108367000 - 2018-04-14 310
Called to tell me they were my insurance company and were renewing my car insurance. I didn't answer and blocked them from my phone number.

Report for 1-3104927767 - 2018-04-10 310
Did not leave VM.

Report for 1-3103598957 - 2018-04-03 310
This number has been calling for the last week and calls in the evening but leaves no voice m

Report for 1-3103596415 - 2018-03-29 310
This time I got her name, and number which made the last call seem real.I hung

Report for 1-3103596415 - 2018-03-21 310
called my cell phone left no message...sick of these scammers

Report for 1-3104927767 - 2018-03-14 310
Has called me 9 times already in the last 4 hours. I have it blocked but my voice mail still shows who it is. Today is the first time I answered. It was a person that said it was "Carmen with Cardholder Services

Report for 1-3109294023 - 2018-03-03 310
Same robocall that uses different calls to different numbers.

Report for 1-3104776608 - 2018-02-26 310
They called me yesterday and today. They want to serve some papers.

Report for 1-3104927767 - 2018-02-09 310
No messages

Report for 1-3105043468 - 2018-01-29 310
Call from a number unknown to me and left a message that it was the final attempt to reach me for the previous attempt to be served. If they really wanted to served me they would do so via mail.

Report for 1-3109222523 - 2018-01-22 310
They called and just hung up

Report for 1-3109294023 - 2018-01-19 310
Received a call today from Michael Stevens, who was very rude. Caller identified himself as Mr. Stevens, but said he was not from United. Would not give the name of the company or what he was calling about. Asked who he was calling for, and why he was not providing a caller ID number.He said, "You are not going to tell me your business. I do not want to talk to you."He said he would call back, and I told him I would be glad to take a msg.He then said, "Fine" and slammed phone down in my ear.

Report for 1-3104598699 - 2018-01-15 310
Didn't answer. No message left. Tried to call it back, but went busy.

Report for 1-3108080578 - 2017-12-26 310
I just got a call from this number today, telling me there is a warrant out for my arrest and that I need to call them back. They also said that there is a warrant out for my name. This is a scam.

Report for 1-3108553409 - 2017-12-18 310
This is an attempt to collect a debt. No actual business.

Report for 1-3107400420 - 2017-12-17 310
Mortgage Service Company

Report for 1-3107192113 - 2017-12-07 310
The callers are Indian scammers. There's no way to stop the calls from being initiated by these morons. Call blocker is your best bet. Also don't pick up on numbers you do not recognize, or where there are caller IDs that seem odd.

Report for 1-3103413024 - 2017-11-28 310
Called my cell. Left no message. Blocked now.

Report for 1-3106394321 - 2017-11-25 310
Calling repeatedly to the old folks in our home for a long time

Report for 1-3108367000 - 2017-11-23 310
Called. Left no message. Not important. Blocked number

Report for 1-3108080578 - 2017-10-23 310
I called the number back and someone answered "Hello, this is the investigation department." Scam for sure.

Report for 1-3103598957 - 2017-10-16 310
This is a scam!!!!They said the same thing to me.

Report for 1-3102202627 - 2017-10-02 310
This automated voice says they from ATT and that my account is past due. First, why is ATT sending out text messages?

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