Report for 1-4232578915 - 2018-08-30 423
Did not pick up (I never answer numbers not in my phone directory), let it go to voice mail. No message. I just blocked the number.

Report for 1-4232242051 - 2018-08-12 423
Same thing I have received this phone call three times

Report for 1-4232578915 - 2018-08-09 423
Another robocall scam. BLOCKED.

Report for 1-4238222468 - 2018-08-04 423
Unavailable called at 12:33 and left no message, so I can only assume robocaller.

Report for 1-4236627866 - 2018-08-03 423
SCAM! Call my boss's office asking he knows me by name from when I was at my place of business asking for a payment on a loan that was supposedly taken out for a loan that was paid off in 2009! And that if didnt pay they would contact my HR dept. And I am to call back and to not ignore the call.

Report for 1-4238867762 - 2018-08-02 423
Call received on my work line asking me to press 1 for further information so I hung up and then called the number back and it just rang and rang and then they disconnected after one ring.

Report for 1-4233269190 - 2018-08-01 423
Called a few times over the last few weeks, I don't answer it. Usually I just don't answer calls with no id associated with them and wait to see what happens.

Report for 1-4232578915 - 2018-08-01 423
This phone number called me at 6:00 am this morning. I did not answer. No voicemails left. I am blocking it as well.

Report for 1-4235054930 - 2018-07-11 423
I have the same problem, they have been calling me for 2 weeks now and its the same person everytime and I just don't answer any number i dont know... I dont know how to get them to stop

Report for 1-4233545780 - 2018-07-10 423
Caller ID showed "Out of Area." No message left.

Report for 1-4232723203 - 2018-07-05 423
I don't answer numbers that I don't know. I think it's a waste of my time and they didn't leave a message. I blocked them.

Report for 1-4232429186 - 2018-06-21 423
I just got a call from them. I let them have it... it was a man with a heavy accent... then they hung up. So much for calling the US government!!!

Report for 1-4232723203 - 2018-06-20 423
Called, but didn't leave message

Report for 1-4238867762 - 2018-06-10 423
I just called number back and it said "thank you for calling Walgreens. If you want to be removed from our calling list, please press 1" so I did and then it said "have a good one" and I hung up. This was from my call log.

Report for 1-4232652346 - 2018-05-31 423
Spam call.

Report for 1-4233269190 - 2018-05-23 423
Got the same message as others. It's a scam.

Report for 1-4232051891 - 2018-04-17 423
I didn't answer call.

Report for 1-4232429868 - 2018-04-08 423
Another call today from 833-225-0588. Answering machine picked up no message left. I don't answer calls from unidentified callers. Added the phone number to "auto reject list". I guess if they had a real name and business they'd leave a message. I never respond to unknown callers, that's who the robo callers are.

Report for 1-4232051891 - 2018-03-31 423
Called my business as "DRS Consulting". When I asked why they were calling me with a new area code, they said they're trying to reach the person we're trying to serve for "a case" - which I know they're not attempting to serve as I'm a business owner. They said they'll correct this error.

Report for 1-4232723203 - 2018-03-26 423
They called me and said a file about my name then hang up

Report for 1-4235054930 - 2018-03-18 423
Called my cell phone. No message left.

Report for 1-4232652346 - 2018-03-12 423
I got a text of the word "no" just like what everyone else did. I have received several text like this recently so I called from my work phone and the guy was saying his name was james. He then asked for my cc# to verify my bank account number, I then said no and this time he put me on hold, said his name was James Smith and said if you are so andso then please hold... and then hung up.

Report for 1-4232324758 - 2018-02-22 423
Robo call, says they are Credit Card Services. Press 3 at the end of the message to talk to a rep. I pressed 3 in this situation only to have call dropped.

Report for 1-4232429868 - 2018-02-03 423
I had the same message yesterday. I filed my taxes last year correctly and have received nothing in the mail. I was to call 844-217-0512 today to avoid legal prosecution. What a scam!

Report for 1-4236142756 - 2018-02-03 423
I got the same call

Report for 1-4232051891 - 2018-01-27 423
Called left no message

Report for 1-4238867762 - 2018-01-12 423
I received 2 calls today from 347-286-7381. I

Report for 1-4232450954 - 2018-01-10 423
I recived same call. I have no credit card debt,I was given an email address of by the caller. No other info was given out. I am calling my bank to put a stop on any future transactions by them.I am also looking into reports regarding the number to the Attorney General and FTC.If there is something that can be done we want to know!This is the email address I was given:

Report for 1-4234263515 - 2017-12-28 423
they called left message "this is the last time i will call you i am getting ready to get out of the building". blocked

Report for 1-4239287251 - 2017-12-20 423
I'm glad I read your posts! I've been getting these calls ever since I posted my resume on Monster.

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