Report for 1-9786874041 - 2019-09-18 978
This is a scam call. I have no debt that is overdue. I have never had any delinquent debts until I had surgery in 2017. I am getting these calls even on my cell phone.

Report for 1-9787100373 - 2019-09-05 978
They called me today. I did some research and this is an Indian phone number. I went to the do no call registry and filed a complaint. I'll also add if any of you are on the do not call registry and you get a call from 1-858-234 or 1 855-890-1656. I would like to file a complaint as well so that they have to pay for the hassle caused by this number being scamer.Please do the same so that these spammers will get their $.

Report for 1-9787100373 - 2019-08-10 978
Scam, left blank voice mail

Report for 1-9785325761 - 2019-07-01 978
Caller identified himself as dealer services and said they'd sent me a request to renew my warranty... no request from me.

Report for 1-9780726837 - 2019-06-26 978
Got a call this morning; didn't pick up.

Report for 1-9785325761 - 2019-06-21 978
no one was on the line

Report for 1-9786874041 - 2019-06-21 978
same here.

Report for 1-9784432223 - 2019-06-14 978
no message left. blocked

Report for 1-9787100373 - 2019-03-31 978
Another spoofing call.

Report for 1-9780726837 - 2019-03-16 978
I did the same as they just do...

Report for 1-9786915581 - 2019-03-07 978
they kept calling, it is a scam, they wanted our social numbers

Report for 1-9786874041 - 2019-02-10 978
Scam alert. They called my number with a computer voice saying there is a warrant and I should call back asap to avoid being arrested

Report for 1-9780726837 - 2019-02-06 978
I have been receiving calls from this number for almost 2 months. No one is on the other line nor does they leave messages. I have called them back a few times and told them to stop calling me, but they keep doing it. I am trying to trace this call through the national do no call registry and I can't find anything in their database that has been completed! How do I be sure that these people are really a legitimate company? If anyone has any assistance or can make things easier, I would be grateful! Thanks! I will be reporting these calls to the do not call registry!

Report for 1-9780726837 - 2019-01-06 978
No message left. Blocked.

Report for 1-9786893977 - 2018-11-24 978
I got a phone call this morning I didn't answer. I got 3 phone calls about 2 hours apart .

Report for 1-9784432223 - 2018-11-21 978
These jerks called me at work asking for someone I've never even heard of, telling me they were a debt collector and were trying to settle debt by telling me to call them within 24 hours with my debit card and bank account numbers. So annoying!!! Don't fall for this crap...if you call back, they will start cussing at you and telling you to get a real job. What a scam.

Report for 1-9784432223 - 2018-11-15 978
Caller id is V423165102000171. I never pick up my landline, only my mobile number. No message was left.

Report for 1-9787100373 - 2018-10-26 978
call came in, didnt answer no message..

Report for 1-9787100373 - 2018-09-27 978
They called my phone, but I didn't answer, because it's unknown number. They did not leave a message.

Report for 1-9782763333 - 2018-09-25 978
Call from this number. They did not speak when I picked up the call.

Report for 1-9785325761 - 2018-09-14 978
Received a call on my cell phone from this number today at 10:52 a.m. Answered it and said I had received a call from that number and to enter it. I did not. I live in Massachusetts. No message was left by them. Based on the comments noted on this page, it sounds like a scam to me. I will report the number to my service provider who says that I can block it. Thanks everyone for the information listed here.

Report for 1-9786893977 - 2018-06-30 978
Called my cell phone. It rang twice and stopped. The message indicated pressing

Report for 1-9785325761 - 2018-05-23 978
This number called me today and left a message saying I would be arrested at my home tomorrow if I didn't return the call.

Report for 1-9785325761 - 2018-05-20 978
They called back and said they had a personal business matter to discuss.I told him don't call me and I don't respond to strangers who don't know how to talk to people first. He said he needed to talk and to talk he hung up.

Report for 1-9786874041 - 2018-05-18 978
They called at 7:30 on the east coast which is 5:30 EDT. What is going on?!? I am on the no-call list, for the state of Missouri.

Report for 1-9786893977 - 2018-04-20 978
Scam - they want to get your personal info. Report them to

Report for 1-9786915581 - 2018-03-25 978
They have called me twice now and I am also on the do not call list. I would think most of us would agree they are scammers and call the number back and it asks you to enter your phone number to be placed on a do not call list. When you do that they do that.

Report for 1-9788704393 - 2018-02-16 978
Scam. "This is an important message intended for John Doe. If this is not John Doe please hang up or disregard this message. This may be recorded. We have recently attempted to serve you with legal documentation. We have made several attempts to contact you. We

Report for 1-9786915581 - 2018-02-16 978
I am going to file a lawsuit against these people for harassing me! They have called me at least 10 times. They do not take no for an answer. No matter how many times I told them to take me to court, they keep calling. They were calling at least 20

Report for 1-9787297089 - 2018-01-02 978
Scam. Voice on voice mail claims it's the IRS about an impending lawsuit. Same old scam from these folks from the Philippines. Comes from numbers in multiple area codes.

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