Report for 1-8123122319 - 2018-07-22 812
They keep calling from a cell phone. When I call it back, it just rings then hangs up. Today I got another call from them on the cell phone. This has to stop... They say they

Report for 1-8125951441 - 2018-07-19 812
Same thing called once, then hung up

Report for 1-8125273780 - 2018-07-18 812
Called this morning, no message. I get a ton of strange calls like this. I hate all them.

Report for 1-8125712057 - 2018-07-17 812
they called the office today and asked for me. I'm in a work space and it's just a desk and the guy said hello. i said yes, and he hung up.

Report for 1-8123691007 - 2018-07-15 812
Receive a call from this number saying there is a claim. I called back multiple times trying to get to the bottom of this. I was on hold forever. They kept hanging up on me even though they were calling for my brother and he is deceased. This is a scam!

Report for 1-8122258711 - 2018-07-10 812
They called yesterday, and today. I don't answer and they don't leave a message. They don't even leave a message to confirm my number is a live number.

Report for 1-8122446644 - 2018-07-09 812
I haven't lived in the United States since college in 1993. This is a scammer, a fraudster, and a low life who has all the characteristics of this type of criminal: He doesn't care who the law is

Report for 1-8123800344 - 2018-07-08 812
Called 4 times in last two days. Hung

Report for 1-8125273780 - 2018-07-07 812
This is the second time I've gotten this voice message. I think it might be a scam - "call on this number and a warrant of your name and home address was released for your arrest for tax fraud". My taxes are paid on time and nothing has gone wrong but i must respond.

Report for 1-8127043302 - 2018-07-05 812
Received a call from this number no msg

Report for 1-8123124816 - 2018-07-02 812
They keep calling even though I've asked them to stop calling. If they actually think I'm stupid enough to give them my address, or my SSN, I would think that they would at least have a better idea where to put their call, but apparently is too much information for them to keep trying

Report for 1-8127021963 - 2018-06-29 812
Called my DNC registered landline. No voicemail. Blocked the number on my phone and then blocked my phone number and called the number. I heard "press 9 to be put on do not call," then another message "your call cannot be processed as dialed". Clearly it is NOT a good name for a number.

Report for 1-8125284874 - 2018-06-26 812
Calling about credit cards but I can give them my SS# if I will do a survey

Report for 1-8125341756 - 2018-06-25 812
Calls daily, blocked

Report for 1-8123038577 - 2018-06-23 812
Received call from this number. Caller ID said this was a number in the Washington, DC area. They left a message and said the same thing as others have stated. When I called the number back several call back's came back not valid numbers. Definitely a scammer.

Report for 1-8129744637 - 2018-06-19 812
Called and left voice message claiming legal action was going to be taken against me if I didn't respond . Called back and he was rude . I told him I have no idea what this place is for. So he gave me an answer of I have all your info , you need credit or debit card only , tell I'm not telling you [***] so you need a witness . He then hung up on me . So I called back , told he had the wrong number , he said he would take it off the list . Let's see if that happens . Idk what these peaple do have that would be able to file civil complaint with county

Report for 1-8124487052 - 2018-06-17 812
I have been receiving a call from this number on my cell phone, daily. I don't answer because I don't recognize the number.

Report for 1-8127401103 - 2018-06-15 812
I have received the same call but the number that shows the call on my cell was 1-646-503-9983

Report for 1-8126428824 - 2018-06-13 812
I received several text messages from the number 310.362.7748 indicating I had been selected for a $5000 government grant. I was to receive an email containing instructions, phone number 202-656-6028 to request my money. I was to call the number and go down the list and go in to a "secretarial" area called "reward program" - which I would be asked information for and I could not reveal information till I understood and got it down and into a form. The only questions I could ask was where my address was located, would I be able to verify my ID when receiving money, and where to send the money. I did send the application number and some basic information and went to the "reward program" area that I was told if I could not come to this place I would take that as a sign and a "no holds please" and I would be given instructions. After an extra week that was supposed to be all I was given was a website which looked absolutely nothing like what was displayed in the text messages. When I refused to pay the $25 fee the message that I received from the "federal bank" stated would be charged to my phone bill and that I had been selected at random! What a scam and the people behind it should be thrown in jail, their phone lines cut off, and it is reported that they are now active and working on a large scale!

Report for 1-8126077736 - 2018-06-12 812
They have called me twice. I didn't pick it up though and they left no voice mail.

Report for 1-8122258711 - 2018-06-10 812
they called my daughter saying i need to call them they needed to speak to me about a matter that i had

Report for 1-8122949534 - 2018-06-09 812
they just called me and asked I was my name , he said who's this and the guy got upset when I asked him his name.

Report for 1-8125273780 - 2018-06-04 812
Called - left no message - I blocked this number.

Report for 1-8129035393 - 2018-06-01 812
They called me telling me that I owed money for some one I didn't know.

Report for 1-8127035921 - 2018-05-29 812
Same message here. I work in collections they are the scum of the earth when you call

Report for 1-8129715757 - 2018-05-27 812
This number called me and I called back and they tried to get info about me and said if I owed back Taxes to back in 2010 then they had my information on my credit card. I ask them if they would let me go ahead and pay but instead they wanted to charge my credit card for $1500 but wanted to charge it back in 20 minutes. I said no I am not paying it. They got angry and said well I will keep calling until I know there was a resolution on it. I said the person you called hung up your phone and my number was

Report for 1-8129748907 - 2018-05-26 812
Called at 10:40 p.m. tonight. Left no message.

Report for 1-8126550258 - 2018-05-25 812
Got a call on my business landline in North Carolina. It rang once and I picked it up and quickly hung up before caller ID showed who was calling. I have no idea who would be calling and why I might be getting a call. Don't know of any reputable organizations that use cold callers. I am guessing that it is just another scam.

Report for 1-8123329110 - 2018-05-22 812
Caller ID says MICHIGAN CALL. I have no idea what they want, but it looks like they are spoofing numbers.

Report for 1-8127035921 - 2018-05-20 812
Received two call yesterday and one this morning . Left voice mail, about the same message as others have reported. This is a scam.

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