Report for 1-4802103733 - 2018-10-17 480
Scammer. Blocked and reported.

Report for 1-4802102942 - 2018-10-03 480
Same here. I didn't answer. It was at 8:43 p.m. CST. Blocked.

Report for 1-4802103733 - 2018-08-22 480
called left no message. i called from work phone. it would not accept calls from outside of network. i did a google on the number and came up with this site.

Report for 1-4802177150 - 2018-08-04 480
I got a call from a restricted number and it was an automated message telling me that they were calling in regards to a complaint that was filed against me and that I had to call back and resolve the issue.

Report for 1-4802177150 - 2018-07-16 480

Report for 1-4809000043 - 2018-06-04 480
called and didnt say anything but then asked for my name and who do i think it was. said they are trying to get me to enroll in their student loan forgiveness program which i dont have

Report for 1-4802102942 - 2018-06-02 480
My wife received a call and they threatened to send law enforcement to pick her up at her place of business. First of all no loan company would call or threaten to send anyone to arrest you. When will the FCC stop these scammers!

Report for 1-4809467737 - 2018-05-28 480
The same thing happened to me today at 10:36AM. I'm getting to the point where they won't quit calling. I don't know who they are and I don't care. The phone number they call is my business Cell phone.

Report for 1-4805228019 - 2018-04-02 480
These guys call my phone at least twice a day , I didn't answer it cause I don't answer calls if a number I don't know.

Report for 1-4802706300 - 2018-03-22 480
Received a call on my cellphone, did not answer.

Report for 1-4809000043 - 2018-02-23 480
Same message as others. Definitely a scam! Same message from a robotic female voice. "The IRS is suing you"

Report for 1-4802706300 - 2018-01-17 480
Please read and memorize the rules that you broke by calling me and that I broke by telling you what you are doing!

Report for 1-4809000043 - 2018-01-13 480
Same here, but there was a message and a voice.

Report for 1-4805228019 - 2018-01-12 480
Called 2 times within 5 minutes last night. Did not leave message.

Report for 1-4809467737 - 2018-01-02 480
No VM.

Report for 1-4805228019 - 2017-12-30 480
Caller ID says "unknown name". They leave no message.

Report for 1-4802706300 - 2017-12-23 480
Left a message saying, "we are waiting to speak to you." Sounds like a robo-call/scammer.

Report for 1-4809000043 - 2017-12-07 480
A robot call telling me my Social Security number has been stolen.

Report for 1-4805228019 - 2017-11-08 480
This is a new call for me, but it is a spam I believe. What can I do if I pick up next?

Report for 1-4809467737 - 2017-10-04 480
A woman from this number called said she was going to be in a rush was looking for a name in our company. She asked if anyone would be available to buy something. I was concerned because she seemed very unsure of her purpose.

Report for 1-4802102942 - 2017-10-02 480
Scam, left message saying the IRS needed to confirm my information for legal action.

Report for 1-4802706300 - 2017-09-19 480
Same Social security scam

Report for 1-4809000043 - 2017-09-02 480
I'm a victim of this number calling me all day and all night! They have to be STOPPED!

Report for 1-4802102942 - 2017-08-29 480
No message left...blocked

Report for 1-4809000043 - 2017-08-26 480
Called my house at 2:30am. Left no message. Woke me up!

Report for 1-4805712895 - 2017-08-13 480
Called but left no voicemail.

Report for 1-4805228019 - 2017-08-13 480
Stop calling

Report for 1-4802103733 - 2017-07-17 480
I just got this same call with the same message.

Report for 1-4802706300 - 2017-06-13 480
Got call from 629-208-0700 on my cell phone. No message. I blocked the number.

Report for 1-4809467737 - 2017-06-11 480
Spam! Don't answer

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