Report for 1-4104975244 - 2018-07-22 410
This is a debt reduction scam company. They will ask for your debit card number to provide you with a low credit rate credit transfer. I believe they have a bank account number as well if you go to close the account, you still owe

Report for 1-4103877747 - 2018-07-17 410
Got this call a few minutes ago, answered with 'hello? this is diane, I just got this phone number to a residential account". I heard nothing, then the connection was broken. I haven't had the phone in forever.

Report for 1-4109568079 - 2018-07-15 410
Same experience...called but left no message.Blocked!

Report for 1-4102377372 - 2018-07-09 410
This number keeps calling my daughter's phone and she is 10.

Report for 1-4102262125 - 2018-07-08 410
Called and hung up upon answering, then called 8 times with no message. Likely spoofed.

Report for 1-4102505000 - 2018-07-07 410
I do not know any one from this number I have asked to be put on the do not call list. Today is June 11 they have called twice

Report for 1-4107748018 - 2018-07-05 410
Just called my cell. didn't answer. no message. blocking them.

Report for 1-4108281050 - 2018-07-01 410
I received a call today from a "Robert Davis, 3nd caller, extension 3." He told me I had a civil lawsuit filed by a client and if there wasn't

Report for 1-4107934219 - 2018-06-30 410
No message left. Caller ID says Unassigned

Report for 1-4106169764 - 2018-06-24 410
Got a call from this number this morning, caller said he was my nephew....told me that there was a problem with his computer but before he could proceed, told me to go to my computersite and call the number he provided. I called the number given, got a recording that the number I dialed had been changed and disconnected, so I went to go look for change.

Report for 1-4104011035 - 2018-06-21 410
CID showed Unknown Caller, left no message.

Report for 1-4104579108 - 2018-06-20 410

Report for 1-4109568079 - 2018-06-20 410
When I called the number back it says hello my name is Lisa and I say hello but no answer I hang up and call again it just hangs up. I wish these scammers would quit bothering people with all this crap.

Report for 1-4104061242 - 2018-06-18 410
Scammer saying we owe some money and asking for your bank acct on file . Don't fall for this. They are not who they say they are.

Report for 1-4102377372 - 2018-06-11 410
Call no message scam

Report for 1-4103904141 - 2018-06-09 410
Same here!

Report for 1-4106605039 - 2018-06-02 410
We get these calls every day for 3-4 weeks. Usually 2-3 calls during the day. We do not answer. No message is ever left. They want to come to our home. What do they think they are going to scare us of? I do not know who they are or what they want.

Report for 1-4102052724 - 2018-05-23 410
I have been getting calls at work from this number and some other number saying I have to pay an outstanding debt. I am getting tired of the harassment and threats. Is there anything that can be done to stop this kind of harassment?

Report for 1-4107934219 - 2018-05-21 410
Just got the same text from this number, I don't know the person to update the contact...

Report for 1-4107778957 - 2018-05-19 410
Calls every 2 hours from 8am. no answer when phone is answered

Report for 1-4102505000 - 2018-05-16 410
My mom got a similar call (with recorded voice) on her cell today. It was from 805-212-7279 (which goes to a local

Report for 1-4107748018 - 2018-05-13 410
Got the same message as above. Scammer.

Report for 1-4103178504 - 2018-04-23 410
No VM left.

Report for 1-4104375469 - 2018-04-21 410
Received calls from this number about a week between every 2-3 hours. The calls started at 8 am to 8pm a week ago and have now decreased to 2-3 times daily. I never answer. Very annoying.

Report for 1-4107778957 - 2018-04-21 410
I had exactly the Same message

Report for 1-4102377372 - 2018-04-12 410
Another call - another blocked as another one calls from the LA area. Guesses whoever is behind the number has more to do than scam.

Report for 1-4104975244 - 2018-04-01 410
Unknown number so I didn't answer - I've got call blocking - no message left as always ... they never do.

Report for 1-4104579108 - 2018-03-30 410
It is a scam. I have also had this happen and it has happened a number of times. If you call the number, some Indian guy will answer and try to get your information. That is the number you should be calling to find out what is going on. The real US Dept of Treasury will NEVER answer your call!!!

Report for 1-4106624071 - 2018-03-30 410
Just called and left me a message at my work number....not nice.

Report for 1-4109568079 - 2018-03-27 410
They call every day, I block their number and they come up with a different number to call.

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