Report for 1-6035982782 - 2018-10-26 603
They hang up with no message

Report for 1-6032243368 - 2018-10-21 603
Caller ID shows SSI (doesn't say who)

Report for 1-6032759239 - 2018-10-12 603
Total scam. Originates in either India or Pakistan.See: ... -Telephone-ScamReport them: does not file lawsuits. Court action, which by law they must do in writing, is initiated by the attorney for the other party. YEP!

Report for 1-6033820067 - 2018-10-01 603
I received the same call this morning. When I asked for more specificity they said that they had mailed a letter to my house and never received it. I think it was BS

Report for 1-6032243368 - 2018-09-24 603
Called, no message, blocked

Report for 1-6036694880 - 2018-09-23 603
I had a voice mail just a few moments ago from someone who sounded human wanting me to have my son call them....I called the number and was connected to an answering service at "Card Services." The lady didn't ask me for ANY info....just said they help me and then ended the call! When I tried to explain who I was, she hung up. I'm calling them to get them to stop calling me!

Report for 1-6035982782 - 2018-09-13 603
Same as above

Report for 1-6038282248 - 2018-09-11 603
Called and left no message; when you call it back, you are on hold forever and you get a message saying "we will call you again". There is also a message saying please press 0 for a live operator.

Report for 1-6037446656 - 2018-08-17 603
Just called my cell. Rang 3 times & stopped. I did not call back.

Report for 1-6037224781 - 2018-08-06 603
I've received a half dozen phone calls today from 567-

Report for 1-6032010010 - 2018-07-24 603
Received repeated calls from this number at night.

Report for 1-6036694880 - 2018-07-04 603
Called and left message "call our office or our offices may have expired" and went on to say that I may not qualify for special programs in the near future. Clearly a scam and a really stupid one at that. How can we stop these scamsters....?

Report for 1-6035982782 - 2018-05-28 603
Repeated calls on my cell. No message. Blocked call.

Report for 1-6038095198 - 2018-05-26 603
Called again today, and I picked up the handset, and put it on speaker. Dead air. And then the caller hung up. When called again, I was able to get an answer. They asked for a family member who hasn't lived with me for 10 years. I told them, they would have their number removed from their calling list, and I hung up.

Report for 1-6037446656 - 2018-05-25 603
If you call these folks back on a limited phone or internet device, keep them on the phone as long as possible. Tell them that you will donate the maximum donation they propose, but if they continue to call after you have spoken to them, then you sue them under the TCPA regulation. It also must note that you have asked them

Report for 1-6034485756 - 2018-05-19 603
I was called last night by that number to. I was told to call back with an insurance license# and an address. I just looked for the number to see who the heck it was....I was glad to see all of these other complaints! Don"t be fooled by these stupid clowns, I don't have to be told anything about me because I am a woman....I don't have anyone calling me from some [***] mortgage company....I don't have car loans...all my debts are paid in full...I have no idea why they are even calling me! These jerks should be ashamed of themselves!

Report for 1-6032010010 - 2018-05-17 603
Called, no VM, now blocked.

Report for 1-6038809880 - 2018-05-03 603
They call all the time, no message, just called me 3 times today and they haven't left a message since I put them on my reject list.

Report for 1-6032010010 - 2018-05-03 603
Robocall scam asking for my home owner to have them check some numbers to find people who they can help. They have called repeatedly the past few days. The same robocallers have been calling over and over, from different numbers. Blocking one number, they just call from another for weeks or months.

Report for 1-6032934037 - 2018-04-25 603
Called at 12:08pm on 11/18. CID was "Grapevine, CA". I know no one there and didn't answer. No message left. . . . I don't answer my own phone these days, period. It's the only way I find out who's calling. . . . If I miss a call from a number I don't know, it's a mystery.

Report for 1-6035982782 - 2018-04-24 603
The call is for someone not me. I told them no such person ever lived here then the guy started to get pissed and yelled at me for answering "not me

Report for 1-6034485756 - 2018-04-24 603
Called at 9:32 am, 2:17 pm and 3:30 pm.

Report for 1-6037224781 - 2018-04-19 603
I get a call from this number every day, even with my phone number being on the do not call list.

Report for 1-6033912127 - 2018-04-14 603
Left a voice mail stating that my Social Security number had allegations on it, and asked me to push 1 to speak with the attorney. Total scam.

Report for 1-6034848678 - 2018-04-03 603
I've asked repeatedly to be removed from that list.

Report for 1-6033912127 - 2018-02-15 603
They never leave a message. I blocked them.

Report for 1-6037446656 - 2018-02-15 603
Called my cell. My "do not call" listing is non existent.

Report for 1-6034848678 - 2018-01-30 603
It's a scam. Don't even give them any information.

Report for 1-6038282248 - 2018-01-29 603
Caller ID: Unavailable. Did not leave a message. Most likely another robocaller or scammer.

Report for 1-6037446656 - 2018-01-21 603
They're trying to get you to pay back money for a payday loan. Scam artist.

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