Report for 1-4076270470 - 2018-06-06 407
Called at 6:30 pm. Left no VM. Blocked!

Report for 1-4074315570 - 2018-05-29 407
Same thing. I have recvd a call as well from them. They give you an option to opt out of further calls, but when you do that it is still an incoming call. I am a teacher and we are constantly calling students. I thought this was against the law, so when it was for me, I did not check my caller ID. How did they get my number?!

Report for 1-4074767632 - 2018-05-29 407
Got a call from this number while they were still ringing my phone. No message.

Report for 1-4079471298 - 2018-05-27 407
Just got the call. I reported it to the Attorney General's Office. You should too, it's easy to do.

Report for 1-4073962199 - 2018-05-25 407
I received two calls (which I didn't answer) and an email from "Honeywell" regarding my account. This is how the person found me. They gave a reference number, a phone number and an email address but not the company name. I don't have anything they can contact me with and I'm wondering what I should do about this. I don't know if it's a scam or what but I'm worried about my account being compromised. I never gave them any information, but that is not how you contact a company for payments.They don't ask for personal information such as DOB, SSN, credit card number, and the email address so that I can verify it's really legit. I did not get a live person on the phone and the only way the person left a message was text.If it is legit what are they trying to gain?

Report for 1-4074311847 - 2018-05-22 407
I recieved a call today from this number saying i owe over 300 to a payday loan company. I have not done a payday loan in 5 years!!! Then he started telling me that i will go to jail and that a lawsuit would be filed for over 9k for a loan i was supposed to have took out in 2013. So i continued to ask for proof for the loan and the guy kept saying i need to pay 9k for a loan i never paid he even called me a liar and said that i needed to get a lawyer! I was getting upset. So i call back and the guy answered this time and stated that he is with federal investigation but wanted me to give him the loan number to verify I did not give him any of my information. These people are stupid and trying to get money for no reason I think is wrong!

Report for 1-4079701904 - 2018-05-20 407
Called my cell left no message, don't know the number so I blocked it based on the other posts. Thanks for the input everyone!

Report for 1-4072327114 - 2018-05-19 407
Received an automated call from this number stating they were calling from social security admin and that I was to call back this number if I did not want calls made for medical purposes.

Report for 1-4073931608 - 2018-05-19 407
they are calling my business phone. I call back it states it is an unavailable number....

Report for 1-4075432064 - 2018-05-13 407
Called on business phone number. I don't answer unknown numbers. Caller didn't leave any message. I block the numbers I don't recognize. I have a $60 min block on all unknown callers.

Report for 1-4072327114 - 2018-05-08 407
Called my landline at 9:00 a.m. I did not pick up. They hung up after one ring. I have "Call Protect" on my phone, it is a great little feature and blocks the number. They still call, though not as consistently nor from this number since I turned off the feature and turned off any other incoming calls.

Report for 1-4078562555 - 2018-05-05 407
I just received a call from a unknown caller and it went to voice mail with no message or answer. I too got calls from this number. I am also registered with Do Not Call Registry. I will update this after posting next time. Thanks for the postings.

Report for 1-4076270470 - 2018-04-26 407
Called my home and cell leaving a message that if I don't call them back "Your bank account will be charged $299.00

Report for 1-4073290676 - 2018-04-17 407
Calling for a person with a common name. I asked who was trying to call and my name is never listed on any of their records. The person they are calling does not live here, and they claim they will remove my number, but it will take 30 days to be removed or 30 additional days to notify the person they want their number removed. I guess this is an attempt at identity theft because a real collection agency would not call and leave a voicemail without identifying who they are calling for.

Report for 1-4075432064 - 2018-04-15 407
Caller ID showed '800 Service" but left message from "Carmen with Card Services" that it's my final notice to lower my credit card rates. Funny, I don't have any credit cards and the only cards I have are my credit card, visa and mastercard which are all paid off annually. Total scam, and now blocked.

Report for 1-4073244137 - 2018-04-14 407
Says its Rachel from student loans and i paid off my loan years ago and i'm eligible for a lower price. I hung up

Report for 1-4073734738 - 2018-04-13 407
The number calls and hangs up, I call it back and the recording answers and then hangs up on me again...I blocked and reported it as of now, but I still see this call everyday

Report for 1-4074765608 - 2018-04-13 407
Scammers. Please report these thieves to the FBI: and the Federal Communications Commission:

Report for 1-4073962199 - 2018-04-12 407
I recieved a message from a Jared Smith, saying the same things the others

Report for 1-4079471298 - 2018-04-01 407
Says he is from a collection agency, asking for someone I've never heard of.

Report for 1-4076270470 - 2018-03-30 407
Call to my cell phone. Did not leave a message. No caller ID.

Report for 1-4074317391 - 2018-03-13 407
This number has called me and when I call back it just plays music and then hangs up on me!

Report for 1-4073931608 - 2018-02-26 407
caller ID read Wells Fargo, caller identified himself as Wells Fargo, said he was calling about my payment history with Wells Fargo. Told me to get on computer and type in my account ##, my password.. I told him "you can call Wells Fargo directly"He said "okay well you are better off calling that # back. Then I asked him for his employee number and he hung upI called Wells Fargo who said that there was no message on my phone about the call in question.

Report for 1-4075166842 - 2018-02-23 407
Same text from this number about an item I had listed on Craigslist

Report for 1-4074765608 - 2018-02-21 407
Got this call at 8:26 am today. No message.

Report for 1-4076608282 - 2018-02-15 407
Called the house in the evening. No message left

Report for 1-4073931608 - 2018-02-08 407
If you KNOW you owe no money, or believe the call was from a fake debt collector, please take the time to read this:

Report for 1-4073962199 - 2018-02-08 407
Called at work leaving threatening msg about me owing money and if I didn't call back today I would be arrested. Called my job. Asked them to stop calling my job and they will not. Tried a number of times to speak with someone who was just a supervisor but I still keep getting these calls.

Report for 1-4073550887 - 2018-01-29 407
Caller ID: "UNKNOWN NAME" Left no message on voice mail.

Report for 1-4078562555 - 2018-01-27 407
Missed call no message

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