Report for 1-5035041840 - 2018-09-11 503
Recording said I would be served and would receive an order for a "warrant" by the state. Call this number and they would get in touch with me to set payment of debt. I've recieved calls for months.

Report for 1-5039527479 - 2018-09-10 503
The call was for my grandmother in another state saying she needs to get a fax to me. She needs to call a number to clear up a past due loan. Our home state and the state in the other state are not close friends since she lives in Texas then I live in Minnesota... This is a Scam!! BEWARE

Report for 1-5036169209 - 2018-09-09 503
A telemarketer called wanting to sell me health insurance. I told them I wanted my own insurance. They hung up.

Report for 1-5038082820 - 2018-08-11 503
I got a call about being able a free hotel stay for attending college. I was asked to say "Hello" about a thousand times, and then someone finally said something that sounded like "My name is John Doe." I told them my name was "Donnie Doe," and they hung up. Blocked.

Report for 1-5039527479 - 2018-08-09 503
They keep calling my job and my mom keeps letting it go. So I called them back and they told me it was an old payday loan and they were gonna take me to court for it. Well when I asked for paperwork to be emailed she couldn't do that but said it was mailed to you. So I said what was the address to the account being written of and she said they won't send it. I said you wouldn't if you had the name of the business you work with. She said if you want to keep this civil that you should get the information from them and hung up on me. No wonder people are getting scared they don't know anything about these people.

Report for 1-5035486371 - 2018-08-05 503
This call was legit. They had my name, email and some of my personal info. They provided the exact details requested by me.

Report for 1-5032284533 - 2018-08-04 503

Report for 1-5036538081 - 2018-07-31 503
I got one today at 8:18 am and the caller claimed the name was "Karen". Not the first time receiving a call from this person.

Report for 1-5038082820 - 2018-07-21 503
received a message...sick of these calls...

Report for 1-5034032654 - 2018-07-12 503
I got call from this number. Left no message after 1 ring. Didnt get a call from this same number a couple of months ago.

Report for 1-5037414212 - 2018-06-29 503
Robocaller. Spoofed number. Caller ID shows "Private", which it is not.

Report for 1-5038632940 - 2018-06-28 503
It is a recording and there is no one on line.

Report for 1-5032818736 - 2018-06-14 503
Unknown number, I didn't answer it, it went straight to voicemail - lady saying hello about 10 times and then hung up. Probably an unwanted phone call as I had answered when it's a scam.

Report for 1-5032818736 - 2018-06-14 503

Report for 1-5039520012 - 2018-06-14 503
Got a call from them too, saying I needed to get an attorney for 3 criminal charges against me?

Report for 1-5036263003 - 2018-06-11 503
Call me on 2-21-14 - Said there was a lawsuit being filed - BEWARE! IRS DOES NOT CALL YOU!The man had an Indian accent and you could tell someone is reading from a keyboard.

Report for 1-5036986736 - 2018-05-31 503
I got the same message. It is a scam.

Report for 1-5032284533 - 2018-05-27 503
I got three calls from this number in the past 90 minutes. They left a voice message each time. It was an obvious fraud using the name and legal dept. they were referring to. Do not speak to these people. They are trying to get your personal information. They want you to call back a different toll free number.

Report for 1-5035743372 - 2018-05-22 503
I got the same voicemail this morning at 12:02pm

Report for 1-5034333820 - 2018-05-15 503
Called me at 8 a.m. no msg

Report for 1-5033892101 - 2018-05-12 503
I received the same call just now. I blocked the number and will report this as abuse

Report for 1-5034473514 - 2018-05-07 503
Left message at 7:03 am claiming that he was IRS which is not true. Then he hung up

Report for 1-5037846007 - 2018-05-06 503
Calls every afternoon

Report for 1-5038082820 - 2018-04-20 503
Same as the post above.

Report for 1-5034473514 - 2018-04-17 503
Received a call from a woman this morning saying that she needed to collect a $100.00 debt from a cash advance place from a year and a half ago. She said that this was the third attempt to reach me, and that if I did not pay, they would send the police to my job or my home. She claimed that she was with a company who had tried to get my signature on some paperwork. She told me that I needed to call her back with a debit card number to settle this matter. She also told me that she had been trying to reach me for about a two week period, and that she would be coming to my place of work or home. She also told me that she was a process server and that she did not have to show me any proof that she was serving me or give me a chance to pay before she could serve me at my place of work or home. She advised me that if I wanted to be the right person and avoid any legal trouble at work or home, that I would need to send her a $200-$300 payment that would go towards a payment and that she would make a second attempt to set a better time. She told me that they were only legally allowed to collect the debt after this second attempt. She advised me to have my attorney call her about her demands of payment by the next day which of course, they never set a time for her ever to actually come out to my place of work or home. This company does not exist, I have never heard of them. As for why she was calling me,

Report for 1-5035473772 - 2018-04-15 503
The email I received said I was entered in for a $1000.00 drawing and I needed to go to this website so I had time to answer the questions to win the money.

Report for 1-5037846007 - 2018-03-30 503
Call my cell phone. Don't know this number and caller didn't leave message

Report for 1-5035041840 - 2018-03-23 503
Called my cell 3 times in a row today. I sent it to voicemail and did not leave a number. No message. Sick of these robocalls. How do i stop them????

Report for 1-5033341616 - 2018-03-18 503
This is the "charity" scam that has overrun many areas of Louisiana over the past several years. The folks on the other end of the line had called before but never left a message. Another number on the blocked list.

Report for 1-5038289591 - 2018-03-08 503
This is the fourth call today. I tried calling the number back and get message "This phone number is off-limits for telemarketing. We'll try later" etc. No idea what they want or why they are calling.

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