Report for 1-9032190831 - 2019-09-20 903
No message.

Report for 1-9037780107 - 2019-09-14 903
Caller called my cell number on 03/17/18, didn't leave a message. Added to block call list.

Report for 1-9038742415 - 2019-09-14 903
This is just one of the many numbers that these people use... I reported to attorney general as well as the REAL DEA

Report for 1-9035277732 - 2019-09-13 903
I am getting calls from people pretending to be tax investigators in an attempt to extort money from me. They state that I am being sued by the IRS, but the IRS doesn't operate like that. The IRS contacts people through the USPS. They are in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If you are ever in the UK, I highly recommend getting a copy of the UK's Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for a free consultation with the FTC. Again, I would suggest you do the same.

Report for 1-9038704611 - 2019-09-13 903
Unreal. Just called my cell phone. I didn't recognize number so I let it go to voicemail. They left no message. I'm blocking it. This is my cell phone - which, as far as I know, is in no way connected to any credit cards or accounts.

Report for 1-9039670111 - 2019-09-13 903
Scam, don't answer,

Report for 1-9037726423 - 2019-09-11 903
called my place of work and didn't leave a message. the phone indicated that the call had been from BKC FINANCIAL.

Report for 1-9032246739 - 2019-09-08 903
Received recorded call that started "do not hang up the phone"

Report for 1-9035253361 - 2019-09-07 903
I guess I'm in the same boat! I keep getting phone calls from them every 2 hours or so and they don't leave a message either. This morning I just got a call from them and I said hello this is the legal department calling to tell you that you are going to be arrested for a loan that is due but due date. They say my address is not correct and ask me to verify my date of birth, which I won't because I am a minor. I told them I don't know who they are. I then asked them who I spoke with and she said she is a manager and she can't tell me she can't hear me I said okay I will need to verify who you are and they hang up. The next day I get another call from them with the same type of message, and they hang up, again I'm the same age. I have no debt I don't even have a job! I called them back about 15 times just to play along and they say okay so I just ignore the call because I am not going to pay them anything. So I guess they call me at 8 o clock at night I am not even getting any sleep at that point. Any suggestions. I said well I guess at one point you guys took money out of my account and I don't know who you say you are or what account this is under but I don't think so. And then they get rude with me like what is this about. I said I will pay no money to you I'm not going to talk with you I am going to pay my debt. They say I have to pay a fee. I said I can't get out from under them so you guys are just going to keep calling. And the best tip of your was just to tell me you are going to contact the police. Well who is

Report for 1-9037185252 - 2019-09-01 903
Scam. Caller id "Boca Raton FL" robovoice spiel as follows: " Ryan, calling you from Consumer Services. We're roofing quotes..."This scammer is spoofing a new number. Blocked.Here's a list of scam call numbers so far:

Report for 1-9032246739 - 2019-09-01 903
They called twice in a row, no answer left on voicemail.

Report for 1-9032694405 - 2019-08-27 903
Same as above. Blocked now!

Report for 1-9037233451 - 2019-08-23 903
They called me claiming I wrote a check in 2008 they were calling me as well as other local #'s telling me I had to make restitution in the amount of $1237.00 or they were getting a visit at my job tomorrow. I know better than that and I don't want to go to jail for these types of things...they asked me to make a deposit at the local money gatherer but I'm not even a registered user I'm a lowe in my state so it just looks like I have the same problem everybody else is having they wanted a check number but they just kept saying well you need a payment i just told

Report for 1-9037175877 - 2019-08-21 903
Called, didnt leave a message.

Report for 1-9037233451 - 2019-08-17 903
This company has a website! They're calling my mother and trying to get in contact with me. She has dementia and is worried.

Report for 1-9039147831 - 2019-08-16 903
They did not leave a message on my answering machine either. I suspect this is the same group of scammers that call every number that I block. No matter what I say or do, these folks continue to change their scam and still call. This is some kind of junk call - blocked.

Report for 1-9038107876 - 2019-08-07 903
Scamming scum!

Report for 1-9038704611 - 2019-08-07 903
I received something similar. It also stated it is a "Federal Holiday." Didn't reply.

Report for 1-9032246739 - 2019-08-06 903
Have gotten this one before. Just a few minutes ago it said "This is Mr. Smith and I am calling because you have been a valued client for several months and we still have no other information on your property that we need to speak with you about. It stated again "If you need help gathering funds call 888-203-8282." When I called back it said "Thank you for Calling The Fund Raising Center." Not sure if the 1st part was a problem, but I went to their website and checked and its ok.They send me free information.

Report for 1-9037467471 - 2019-08-01 903
Calling and harassing my father looking for me

Report for 1-9035882351 - 2019-07-31 903
Called at 10:45am, no msg

Report for 1-9035236621 - 2019-07-23 903
Keep getting calls from this number. Every time, it does not work or it goes directly to voicemail.

Report for 1-9037138638 - 2019-07-19 903
Received call at 10:55 am on 11/12, did not recognize the number i did not answer.

Report for 1-9032246739 - 2019-07-17 903
Message said they were Microsoft and that Microsoft client was calling to help me with my windows pc or laptop...I haven't owned one and I do not own laptop!!!

Report for 1-9037138638 - 2019-07-16 903
Called at 10:30pm. Left message: "If this is so important that you would be so kind to call back, try again later"

Report for 1-9032246739 - 2019-07-12 903
Just received a call from this number on my cell as well. I am also on the DNC list.

Report for 1-9037175877 - 2019-07-10 903
Got a call from a survey company about health insurance, when I pressed what kind of insurance company he was using, he gave me AARGON GROUP. Says you owe them a lot of money and they must have sent you a few forms which I refused to sign for. Not willing to talk to "John Carter" (who has never been a member of my household and knows my name when I answer the phone).

Report for 1-9037726423 - 2019-07-07 903
Spam text just like the others. I will not click the link. Total SCAM.

Report for 1-9038742415 - 2019-07-06 903
Just received this recorded phone call message from "Karen Nelson" and a generic message on my office phone of "We sent papers in your name that no responsive" and then I have to confirm my office phone number because it is "a business." I called this number because I could not understand who it was and it was the recording that the lady was saying, and got "Karen" and she asked if it was my office phone number. I was put through to "Karen" and was then able to leave my direct number. This time she asked my office office phone number because she did not understand it and I told her that I do not give out personal information over a business phone, and she was immediately rude and asked again for my office number. I repeated

Report for 1-9032547724 - 2019-07-05 903
Did not answer the call, and it did no good to block it. The phone company already have that option of "no more calls", so all they are doing is exposing their products to higher numbers.

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