Report for 1-6104886466 - 2018-07-06 610
Same here. They also call under 609-619-7051. They have called at 8 times in the last 3 days. Very annoying.

Report for 1-6104089460 - 2018-06-22 610
I just got three calls in a half hour- no message. I called back and no answer.

Report for 1-6109947400 - 2018-05-31 610
So far the number has called twice the past two days (not long enough for voicemail to pick up). Blocking their number is tough because sometimes they call just once, but the first few times it was multiple calls a day.

Report for 1-6104886466 - 2018-05-31 610
I did today from this number stating they are from the IRS

Report for 1-6104089460 - 2018-04-16 610
I have asked them to stop calling, I have asked for documentation on this payday loans and the calls just dont stop. How can we stop this from happening again.

Report for 1-6105257813 - 2018-04-16 610
Call at 4:24am. No message. I am in PA. I thought telemarketers were supposed to be subject to the DO NOT CALL register.

Report for 1-6102662225 - 2018-04-15 610
Just received a voicemail message that "my name is John Schiff and regarding a legal matter that has been forwarded to my office for review". Didn't even leave a name or company just left me something a name like Schiff & Associates.I tried to call back and it said it was disconnected. Glad to find out before I was hooked. I do have student loans, I just made them last month. Plus I've had a few more loans due due to medical issues, so they know they are persistent! Also, I will just report this number to the FTC. It's annoying, though, they all have the same voice. I do hope no one gets taken advantage of!

Report for 1-6102662225 - 2018-04-13 610
Called twice today with no message left. Called back and left message to remove me from their call list.

Report for 1-6105655700 - 2018-04-05 610
I have received a half dozen or so calls from this number since July 4th - they have never left a message, but call several times a day. I finally had enough, called the number back after looking for the area code to identify the number and it said not in service. Called one other time, and they tried the "you have a good day" line, so I told them I wanted to know if someone was trying to "conceal" my number. They hung up. My phone is listed on a do not

Report for 1-6102005486 - 2018-03-27 610
Caller left msg saying to call and talk with them about extension. Wish they had this info sooner. Blocked their # as I'm sure they will just change it.

Report for 1-6102662225 - 2018-03-27 610
This is about your ssn.

Report for 1-6105257813 - 2018-03-06 610
Just got the

Report for 1-6104886466 - 2018-03-06 610
These guys are calling numbers that are on the Do Not Call list. They claim to be with the Florida Association for Police Chiefs and want money. No way, folks.

Report for 1-6102030830 - 2018-03-05 610
Same thing: Guy who barely spoke English left a message (not a robocall) claiming to be Craig Williams, saying I have a matter in his office, that I should call him back at this number, or have my attorney call and he will make one final attempt to contact me, whichever is later. Called the number back and it rang a long time and I could not hear anyone on the other end. I could here some noise in the background and he could barely speak English.

Report for 1-6103772111 - 2018-01-16 610
I'm tired of getting these calls, I called and they wanted $299 sent to me , when I told them I want something in writing they put me on hold, I hung up

Report for 1-6105257813 - 2018-01-15 610
I get calls everyday from this number. No message left.

Report for 1-6102757771 - 2018-01-01 610
Just got a call from this number and it's for a car warranty scam.

Report for 1-6104321932 - 2017-12-29 610

Report for 1-6102757771 - 2017-12-23 610
this woman called me and asked if I have health insurance, then asked me all my health insurance insurance information. I dont do anythng like that online... so I knew something was wrong. She said she needed to send me info for insurance at the same time we did. So what insurance? So I hung up.I called back and after getting a recordee it says please hold. Then the line goes to busy so I hung up again.

Report for 1-6104886466 - 2017-12-12 610
I answered they don't leave a message. After reading posts this is a spam robocall. Blocked.

Report for 1-6105952300 - 2017-12-11 610
Just got the same phone call from Emily Rose at 866-209-0967 regarding student loan debt, same reference number 088008. What could it be??

Report for 1-6105952300 - 2017-12-07 610
Same thing today, I answered with no reply to mine, then hung up

Report for 1-6105131082 - 2017-12-07 610
Social security scam.

Report for 1-6101923574 - 2017-11-30 610
Called. No message

Report for 1-6105131082 - 2017-11-28 610
Got the same call just now they called and said they was from the irs. I said I know u r a scam and hung up

Report for 1-6105952300 - 2017-11-26 610
Called cell, rang once, they hung up before I could answer.

Report for 1-6100892949 - 2017-11-25 610
Called, I did not answer. They did not leave message

Report for 1-6104886466 - 2017-11-20 610
Called and didn't leave a messg. Caller ID says from Dallas, Texas. When I googled the number it brought me to a page of complaints and complaints of spams calling.

Report for 1-6109947400 - 2017-11-17 610
They called and said someone who is not me have a debt of 300 dollars and they are going to take it out of my banking and debit card.... I am not to give that information or the phone number....

Report for 1-6105655700 - 2017-11-10 610
no reply - blocked

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