Report for 1-4018642155 - 2018-07-25 401
This number just called me 5/13/17 at 4:45pm. The caller ID said: Unknown Name. It was the same message I got when I got a call from that number last month. I've blocked the number, but they always call with a different one.

Report for 1-4018482055 - 2018-06-13 401
I just got a phone call from this number on my cell phone saying the same thing as what you said...he said his name was James from National Pre. Law Firm. They had my correct address but it was different from the one he said he worked for. He wouldn't tell me what he was calling about, said something about a lawsuit against me but never asked for me to give them money or something.

Report for 1-4011019635 - 2018-06-12 401
This phone# keeps calling my cell phone and just hangs up. After I found this website, it is getting very annoying.

Report for 1-4011300801 - 2018-06-05 401
They are calling from the 562-242-0116, then the 667-262-8627 Number. They are looking for a donation. They want you to donate by credit card over the phone. I am so sick of these people calling for a donation. I am going to report them to the local police and the FTC. I am also going to donate so the FTC can have a list of phone number. I think they call the elderly and take advantage of them.

Report for 1-4012232194 - 2018-06-03 401
Answered phone, no one on the other line

Report for 1-4018642155 - 2018-06-02 401
Called 7:00pm 7/22/17, Left no VM, they called two more times.

Report for 1-4014957686 - 2018-04-28 401
Called and did leave a voice message. They said they were calling from Citi because my card had been shut down and they would need to verify a recent transaction. I called Citi using the phone on my card and was told that they did not call me and that any credit on my account would be restored upon my call. DO NOT CALL CITI!!!

Report for 1-4012530716 - 2018-03-10 401
No one there when I picked up the phone

Report for 1-4014957686 - 2018-03-04 401
What can be done about these callers? They claim to be from some legal department and threat me with a law suit and arrest. Have any attorneys in a position to take action against them?Can I go to jail for harassment if I actually speak with them?

Report for 1-4018642155 - 2018-02-27 401
Just got a call and no voicemail

Report for 1-4012232194 - 2018-02-05 401
Scammer trying to steal personal information.

Report for 1-4014957686 - 2018-01-28 401
This number called at 1:15pm. I did not answer as I did not recognize the number. They left a recorded VM. I listened. It was some kind of robocall, apparently. It started with someone saying "... you are being investigated for fraud, and something, blah, blah, press 1 to speak to a representative."Then it disconnected. No idea what it was about. Sounds like a scam.

Report for 1-4011019635 - 2018-01-24 401
No one answers when I pick up. When you call the call back it states that it is not a working number. Spam caller from NY

Report for 1-4014738836 - 2018-01-18 401
Thank you everyone for posting the info about this number. I received a call on my landline this morning but did not answer. I am also on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY. I am a Verizon customer. Does anyone know if there can be a charge on a phone line if there is an answer or incoming call from this number?

Report for 1-4018482055 - 2018-01-14 401
Received two calls today from this number. First time there was a call and hang up, next time they left a message saying my name and then hung up.

Report for 1-4011019635 - 2018-01-10 401
Caller ID says Unassigned. I didn't answer.

Report for 1-4012937362 - 2018-01-10 401
Called me at work. I answered the phone and they asked for my dad. It is a company to pay debt collectors. They were rude to me on the phone and I hung up on them. I was so fed up with the continual number calling me, I started reporting the phone#.

Report for 1-4013691100 - 2017-12-25 401
Automated voice telling us that a transaction that was made in our name was a red flag from google ads.

Report for 1-4018318099 - 2017-10-17 401
called my home phone today. no message

Report for 1-4018482055 - 2017-10-14 401
Calling constantly! No voice mails. This is a medical billing company. This number is now on my blocked list.

Report for 1-4011300801 - 2017-10-03 401
They call and call. Very annoying. I get 2-3 a day.

Report for 1-4018482055 - 2017-09-27 401
got the same call. They claim that a pay day loan was supposed to go into my bank account and that I was behind on the payments. I never took out a pay day loan. I called my bank and they verified that this is not a valid charge. So, this is a Scam.

Report for 1-4011300801 - 2017-09-26 401
I got the same call twice and like the previous comment I called an 888 number an gave the reference number of 716008 and they said I have a claim from a company from 6 years ago that wasn't paid. They said I would have to give a birthdate to speak to a manager and if I didn't then I would need to pay the fee so this would be taken off my credit reports in the state I live in at this time. It happened 6 years ago for me I live in Maine no company in my state would get a hold of me that I did not pay that loan. The phone number is 877-219-5355 ext. 202. Can anyone get that one out of them?? Any other advice?? Please email me to make something for me! Thanks!

Report for 1-4012937362 - 2017-09-23 401
I received 2 messages from this number saying they will take legal measures if I don't call.

Report for 1-4011019635 - 2017-09-07 401
Robo telemarketing call.

Report for 1-4011019635 - 2017-08-23 401
Called 5 times within 4 hours. Once I picked up there was a robomessage that I have committed fraud in the state of FL.

Report for 1-4012999111 - 2017-08-22 401
I get 4 calls per day from different numbers all day I am registered on do not call, get these calls constantly and its a pain in my [***] i am also sick and have a hard time getting to the phone to answer and call is a recorded msg and I am not even able to listen any of it

Report for 1-4014957686 - 2017-08-10 401
Called it and said I qualified for a $9,000 grant

Report for 1-4016138002 - 2017-08-08 401
It's a scammer. Block this number.He pretended to be someone I knew. When asked to verify it was him, he hung up on me.

Report for 1-4012937362 - 2017-08-05 401
I'm not even in the Seattle area! Geesh - I have been getting these calls too. I know they are not from my carrier so I just don't answer, it's really annoying.

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