Report for 1-4107059839 - 2018-11-24 410
called at 11:03 AM on cell phone. no message

Report for 1-4107748018 - 2018-11-21 410
No message left, called back and is a recording that says press 1 to be removed from this call list.

Report for 1-4107748682 - 2018-11-14 410
You should have checked the phone number and/or account before sending that crap.

Report for 1-4104065138 - 2018-11-01 410
Just left voice mail message "lower your interest rate" and also used my last name and stated it was urgent to call back. Did not use my actual name.

Report for 1-4108265268 - 2018-10-29 410
They say it's from some electricity co. and they want me to put my account number in so they can lower my bill. It's BS. I don't even give my number!

Report for 1-4109553301 - 2018-10-17 410
I've gotten three phone calls in the past two weeks from this number, with no messages being left. When I do answer, it's the "I'm sorry, I must have dialed the wrong number" greeting and then it immediately hangs up on me. This is very annoying!

Report for 1-4103274522 - 2018-10-16 410
I got this text about a complaint filed against my wife, This company needs to be reported immediately.

Report for 1-4108265268 - 2018-10-10 410
They called twice within less than two minutes. Left no message and I didn't pick up. Blocked!

Report for 1-4106605039 - 2018-10-07 410
They keep calling and never leave a message

Report for 1-4107778530 - 2018-10-01 410
Called and hung up. I called back and a recording said if I wanted to be added to the do not call list to press1. I have no idea who this is.

Report for 1-4109290743 - 2018-09-25 410
I received a call from them too. I called back and some Indian lady answered, "how may i help

Report for 1-4104002970 - 2018-09-23 410
This is a collection agency.

Report for 1-4104011035 - 2018-09-22 410
Got robocall on my voice mail to call them back as they were going to file a lawsuit against my name and I have 24 business hours to respond. I would like to take the time and $ to be scammed out of people's money.The call is from Washington DC

Report for 1-4107778957 - 2018-09-19 410
Just got a call on my CEL from this number. Did not answer it. Did not leave a message either as they never did.

Report for 1-4107059839 - 2018-09-18 410
This number is still harassing us with phone calls even though we ask that they take us off their call list.

Report for 1-4106624071 - 2018-09-14 410
I get at least 6 calls to my cell every day, same thing different day and different area code. I am on the "Do Not Call" registery.

Report for 1-4102105600 - 2018-08-30 410
I did report this to the FTC and the Attorney General. The link above will give you all the information you need and should you ever need to do this yourself, you can always call 1-8 a.m. pacific time to an 888 number to a local law firm and file a complaint against this activity. Hopefully the FTC can be forced to do something about this! It is not worth your time and they have been reported already. It is not legal to threaten people like this, and I wouldn't hire these people.

Report for 1-4107934219 - 2018-08-29 410
I received a call from this number - my service blocked the call after one ring because of the caller I.D. of "Scam Likely"...

Report for 1-4102377372 - 2018-08-28 410
I received a call from 866-842-7839 from a lady who had heavy Indian (Asian?) accent. She asked me to call back at 800-409-7020 ext. 5063. Then I get a recording that says something like "The Magic Jack customer you have called is not available." Sounds like some type of scam.

Report for 1-4103178504 - 2018-08-26 410
Called stating they were looking for someone who had my phone number 13 years ago, my husband and that he would have to call them, they claimed the phone call was intended for this person but used my son's name that my children go by, we have been married for over 16 years and no one has my son's number. Very threatening

Report for 1-4109553301 - 2018-08-26 410
No message

Report for 1-4107748682 - 2018-08-26 410
Another call from this number. I called back. It is for a "Clean Energy Program". I am on the do NOT call list.

Report for 1-4103178504 - 2018-08-26 410
They did too me when i spoke to a lady she told me they have an oprion on student loans that I have

Report for 1-4104002970 - 2018-08-25 410
A man from this number called saying my windows software was no longer needed and if I wanted it fixed I needed to open the run tab on my running page and go to search then type control R at the bottom of the web page to restart. I could also type

Report for 1-4106641564 - 2018-08-23 410
My grandmother received a call and a msg for me. They didn't call my house but left a message on her voicemail saying that it's urgent that they hear back from me, as a law enforcement or investigation will proceed. It sounds like a scam.

Report for 1-4108265268 - 2018-08-16 410
Answered and no one talked, but call went to voicemail. No message left

Report for 1-4109100619 - 2018-08-14 410
I received the same call as everyone else. I called back to find out what it was about but it said the person was not available and to leave a message so call could not be recorded.

Report for 1-4107748018 - 2018-08-13 410
I just got that same phone call from the same number saying there was a lawsuit

Report for 1-4104375469 - 2018-08-05 410
Hahaha! It's a bot. I thought they were on the other line then I found out what its for.

Report for 1-4106624071 - 2018-07-24 410
Called this morning, left no message when I didn't answer. When I looked up the call as well and saw what was being reported here, I blocked the number. I've had several calls from various numbers in the last months saying I need to talk to a medicare specialist. If I want to be saved on medicare, I will contact them directly and not through some automated calls that are harassing.

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