Report for 1-8185331242 - 2018-11-02 818
Called and left a msg stating this was my second notice to clear my credit report and to call them to clear up my credit. A scam

Report for 1-8182976508 - 2018-10-07 818
Don't know who this is, but calling, leave no message, when go to the phone you get a busy signal?

Report for 1-8184356427 - 2018-09-28 818
This is Synchrony Bank. I was in the process of disbursing a large credit card debt from them the past and they would not stop harrasing me. I eventually had a conversation with another credit card company and they told me if a debt collector calls, I must answer. They never call in enue

Report for 1-8183342930 - 2018-09-24 818
Got this one on my cell. Never had a loan from those bozos that call from other numbers.

Report for 1-8187304229 - 2018-09-20 818
Received a call this morning from this number saying they were the IRS and that I would be arrested tomorrow at 11:00 because of unpaid taxes!!!

Report for 1-8183349751 - 2018-09-19 818
I also received a call

Report for 1-8189164253 - 2018-09-11 818
Robocall selling a "bridge insurance" "free" for myself and my family - yeah, sure... Blah, blah, blah. I was just a little distracted by the sound of the call.

Report for 1-8182249880 - 2018-08-27 818
Left voice mail, they were calling regarding Google listing. I called the number back and a male answered, sounded like a call center so not sure what type of business they are trying to do with "Google listing"

Report for 1-8182272270 - 2018-08-20 818
It's a scam. We reported them to the feds.

Report for 1-8188468981 - 2018-08-18 818
Same as previous posters. Man said he is calling my father in-law in-law and would like to speak to them

Report for 1-8185331242 - 2018-08-11 818
Called at least six times within two days. Always dead air on the other end. I finally called back today and got a voicemail to leave my number if wanted to be removed, with limitations because they call from many different numbers each day.

Report for 1-8184356427 - 2018-08-08 818
Have received this call 2 times in the last week and I dont answer just blocked it.They never leave any messages and when I called back from a land line a message says the call can not be completed as dialed.

Report for 1-8183373021 - 2018-07-29 818
I keep getting calls from this number. If I answer nothing happens and my phone stays silent.I tried calling back and say call did not go through.

Report for 1-8189952234 - 2018-07-24 818
Voicemail said if I do not call back as SSN is on the alert for fraudulent activities they will detain me. I do not think this would be the actual SS Department number or I would think that someone at SS would have called me before. Obviously a scam. Blocked caller as we always have to do about scams like this.

Report for 1-8185345510 - 2018-07-23 818
Called this morning when I got out of bed, then my daughter's. I looked it up right away. So sad!

Report for 1-8187304229 - 2018-07-21 818
Called saying my social security number has been used in a crime and I need to call them right away

Report for 1-8182249880 - 2018-07-16 818
These guys just called me. After a long pause I get a guy saying my name, without a first name and says, "I want to do a survey." I told them you guys have been calling all day, you want my name and then you can keep it. Guy hung up. I called number back, blocked my number and the line was busy several times. So annoying, what can be done about this?

Report for 1-8182650765 - 2018-07-10 818
They are now calling using one number with no area code. Says his name is William something. From a different number, but same guy. He says, if they can be of any assistance I will contact another number for assistance.

Report for 1-8183374602 - 2018-06-30 818
Received a call from this number. Caller ID said Tipton, Virginia. I let it go to VM. They left no message. After reading this, I suspect it to be a scam robocall.

Report for 1-8183346341 - 2018-06-29 818
Recorded msg saying that my Social Security was compromised.

Report for 1-8189952234 - 2018-06-27 818
They call 5-6 times a day. Even at 9 pm which is against the law. Can someone find out who they are and shut these people down for harassment.

Report for 1-8180065830 - 2018-06-27 818
Just got a voice mail from them. It's not a valid call. I'm waiting for another legitimate call.

Report for 1-8184356427 - 2018-06-26 818

Report for 1-8184227165 - 2018-06-14 818
No message left

Report for 1-8189952234 - 2018-06-10 818
Called and hung up when I answered.

Report for 1-8186428194 - 2018-06-08 818
So far this has been the 3rd call I have received from them. I let it go to voice mail and they didn't leave a message. Must not be too important.

Report for 1-8188480906 - 2018-06-04 818
Called my cell, did not leave message.

Report for 1-8183349751 - 2018-05-30 818
Called several times and hung up. They have called 7 more, but no messages

Report for 1-8184565799 - 2018-05-28 818
They have been calling us at least once a day for the past week. I finally picked up and they wanted to talk to the owner. We have asked them to remove our number. They just hang up on you. Very annoying! They don't even leave a message when they phone. I finally just picked up the phone and hung it up. They call all hours of the day. I am thinking about changing my number. If you don't leave a message, I don't pick up the phone.

Report for 1-8184227165 - 2018-05-26 818
Called number back...unable to do so due to my phone being on speaker. No company provided info for calling.

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