Report for 1-3397004673 - 2019-05-27 339
Just recieved same text ... thanks for posting

Report for 1-3393378615 - 2019-05-24 339
I keep receiving calls from the number that are from a car warranty thing that keeps telling you to press 3 to be removed from the call list

Report for 1-3393378615 - 2019-05-22 339
They keep calling but never leaving messages.

Report for 1-3397118950 - 2019-05-14 339
Makes you wonder how these people are being so malicious and rude, it needs to be put back into the chains of the law.

Report for 1-3392013304 - 2019-05-11 339
Calls from an unknown number to my work number...says his name is "David Jones." He tells me that my attorney needs to return the call or he will not be responsible for what is to come. I know for a fact that I have no legal issues pending in my life with anyone that would need to contact me, so I assume this guy is full of crap, and I'm pissed. He is threatening me with a warrant, and stating that I must be ready to answer his

Report for 1-3397005029 - 2019-04-06 339
I received the same call a little while ago and they left a voicemail. Stating this is a legal notification, they were going to serve papers at my place of employment or at home. They left the number 845-636-8533 to call if I had questions.

Report for 1-3397004673 - 2019-03-10 339
Called me and said I would get one of several offers when I answered. Said is was about to expire one to stay on the line. I hung up. Wish that I could block them.

Report for 1-3397004673 - 2019-02-26 339
Received a call from Linda Jackson saying she wanted to discuss credit card debt she said to call 855-215-3513 and to refer to reference #258868. When I called

Report for 1-3397118422 - 2019-02-22 339
just called. left no message

Report for 1-3397118950 - 2019-02-19 339
CID: WCF. This number called and did not leave a message, I suspect it is a scammer.

Report for 1-3397118422 - 2019-02-15 339
Called at 8am and said it was the first time they called. Female recorded voice asked for me by name. I hung up and blocked them.

Report for 1-3397005029 - 2019-02-13 339
Had this number call me today, they did not answer when I picked up.

Report for 1-3397008588 - 2019-02-13 339
I received a call on 8/19/2014 which was a recorded message from Rachel at Loan Services saying that I was approved for a loan but I need to give them personal information which I do not think I will do.

Report for 1-3397008588 - 2019-01-23 339
No message left, unknown number

Report for 1-3397008588 - 2019-01-08 339
Just called, I answered and they hung up!

Report for 1-3393378615 - 2019-01-06 339
I received a call today telling me that if I want more info on filing claims against me to contact them as soon as possible or else to have my lawyer call. I've called it back twice and they want the last 4 of my social and when I refuse to give it to them I am told that I am lying and I'm going to be sorry when the process server shows up soon but he hung up.

Report for 1-3397005032 - 2018-12-24 339
They called me, too. No message was left.

Report for 1-3395026708 - 2018-12-06 339
They called me at 9:50 pm, my time.

Report for 1-3393378615 - 2018-12-04 339
I got the same message but the robot says something like IRS then they hung up

Report for 1-3393331254 - 2018-11-17 339
A woman named Maria Jackson called my home phone and workplace threatening me with a lawsuit and having me served at my place of employment. I asked for the name of this company, and they said "Legal Investigation division of a First Cash Loan." I asked for there physical address and they refused. I asked for the name of the company and they said "Legal

Report for 1-3393378615 - 2018-10-28 339
Called 4-21-17@ 2:40PM PSTDid not answer left no message

Report for 1-3397008588 - 2018-10-18 339
IRS Scam

Report for 1-3397005032 - 2018-10-14 339
i get a call from these jokers too. They keep calling me on a different number and tell me different story but i know they are trying to scam me. I can't understand where they are calling from. Does anyone know who to call to get them to stop calling? it's annoying and you can hear alot of phones ringing in the back ground.

Report for 1-3395026708 - 2018-10-10 339
Call was from a guy stating they were a loan company stating for my business to not call back with this info that my company needed to change its name in accordance with Federal Law. When I said I was unaware of what he was talking about he started making inappropriate comments. I hung up at that point.

Report for 1-3397008588 - 2018-09-30 339
Called saying my SS was suspect of illegal activity. Wanted I return phone call. I blocked the number but still leaving VM with the same message to call them

Report for 1-3393378615 - 2018-08-11 339
Husband answered the phone and a man was speaking Spanish. When he asked to speak to someone that spoke English, he was told no and to remove my number from their database. We'll see how effective that was.

Report for 1-3393643071 - 2018-07-21 339
It is not good to ignore this and if you fall for it. The last thing they would do is file a suit against you. It's a scam.

Report for 1-3397005032 - 2018-07-16 339
I am receiving calls from 2 guys each calling himself Kevin Smith & Mr. Jackson. I was so scared when I called back for no other reason then to have my ssn cuz this is when I got caught. After reading all these posts I am still shaking.

Report for 1-3393643071 - 2018-06-30 339
Called but did not leave a message.

Report for 1-3397008588 - 2018-06-27 339
Spam caller

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