Report for 1-6614020784 - 2020-06-28 661
Received 2 hang up calls yesterday, then 2 back to back calls today. I am also on the Do Not Call list. I have no idea why they are calling me.

Report for 1-3217490001 - 2020-06-27 321
I got the same call but i can't find the #

Report for 1-8303559165 - 2020-06-27 830
Called me at work. I called back and they were looking for someone that we have been calling everyday for years now! Gave a name of a credit card company that I do not even have no idea of and they had my old email and my old phone number. I told them to take me off of who they're calling for and they said fine so do. We'll see.

Report for 1-8452206421 - 2020-06-27 845
They called me and told me that they will charge me $299.00 from my account in the next 30 days for computer services and antivirus services. I didn't trust them. So they told me to call this number 1-800-669-6548 x 1. She said she work for microsoft. I will take my chances since someone gave me this number to get my money back.

Report for 1-4193833761 - 2020-06-27 419
They called saying that my business has been preapproved for a line of credit - when I called the number it said it is out of order.

Report for 1-6304720864 - 2020-06-27 630
Same issue here.

Report for 1-8158774080 - 2020-06-27 815
Called and hung up.. no message

Report for 1-5614228262 - 2020-06-27 561
I got a call from this number at 6:20pm this evening and just got one ring here, no message left.

Report for 1-3852404031 - 2020-06-27 385
Just called my work phone. Did not leave a message.

Report for 1-5757201479 - 2020-06-27 575
same message here, "this matter is very serious and time sensitive. I had to call this number back or emergency will unfold"

Report for 1-5133321781 - 2020-06-27 513
call the number back and got the message "thank you for calling"

Report for 1-7606336555 - 2020-06-27 760
Called and no message

Report for 1-2064081927 - 2020-06-27 206
Spam caller

Report for 1-8028755676 - 2020-06-27 802
I just got a call from 6156363661. I didn't answer. I tried to call back and the number was not working. I don't know who they are and what they want.

Report for 1-2317567617 - 2020-06-27 231
No message

Report for 1-2037019385 - 2020-06-27 203
called left no message...

Report for 1-2531116148 - 2020-06-27 253
Unrecognized caller. I didn't answer. left no message. Another site warns "frequent callers may send spam."

Report for 1-3048854422 - 2020-06-27 304
I have repeatedly had this number come up on my caller ID, but they never leave a message. I finally called them and they were offering a free cruise. Once I said I wasn't interested, they were already calling three more times on my phone. I want to know how they got my phone number and how I can stop them from using it.

Report for 1-9737785697 - 2020-06-27 973
Received a message yesterday from a Lisa at the office of Robert Warshaw. She did not say my name. I got a different call today from a Mr. James. I did not return call.

Report for 1-5075734058 - 2020-06-27 507
I got the same type of call

Report for 1-2025739209 - 2020-06-27 202
They called my home, saying it was a complaint of bad checks and being charged with fraud! They wouldn't tell me how they found my information, only said they were the investigation dept. I hung up. I've no clue how these P.O.S. got my cell number to harass me for something and I hate them, now day, if they call back I'm going to tell them I'll have them arrested.

Report for 1-3022021406 - 2020-06-27 302
Called again, no answer

Report for 1-3139154927 - 2020-06-27 313
This number called and went to the answering machine.They left a message saying they are calling from the IRS and that they are sending the police to my door in 45 minutes and that I must be available for the arrest because I haven't seen any notice of a law suit and said to cooperate with me and anyone else who will listen in the next 45 minutes. I have no idea what this person is talking about and it's definitely a scam.

Report for 1-2029141105 - 2020-06-27 202
Keep getting calls from (888) 816-3186 and if it is a telemarketer, they hang up when you answer. It would be nice if these morons would get a life and stop calling people who don't answer.

Report for 1-7472050565 - 2020-06-27 747
This time it was a female claiming to be Microsoft. She had a heavy Indian accent and was very difficult to understand. When I asked for her number she gave it. I refused to believe her and hung up! There was noise in the background but nobody spoke.

Report for 1-3306225283 - 2020-06-27 330
They texted me to call this number about a new Bank Account Info, and when I called the other day an Indian man answered...I tried to call this afternoon and got a busy signal....I did a reverse search and it is in Texas ...I'm going to report this as a scam to Bank of America....

Report for 1-2106160690 - 2020-06-27 210
called a few minutes ago - ID says it's from Arlington, WA. - no message - so I blocked it!

Report for 1-9038807690 - 2020-06-27 903
Received call on landline, hung up with no vox.

Report for 1-2028732709 - 2020-06-26 202
I received a call saying my passport was about to be suspended due to fraudulent activity.I have never been to the state but was sure this was a scam.

Report for 1-6078448663 - 2020-06-26 607
called left no message

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