Report for 1-4087724124 - 2018-04-04 408
I got a fax yesterday stating what many have listed. Today I got the same. Here is to what is said. It was all a fake. I am going to put this information on every web site I can find, and call them daily just to get them so rattled. They are really sick, and do horrible things to people. I hope some one puts a stop to all this because, of people like this and these scam artists. We need

Report for 1-4088840285 - 2018-04-01 408
No Message.

Report for 1-4083852732 - 2018-03-21 408
A message said they needed to talk to me or my lawyer about matter?

Report for 1-4087963920 - 2018-03-14 408
Received a call. If the caller ID reads "No Caller" I don't answer. I figure if it was a sales call they know they are not to bother me.

Report for 1-4082142390 - 2018-03-12 408
Called and would not respond when I answered. I called back several times and would never get any info, just dead air and then a dial tone.

Report for 1-4087963920 - 2018-02-25 408
Keep getting calls from these idiots - when I called back to mess with them the first guy I spoke with acted all pissed off!!I kept calling back over and over getting more and more nasty and then he threatened to come "back on my dirt"...I told him to come on down and see if he wanted to know who has the final say over me ....what the hell!!!he finally said I would see him in

Report for 1-4083402308 - 2018-02-23 408
Called to say we can get our number removed from the list, hung up on them.

Report for 1-4084798457 - 2018-02-14 408
Called, left a voicemail message. No message

Report for 1-4087723741 - 2018-02-10 408
Student loans - I don't have a student loan

Report for 1-4083572406 - 2018-02-07 408
Yes i have been scammed by them and i need to find out how to report them. I have gotten 6 phone call's and texts from 888-406-5355

Report for 1-4082905534 - 2018-02-06 408
I received the same call today & no message left

Report for 1-4087963920 - 2018-02-05 408
They called me asking if I knew a man that I didn't and said he would make a note to keep in contact with him because of a cash advance that wasn't repaid. I never took out a cash advance and I don't know the man they said they are trying to contact. I contacted the county police and they called the number they told me to call the police and they didn't answer at all. So I called the phone no. and left a message and when the police answered they told me the case no. was bogus. So I just started saying that to the phone no and he hung up. Scam

Report for 1-4084666037 - 2018-01-30 408

Report for 1-4084339465 - 2018-01-28 408
I get calls from all over America too!!! I just started doing it myself. I have 3 #'s. I am a free caller.

Report for 1-4086642892 - 2018-01-24 408
Rachel from Card Holder services

Report for 1-4082081098 - 2018-01-11 408
Called and left no message.

Report for 1-4083852732 - 2018-01-07 408
Call received @ 1:42 pm CST on my cell phone. Left voicemail (all you hear was "hello, hello. . ."). Caller had the last name Smith. Glad to hear it was a solicitation of some kind.

Report for 1-4084691145 - 2018-01-01 408
This number calls every day, sometimes twice. I didn't answer it and they left me a voicemail but it was something about my account and to call back the number. I blocked the call, but they always call from a different number.

Report for 1-4082142390 - 2017-12-27 408
Received call on my cell phone. Caller ID listed "Los Angeles, CA." I did not answer, caller left no message.

Report for 1-4086847158 - 2017-12-24 408
Called and did not leave a message. My caller ID shows "Toll Free" on the number, so the call is probably a sales call. I keep getting calls where the number is not in service, calls with "not in service" as the CID, and all different numbers.

Report for 1-4089127522 - 2017-12-15 408
Just got a call from this number on my cell and a voice mail from an automated system stated the call is about my SS number and that it was going to be used for some kind of fraud and that I should make payment with a credit card. I am not falling for that and have no clue how they got my cell number. I do not answer calls from numbers that I do not know or are unidentified. I would like to report this to my phone company and some online resources.

Report for 1-4082411777 - 2017-12-09 408
I got text message saying the same thing that all the other ppl say. I just deleted it.. they have my username and everything. I don't know how these ppl got my new cell number and my new name. I have been with my brother's new phone # for almost 2 years, so I am not sure how they got his number. I have been using my maiden last name since before i was married.

Report for 1-4083572406 - 2017-12-08 408
Came in as "Name Unavailable". I don't answer these calls.

Report for 1-4087089877 - 2017-12-03 408
I got a call a minute ago from this number, did not pick up as i did not recognize the number, no message left. I then called back and rang and then a man with an accent said it was a sales company, i asked who it was and he said, "I'll call you back later". i then hung up, did the same thing again and he called me back. I told him i received a call from this number and that i was a retired police officer, and i wanted to know who it was and

Report for 1-4086740066 - 2017-12-03 408
Recording says press a number and talk to rep to get money back on software you paid for and they will refund you money. Blocked

Report for 1-4084691145 - 2017-12-03 408
This has been my first response to calls from this number over the last 4 days from the first of December 2015. My iPhone flagged the number as Potential Spam (Spam/Fraud Risk) and I let it go to voicemail. A week later I received another call from the same number - the voice message that originally played was not in any way recognizable. If I'm correct, if I receive another call from this number I'm simply ignoring it.

Report for 1-4082411777 - 2017-12-03 408
Just received a phone call from them saying I owed money on a payday loan. They gave me my wife's maiden name, the last 4 of my social, and the payday loan company that I used. I have had payday loans in the past but this is so new they are impossible to find and they give you info on why you owe this ridiculous amount. I immediately called the payday loan company to find out if anyone had paid anything and the cash store did not give me any information on this matter. Beware of this scam. I have no intention of paying anything.

Report for 1-4083852732 - 2017-11-27 408
Called - no message

Report for 1-4087924710 - 2017-11-26 408
Caller ID stated; V30418561030048. Don't know anyone in that area code so, of course, I did not answer the unknown number. They did not leave a message. I assume it's a scam caller.

Report for 1-4089127522 - 2017-11-25 408
I have been getting calls all day from that number. I call back the number noone picks up. I am going to take this number down. I know we dont owe any money to anyone.

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