Report for 1-5164793791 - 2020-06-22 516
Just got the same phone call. The caller had heavy East Indian Indian accent and had told me that my computer was reporting unusual data. He asked for me by name and when I confirmed it was I he hung up. I reported this number to the FTC and they suggested calling your local Better Business Bureau.

Report for 1-9175269201 - 2020-06-22 917
I have been receiving recorded voice mails from this number. This is an automated message that states something along the lines of "if you know the whereabouts of XXXXX and you are being sued, press "1" now" I pressed "1" and got a recording that told me to wait for an officer to come to my work to arrest me. Of course, this number doesn't even match the contact info for the officers working my division.It is a scam and a complete annoyance at the constant harassment.

Report for 1-7325046938 - 2020-06-22 732
Unknown. Didn't answer, left no message.

Report for 1-5027532952 - 2020-06-22 502
They said their were issuing a warranty call

Report for 1-6174077316 - 2020-06-22 617
Call from 817-385-7011, 9/27/2014, to my cell which is on DO NOT CALL list for years. No VM message. This number appears to be connected to another number 916-944-1347

Report for 1-8152423673 - 2020-06-22 815
Has called several times over the last 6 months or so. Never leave a message. I finally answered and the "lady" on the other end told me I have an excellent mortgage I qualify for. I told her, I'm not paying anything until I get something in writing. She told me to look at the FDCPA or CFPB website then hung up.

Report for 1-5124785543 - 2020-06-22 512
They called, I picked it up, dead air. No voice. Blocked.

Report for 1-4126227387 - 2020-06-22 412
got this call, no message

Report for 1-4052561516 - 2020-06-22 405
This lady, Emily, called me to talk to my husband. She had a foreign accent, she told me I have a problem with my Apple devices and my computer...I told her I don't have a PC...She hung up...Please dont give these people any info. This is a scam, beware..

Report for 1-4086259305 - 2020-06-22 408
This number called me at 5 am. No message left by caller.

Report for 1-5136192683 - 2020-06-22 513
Scam call. Blocked.

Report for 1-4152294840 - 2020-06-22 415
Called on a loan I never got in the first place!

Report for 1-9786870702 - 2020-06-22 978
Calls 3 or 4 times per day. I have asked them to remove my name from the call list, but they refuse.

Report for 1-8136137514 - 2020-06-22 813
This is a criminal extortion scam operating out of India. They are making the calls utilizing VOIP and the names of legitimate firms to make it appear the calls are originating from within the US. There is NO "company" or "debt" and you will NOT be arrested. They are harvesting and/or buying consumers' personal identifying information from unscrupulous websites like the one you may have filled out an application with, and you need to do whatever you can to protect yourself. This includes: Notifying the FTC:, placing fraud alerts with all three credit bureaus, notifying your bank and employer and letting these criminals know you are aware they are attempting to extort money for a non-existent debt and have alerted the authorities.ABC News released an investigative report on this scam in June. The FTC has indicted one of its ringleaders for criminal fraud: ... 16512428&page=1

Report for 1-3473982167 - 2020-06-22 347
I received the exact same message from this number stating they were CitiBank and that I needed to call them or the credit card would be cancelled (as I don't have any credit cards with them) and their account flagged. I had opened one with them the day before, but it was declined with in half hour. I blocked the number after that.

Report for 1-2163826545 - 2020-06-21 216
I got this scam call and was told the warrant was from "international bank fraud and checking " The guys name was david williams. He had indian accent

Report for 1-4178517649 - 2020-06-21 417

Report for 1-3173877047 - 2020-06-21 317
Got call, no answer. Said New York.

Report for 1-9093518825 - 2020-06-21 909
Calls my house 4 to 5 times a day no message!

Report for 1-2153023659 - 2020-06-21 215
Called my home at 1030am and again at 11:35am. I did not answer either call.

Report for 1-8324081079 - 2020-06-21 832
Just received this at about 2:00 a.m. - "Hi, do you still have this for sale item on craigslist? I'm ready to pay an extra $75 for it. I'll need you to take care of the pickup, and send me the PayPal invoice as well.." SCAM. As soon as I saw the CASH option, I instantly came to believe it was a scam. I had no need for it, but as others said, it did appear to be a pretty good one. I'm glad I didn't waste my time.

Report for 1-3212588974 - 2020-06-21 321
Called my cell on cell phone that doesn't do ANY business. Left no message. Blocked the number

Report for 1-2073291078 - 2020-06-21 207
Same as previous callers. Robot call about Microsoft key being expiring. I don't use or have any Apple products.

Report for 1-5124598082 - 2020-06-21 512
I got the same one too on july 10-09 he

Report for 1-8016030495 - 2020-06-21 801
Received a call today at 11:00 AM. I answered and said hello twice and heard no reply and then they hung up on me. I tried the number back on google voice, but it said the number has been disconnected. I had blocked this number a few days ago as it was reported to be a scam.

Report for 1-3144929537 - 2020-06-21 314
Caller ID say's Boston,MA. Did not leave a message.

Report for 1-6674017426 - 2020-06-21 667
Got a call that just let ring. Blocked.

Report for 1-8122949534 - 2020-06-21 812
Left a message saying they are the IRS. Blocked the number.

Report for 1-9546595124 - 2020-06-21 954
Received a call from this number today at 6:15pm. CID said "Gainesville, GA". No one spoke.

Report for 1-9542947778 - 2020-06-21 954
Called today no message left.

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