Report for 1-3153849567 - 2019-05-13 315
You are so very lucky, I can't believe this one! The phone rang and when my daughter picked up it was nothing but silence! My daughter said "Is anyone there?" a number of times and they eventually hung up. It just went to the voicemail, I will definitely be adding this to my do not answer list.

Report for 1-3158898171 - 2019-05-06 315
Yes it is! They called me at 8:40am and I picked it up and said it was too late to be calling this number and the jerk from India hung up on me.

Report for 1-3152982902 - 2019-05-05 315
Same here

Report for 1-3152944963 - 2019-05-05 315
Got 2 calls from the same number. I didn't answer either of them and they didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-3152982902 - 2019-05-02 315
I received a call from 1-877-404-0741. It was someone from RBC and was the Bank stating that my account is overdrawn. The person gave me a reference number and everything. Then I was hung up on. The person told me that it was RBC. The Bank is located in Calgary.

Report for 1-3156776918 - 2019-04-17 315
Got a call from this number in the morning on my direct work line... they left voicemail which was just "can you hear me"...I think i shall have the days day off and return the call and waste their time!

Report for 1-3154209564 - 2019-04-07 315
The DNC list is useless. Don't bother with it. Nothing is going to be done about it.

Report for 1-3158760731 - 2019-03-24 315
I received a call from this number - same thing. I am in Texas. I'm thinking someone did the same thing to me. Does anyone know how to make this stop? I'm on the federal do not call list, but I keep getting the calls. I'm about to take action, but I'll be careful since some are a scam!

Report for 1-3151861002 - 2019-03-20 315
This is a scam, I asked for him to send me legal documents and he said you don't need to understand english and hung up on me.

Report for 1-3153510585 - 2019-03-06 315
Called my cell phone. Answered and it was a recording from a "Jason from senior benefits". I hung up at that point.

Report for 1-3153849567 - 2019-02-05 315
Called saying they were the Irs and there was a tax fraud fraud. They also claimed to represent Microsoft.

Report for 1-3153259105 - 2019-01-27 315
Got the same call from the number and let it go to voicemail. No message that's for sure so....

Report for 1-3158898171 - 2019-01-22 315
I have received a call from this number on my is a new number to me and my husband...when I called it back it was in a recording for the Women's Cancer Fund and they have been trying to get in contact with me but the phone is for my husband and never for me, I want them to stop calling...

Report for 1-3155162427 - 2019-01-16 315
Received call from this number at 9:15 this morning. It was blocked.

Report for 1-3155162427 - 2019-01-03 315
What did u do when u got this call and did anything happen

Report for 1-3157504419 - 2018-12-31 315
I did not answer but they left a voicemail that is a spam message with the number.

Report for 1-3151861002 - 2018-12-13 315
I got call from it. I was confused when I called back. Said it was for my

Report for 1-3156364531 - 2018-12-11 315
Scammer for utility rates

Report for 1-3153640765 - 2018-11-27 315
Received a call, didn't answer, they didn't leave a voice mail, just said, "Goodbye" and hung up. Sick&Tired of these callers!!

Report for 1-3152203945 - 2018-11-08 315
Same exact message, just blocked the number! It's a scam and harassing. I'm blocking them, too!!!

Report for 1-3158201161 - 2018-11-01 315
A recorded message about a cloud breach

Report for 1-3153260579 - 2018-10-30 315
Called today at 11:10am but left no message, also blocked.

Report for 1-3153849567 - 2018-10-07 315
Called my mobile phone but hung up when it went to voicemail.

Report for 1-3157504419 - 2018-10-06 315
Got a call from this # @ 1146a mst Mon 4 Oct., didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. This scammer is now blocked & reported to the FTC.

Report for 1-3157336968 - 2018-10-03 315
Got a call from this number claiming as IRS. I do not know how they got my number but they have called numerous times and each time they left message saying the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me to call 206-451-1898. I tried all day to trace number back to its source but get no answer.

Report for 1-3158201161 - 2018-09-25 315
Got a text, no idea how they got my cell #, same loan code 20181236. Didn't answer.

Report for 1-3154209564 - 2018-09-04 315
Called at 6:15pm. Caller identified himself as Mike Adams from Amazon customer service and asked if I could use a paypal email address for payments on my paypal account. I said no. Then he said he will call back later. I think this is a scammer.

Report for 1-3158760731 - 2018-09-04 315
Robocaller - no identification

Report for 1-3152850017 - 2018-08-29 315
A voicemail was left saying i need to cal (281) 931-3310, I don't think so

Report for 1-3153510585 - 2018-08-25 315
Some guy calls and says my PC is sending them error messages. He was foreign and said he was Tech support from Microsoft which I just hung up on. I believe that this is a scam call.

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