Report for 1-3512532183 - 2018-03-05 351
they're calling again...I just blocked them!

Report for 1-3519036283 - 2018-03-03 351
The number has called my business phone for about 2 weeks now. I don't answer so they leave no message.

Report for 1-3512251509 - 2018-03-03 351
I got that message too, same number!

Report for 1-3515205200 - 2018-02-21 351
Scam number that wants you to call them

Report for 1-3513634706 - 2018-02-20 351
I think its a cell phone company calling you. Or perhaps some law office. If your phone is over 15 years old (or old), just give the phone company a call to tell them.

Report for 1-3513543645 - 2018-02-18 351
I received message with same message that I should call Michael Brown at the Department of Social Security right away about my SS#. Caller did not identify what department he was with and the number he told me to call back on was 210-595-8194.

Report for 1-3519036283 - 2018-02-12 351
Didn't answer. No message.

Report for 1-3517240489 - 2018-02-01 351
Just got the very same call yesterday and today. I too have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission for being on the National Do Not Call list. I have received more than one call, but I haven't filed it. But the number will be from somewhere in Ohio.

Report for 1-3516021454 - 2018-01-24 351
Got a call from this number. Did not answer. They didn't leave message.

Report for 1-3512391600 - 2018-01-22 351
This number will not stop calling. They call 6 in the morning, 7 at night, 9:00 at night. They never leave a vm

Report for 1-3513932178 - 2018-01-12 351
The robocall "John" states that my business and to press one to tell me who is the owner...or press 9 to be removed. I'm not sure if the voicemail is really John as one line is blank (this is not the first time "John" has called for this business) or if it is actually calling for the IRS. This is NOT the first call I've received from "John" and I'm not sure how to stop these calls.

Report for 1-3513559468 - 2018-01-09 351
This number keeps calling, I answered once and they were trying to scam me on health insurance. I told them I am on the do not call list and they hung up on me. Beware! I have blocked them.

Report for 1-3512532183 - 2018-01-09 351
Called saying to call back to confirm employment. I have no idea what they are talking about.

Report for 1-3519036283 - 2018-01-01 351
Robocall "Sarah" from "Card Services" offering to lower credit card interest rates.

Report for 1-3512020350 - 2017-12-30 351
Call from 206-722-2779, Caller I.D. showing "UNKNOWN NAME" Message stated "My name is Officer Julie Smith from IRS. The reason of this call is to inform you that IRS is filing a lawsuit against you. For more Info. Just call this same number".

Report for 1-3513559468 - 2017-12-27 351
Received call saying that the IRS is planning a lawsuit and to call them at 206-801-3168 immediately!

Report for 1-3517252028 - 2017-12-22 351
It's a scam. They claimed they had legal documents and they were going to be delivered to me at my house. They gave me the same case number that I am using. I've already talked to the attorney general about this type of scam attempt.

Report for 1-3513559468 - 2017-12-21 351
I got a message from them and called back to see what it was about. They stated that they were going to serve papers at my place of employment and to have 2 forms of ID and I need to be available to sign for the papers. No company name they gave or anything else.

Report for 1-3513634706 - 2017-12-16 351
A new scammer number that keeps calling and doesn't leave a message because their phone is automatically blocked if they do not recognize it as a legit call. They just called again and left no message. If it is a telemarketer or scammer, no legitimate business would leave a message. I just feel better that this number is now blocked.

Report for 1-3517257966 - 2017-12-14 351
Called cell, no message. Blocking!

Report for 1-3519202262 - 2017-12-02 351
Just the same call

Report for 1-3517298294 - 2017-11-22 351
Left no message.

Report for 1-3514921613 - 2017-11-21 351
Some woman called asked if I received a notice I had to sign about a claim, I said no, and what was it about. Then they hung up. Blocked!

Report for 1-3512334645 - 2017-11-21 351
Just got a call from them on my cell and i didn't answer. I'm in florida as well. Won't bother to try and call back. It's a California number

Report for 1-3512626407 - 2017-11-18 351
They have the wrong number. I haven't called my lawyer

Report for 1-3517298294 - 2017-11-16 351
Scammer calling about health insurance

Report for 1-3517298294 - 2017-11-14 351
I work from home! I answered the phone while I was gone and they asked me to verify my address... I told them to tell me what they were calling about first because they had the wrong person first! They asked me was that my last name or first name? I told them again! I answered the phone with the company's name so they know they are calling a working number! What company is this? That's the first red flag. I said to the man "who are you?" He hung up. So I blocked the number.

Report for 1-3512642027 - 2017-11-13 351
Yes! I received a call from this number stating that I am in financial trouble with the IRS. And I may be arrested. I hung up on him and he call back. I told him I was going to report him. He says you are kidding! Then I told him we are recording you. If you try scam me I will not talk to you! And he hung up! Oh we are going to report him for harassment!

Report for 1-3513634706 - 2017-11-03 351
I'm in the Nashville metro area and received a call from this number. I don't recognize the number and I didn't pick up. They didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-3512652984 - 2017-11-01 351
A woman named Mrs. Jones called my in-laws and left a message for me saying they needed to give me a call before they came down and picked me idea why they called.

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