Report for 1-6128406404 - 2019-02-10 612
Called my cell phone this afternoon, I didn't answer (I never do). No message left. Blocked.

Report for 1-6122457424 - 2019-02-09 612
Unrecognized number; didn't answer; didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-6120019200 - 2019-01-30 612
Called and asked for owner by name and said he was returning a call about our website.

Report for 1-6123265608 - 2019-01-29 612
I am getting emails saying they will email me about a loan of $5,000.00.

Report for 1-6123513284 - 2019-01-20 612
No message left

Report for 1-6128684894 - 2019-01-16 612
What happened on this, if anybody has received the money you should share on to this site as this is all the information of it on the internet, you can all file lawsuits against this company and they will be fined so the more money they get the more money they will make, you can file these complaints against the company and the police also and they

Report for 1-6127191325 - 2019-01-16 612
Called and left no message.

Report for 1-6128684894 - 2019-01-02 612
I received a couple of missed calls on my mobile phone from 909-212-2596 and 909-832-4161 with no voice mail from either #. When I tried calling them back, it was said to be disconnected. This is an annoyance, as we are on the do not call registry, yet we are still receiving these calls. Please do something to stop them!

Report for 1-6123265608 - 2018-12-25 612
It's a "lower your rate" scammer call. I hit the #1 before the message repeats and they answer and tell you to press 1 to get to a live person. Then they hang up. I've called them back 4 times already and asked to be removed, but they hang up. I think the first time they hang up when I ask for the owner of the company to call them back. I'm getting annoyed.

Report for 1-6123128550 - 2018-12-13 612
Called this morning at 10:25. Didn't answer. No message.

Report for 1-6127313131 - 2018-12-11 612
I have received two calls (one this morning, and one on another day) each stating that there will be a $599 charge on my bank account on Feb. 15, 2019, and to call back to avoid the charge. I will not call back. I just want to know which scam I am being taken. I also have another number (408-987-3294) which received a same message from the same person yesterday. The message asks you to press "1" and a message says that a representative will be with you shortly and that if you give them no information you will be charged a $99 fee.

Report for 1-6125590427 - 2018-11-16 612
Social Security Scam...

Report for 1-6127191325 - 2018-11-14 612
Got a call from this #, left a automated voicemail stating the warranty on my car is about to expire. Didn't listen to the whole thing, blocked number

Report for 1-6128114332 - 2018-11-06 612
They call repeatedly throughout the day and when I answer there is no one there. My return calls get an automated "The number you have dialed is no longer in service. We're sorry. Please try your call again." So I'm left wondering how to make it stop.

Report for 1-6125590427 - 2018-11-06 612
Call was from Maricopa, AZ but caller-id showed a local number. They left voice message saying my Windows license had expired and needed to download and renew.

Report for 1-6120019200 - 2018-11-02 612
Got a call from this number, it actually rang through, but it didn't go anywhere. They didn't leave voicemail, so I called it from another phone, and the auto voice said I won a prize. That's when I realized that it was a phishing scam, since I didn't enter any contest.

Report for 1-6128684894 - 2018-11-01 612
These scumbags have been calling a few times each day for over two weeks. Caller ID says "Unknown name". Leaves no message.

Report for 1-6123513284 - 2018-10-31 612
Have called 4 times in the past day. When I answer, the line just hangs up. When I call back its busy.

Report for 1-6120019200 - 2018-10-23 612
Did that, but then the lines disconnected.

Report for 1-6126012069 - 2018-10-22 612
This # called me as well. No message.

Report for 1-6128519510 - 2018-10-14 612
this number calls and hangs up, when I called back the first time it was busy, but today is Sunday and they called, no message, I am blocking, I did not know a caller from NY, I am in Florida, I do not know who they are

Report for 1-6122457424 - 2018-10-11 612
It's not a scam, but it's definitely annoying!

Report for 1-6128406404 - 2018-08-28 612
They call saying to give them a call

Report for 1-6124377544 - 2018-08-20 612
Just called about a payday loan I never took out. Wanted me to call back.

Report for 1-6128684894 - 2018-08-11 612
I answered the phone "Police Department, how may I help you?" The caller replied, "I was just trying to tell me that the door to the police station is open." I said, "Goodbye.""Well, the door will be unlocked if you tell me who the door to the police station is," the voice replied."I see the door to the police station is open, then I hang up."

Report for 1-6128406404 - 2018-07-30 612
I do a lot of work in the Birmingham area so I picked the phone up thinking it was someone I know. No answer then a voice said "Goodbye" and hung up.

Report for 1-6127191325 - 2018-07-28 612
TOTAL scam.

Report for 1-6125590427 - 2018-07-13 612
Didn't recognize #, didn't answer, no voice message left. Will add to BLOCKED list.

Report for 1-6127313131 - 2018-07-12 612
Called my cell twice a day for the last two weeks. Left voicemails with no details. Now the number has been blocked.

Report for 1-6127414522 - 2018-06-27 612
Called and no message.

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