Report for 1-5032651414 - 2017-10-23 503
I received a text message from this number. They knew my name and said to call or text back. No one did

Report for 1-5034473514 - 2017-10-21 503
called at 4:08pm no message - blocked

Report for 1-5036207358 - 2017-10-19 503
This person has called 4 times today. First call left a recorded message that started and was cut off, second called at 8:00 pm and I said please stop calling me she said no and then hung up

Report for 1-5035073070 - 2017-10-18 503
Just got a call.. called back.. a lady answered..

Report for 1-5035041840 - 2017-10-18 503
They do answer the phone, but it's automated on their end, so you really cannot ask to be removed from their list...

Report for 1-5035473772 - 2017-10-17 503
Left 3 voice messages on my land line. It is the call for a person who no longer lives here and that they are going to call the HR dept., payroll and payroll verification department at 1-855-207-9627 with "case number" to contact. I live in the 8500 which is not near the place they asked to call about, so I will not be calling them. I have had no other interactions with this number. I will file a complaint with the FCC as well.I do want these low lives to stop harassing me. They called on a sunday evening which is against the law...

Report for 1-5037846007 - 2017-10-17 503
They claim I am named as being a person of interest in what is called a case and an agreement. They claim

Report for 1-5039875956 - 2017-10-15 503
They left a voicemail saying that I had a legal matter with the state and I had better contact 1-866-219-0846 with an account number. So glad I googled the number and found this site. It's definitely a scam.

Report for 1-5037846007 - 2017-10-11 503
Called twice and hung up with no message

Report for 1-5034473514 - 2017-10-07 503
Said there was a complaint with a phone number 1-888-404-2610 and to call back the number but no ID or company name in the caller ID. They left message to contact but never gave any information as to the complaint nor my name and my number is on "do not call" list. They are also saying it is a final notice. I did call back and a message said "if you want to remove your number to press 1". I pressed 1 and a male answered and said his name was "Paul Smith" I think that they are calling from a different country and using different numbers and calling and then h

Report for 1-5032713581 - 2017-09-20 503
just got a call on my cell phone from that number. No VM.

Report for 1-5034333820 - 2017-09-14 503

Report for 1-5033892101 - 2017-09-07 503
This is a telemarketer. A woman trying to sell something, obviously a fake name (like "Eggers") that is supposed to make it look like her caller ID is a real person rather than a recording. I blocked the number, after I had already identified the call being from Texas.

Report for 1-5035383289 - 2017-08-29 503
Called, left no message. Don't know anyone in WV and they didn't leave a message. Call comes up from Easley, West Virginia

Report for 1-5036986736 - 2017-08-26 503
I received several calls from this number. I blocked it but they keep calling. Don't answer.

Report for 1-5032070669 - 2017-08-23 503
called my job and said its an enforcement action from us government and to call and resolve..i called several times and every time they are different people but a different number..i got so fed up and reported it..

Report for 1-5032070669 - 2017-08-20 503
Calling from the "police" to help "find" a guy with the same first initial as us. I asked him to remove us from their call list. Hangs up on me.

Report for 1-5034333820 - 2017-08-18 503
I just received the very same "Hello" from a number in the St.Louis, MO area, so I did not pick it up. Caller ID indicates it is from St. Louis, MO.

Report for 1-5034473514 - 2017-08-01 503
Another robocall from someone wanting to know if I want to sell my property, that's on my phone as SCAMMER, BLOCKED

Report for 1-5038632940 - 2017-07-31 503
Called left, no message

Report for 1-5035473772 - 2017-07-30 503
called me, they left a message about a car warranty that is about to expire... called back and the response was, "thank you for call, we'll update our records and remove you

Report for 1-5039527479 - 2017-07-20 503
Called twice within a few hours, hung up before I could pick up. Number is now blocked.

Report for 1-5035743372 - 2017-07-18 503
Just called the number and they immediately ask for the phone # if I didn't give it to him he then asks me if I had seen my bank and checking account I hang up at this point.

Report for 1-5039875956 - 2017-07-15 503
I got a missed call to- a call to my cell- and no voicemail left.

Report for 1-5036538081 - 2017-07-15 503
Received 2 calls from this number. Caller said her name was Nancy Watson and her company is working on investigating a fraudulent activity with my social and name. She gave me a reference number 798007 which her company uses on the filing. I think this company is a scam but want to know how they got my information. I didn't call back.

Report for 1-5039527479 - 2017-07-07 503
These people have been calling and harassing my parents. Saying that I owe money from a payday loan I never got in 2009. They will not send me anything in the mail or emails. And they have called my employer several times. And stated that my employer will find out about them. I am very concerned about this. And they have call my mom and sister. I am looking into this and want to see if I can find out about a company that can stop these people. This is absurd.

Report for 1-5036538081 - 2017-07-04 503
I just received a call from a Jennifer Lewis from the "Legal Office". This was for a complaint against a family member. I had to set up a payment plan. I informed them that I would need documentation of the debt and the details of their service before I made a payment. I never received a proper written notice, and there were no debts assigned with my name. They told me they couldn't give me any details or paperwork because what they were alleging I was unsure of. My only documentation of debt owed was a loan in 2012 that was supposedly from a loan place that is now a scam. Please

Report for 1-5036263003 - 2017-06-22 503
Calling my ex husband looking for me. Threatening to serve at home and work.

Report for 1-5032070669 - 2017-06-22 503
Got a call did not speak, I called back and no answer. Blocking the number

Report for 1-5033892101 - 2017-06-19 503

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