Report for 1-9511057611 - 2019-07-16 951
What did anyone do? I have a bad heart condition and I'm afraid these calls will start up again! The one who started it is not the right person. My heart problems are managed without a mortgage. I am a single parent and

Report for 1-9513010201 - 2019-07-02 951
This number is scam. They claim they are IRS. As soon as I started questioning them they hung up.

Report for 1-9512590066 - 2019-06-30 951
Received a call from this number today. Recorded Voice said, "This isn't a sales call...". Didn't catch the company name as it was cut off on the VM. I have no student loans and don't have my voice mail set up. Scam for sure.

Report for 1-9515209795 - 2019-06-22 951
They just called me, I did answer and he had an accent and told me the same thing. He said I would get 7,000.00 for paying my taxes. I just need to go to Walmart and do a Walmart Gift card of $200.00 each. Please do not fall for this is a scam. This has got to stop.

Report for 1-9512289436 - 2019-06-19 951
Another new credit card company scam. It never ends.

Report for 1-9513640602 - 2019-06-18 951
I do not know anyone in Utah.I am on the do not call list!

Report for 1-9516492944 - 2019-06-17 951
It's a scam. Left message.

Report for 1-9513290067 - 2019-06-13 951
Spam call

Report for 1-9516893131 - 2019-06-01 951
These ppl call me all day. i wish they would stop.

Report for 1-9516416729 - 2019-05-30 951
These people called my parents (my grandparents divorced over 3 years ago) saying they were sending local authorities to serve me and that I must call the 877-503-2021 number with in a few hours to resolve the issue if I haven't already.

Report for 1-9511057611 - 2019-04-13 951
they call and leave a blank voicemail. They say to leave a message if you are the person that you're looking for but give no other options.

Report for 1-9515722967 - 2019-04-09 951
Robocall saying they were calling on behalf of the American Veteran's Association and had a few questions for me. Hung up immediately and put the number on my block caller list.

Report for 1-9513290067 - 2019-04-06 951
Called, did not leave message

Report for 1-9512289436 - 2019-03-28 951
I received a call with a message - to avoid legal action press 1. I have no idea what it is about but at some point I must have signed up for something online.

Report for 1-9515722967 - 2019-03-26 951
Called my cell at 8am. CID said unavailable.I didn't pick up,

Report for 1-9518267435 - 2019-03-15 951
called, no message left.

Report for 1-9513010201 - 2019-03-10 951
Same here, Kimberly Collins and a check for $1,935.00

Report for 1-9515606916 - 2019-02-19 951
The person that called said her name was Silvia. When my husband answered the phone she said that my friend had called her about me for a package. When my husband said "No, just speak with you or the woman that called" the person hung up!

Report for 1-9516492944 - 2019-02-16 951
Called 5/15/2015. Caller ID says "Spam? San Antonio". Left no message

Report for 1-9513640602 - 2019-02-05 951
Scam call trying to sell auto warranty

Report for 1-9513010201 - 2019-01-14 951
This number is a spammer

Report for 1-9515606916 - 2019-01-03 951
Have received multiple calls over past few months from this number. Never leaves a voicemail.

Report for 1-9510290015 - 2018-12-31 951
Said he would cut me up. Scam.

Report for 1-9512289436 - 2018-12-26 951
Has called several times, left no messages

Report for 1-9511057611 - 2018-12-01 951
"No name" on Caller ID, I did not pick up. No message left. I have gotten several calls with this ID from different numbers, so blocking

Report for 1-9512590066 - 2018-11-28 951
called my phone for the first time and no message.

Report for 1-9515209795 - 2018-11-22 951
They never say anything when you answer, and they never leave a message

Report for 1-9516893131 - 2018-11-03 951
Same as above. My bank account will be debited for $399 on April 12. Will get lost.

Report for 1-9516416729 - 2018-10-29 951
I want everyone to know this is a scam the only way they get in your past is to have other peoples information so what they are doing is trying to find out who is working/paying cash. I have reported this to the FBI and I suggest everyone else do the same so they get caught before these people threaten anyone, rob or commit crimes.

Report for 1-9516492944 - 2018-10-19 951
called cell phone - just rings then nothing

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