Report for 1-8328384139 - 2019-12-01 832
The person said that they were calling from a non profit organization that serves the veterans.....

Report for 1-3525204063 - 2019-12-01 352
Keeps message. Scammers.

Report for 1-3057338432 - 2019-12-01 305
Just got a call from this number. They stated they were trying to serve me with legal papers, it's a scam, and they are trying to collect $$ over the phone. Report this number on the do not call registry and block it.

Report for 1-7062957403 - 2019-12-01 706
This number called at 7:08 a.m. this morning. I was awake and didn't see the phone ring; it just woke me up. However, that didn't deter me from driving to work the following day because I was furious because I thought it was a scam, and then to find out that this number would call me at 7:08 in the A.M. is really pissing me off. I am on the "Do Not Call List", but I still get these kinds of calls from companies like this which are obviously not going to stop if anyone really stands up for our right to privacy. And it is a shame that government isn't protecting us from these scammers because it is nothing more than a third party to companies like this. The FTC has absolutely zero enforcement powers and I'm really quite sure that this number is a scam. If you're really concerned, don't talk to whoever they say they represent. Do something about these scumbags like I did. If you call the FTC, file a complaint against the number that called you. Do it at their website and then follow the instructions. If you have caller ID, turn off your phone when these types of people call, and when you get calls like this, talk to your phone company immediately and report them if they call you again.

Report for 1-4805712895 - 2019-12-01 480
They call 5 to 6 times a day. How do I block them?

Report for 1-6313230044 - 2019-12-01 631
Called my cell phone. No VM. No CID on my Verizon landline.

Report for 1-7323341484 - 2019-11-30 732
Scammers! I did not give these people any information and it is scary that these people try to scare you into giving them money. You would think that they would learn.

Report for 1-2053047418 - 2019-11-30 205
I get a call from this number about every day. It ends up with me saying "hello, hello, hello... I don't give a flying fart what they want, but at least I have something to say.

Report for 1-3211110227 - 2019-11-30 321
This is an offshore payday loan debt collection extortion scam that has been going on for at least five years. The FBI is aware of it but is unable to go after those involved due to lack of money, manpower and resources. I looked back and found some old information which may prove to be helpful: They obtained your information through Teletrack:Kudos to "Sam" for giving the most intelligent and informative posts on this scam. READ, Bookmark and use as needed: have been receiving phone calls from this group since late April / early May of 2010. There is a good chance that they also attempted to contact me roughly two years ago before I entered into Chapter 7 Bankruptcy protection, as I faintly remember hearing the same script more or less. As others have stated, the callers are difficult to understand. Generally speaking their command of the English language is quite poor and their accents are hard to follow. At times they will get certain words or phrases mixed up. It would be funny if it wasn't for the fact that they had:a) Your SSNb) Your home addressc) Your work addressd) Your banking infoe) Names, numbers and potentially the addresses of "references"f) A complete and total lack of ethics and a basic understanding of the FDCPA. I have personally filed reports with the following agencies, often with limited (if any) success:Local Policemy state's Attorney General's officeFTCFBISecret ServiceGenerally the local police won't be able to help much. The callers are using a combination of prepaid cell phones and VoIP, making them difficult to trace. Also at their disposal are various spoofing tactics being implemented to catch people off guard - meaning the number that appears on your Caller ID isn't the number that is calling you for starters. Without gaining a subpoena for the billing information for the numbers in question, the local police won't be able to get very far. My state's Attorney General's office couldn't offer much assistance either. I received a form letter in the mail that my complaint was received and I would be contacted if they needed additional info. It was more or less the same information I obtained from the FTC. They each advised me not to give the individuals over the phone

Report for 1-3522376568 - 2019-11-30 352
I got a call from this number as well. It seemed fishy to me to be dealing with "R&J", but I Googled the company's name and found the same info everyone else got here.

Report for 1-4102673489 - 2019-11-30 410
They call constantly from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. I called them to let them know to stop calling and they hang up on me. I called again the next day and asked to speak to a manager and asked him a couple more times to not call my number. It took some time because they told me I was speaking to the "manager" so I told them no more calls. They called once more in the next 2 hours and I told them I was going to report them to the BBB and he yelled at me and said he would call me every day and that was the end of that.

Report for 1-2059857856 - 2019-11-30 205
They're calling for my ex

Report for 1-3234869305 - 2019-11-30 323
This is ridiculous. I have received about 7 messages in the past few weeks, all saying "Hello, my name is Joe. Can you hear me?" They never say my name, just to play stupid. I don't answer and they don't leave a message.

Report for 1-2401207050 - 2019-11-30 240
This number is a scam do not trust this number

Report for 1-5163842467 - 2019-11-30 516
Call it back and press 1 to be removed from the call list.

Report for 1-5017812208 - 2019-11-30 501
Got a call from them left a voice message claiming to be IRS but caller id said Unavailable. Scam!!

Report for 1-2025808094 - 2019-11-30 202

Report for 1-2020360533 - 2019-11-30 202
I have also received calls on my cell from 855-218-0712 over 40 times since April 4, 2010. Caller id say "unknown caller", they know my name and my husbands name which has nothing to do with each other. They always ask for me and this is my cell number which I've used for 2 years. I've asked that they take me off their list and they never do. So now I just don't answer it any more. I even went to the do not call website and submitted a complaint, will see what it happens to this nonsense. It is a shame there are scammers out there preying on the unwary. Do it!

Report for 1-6032759239 - 2019-11-30 603
No msg left

Report for 1-8575764224 - 2019-11-30 857
Called with a "This is a call from Social Security". They are going to suspend my SS#. Told them to remove from their list and they hung up. Blocked the number.

Report for 1-2146226163 - 2019-11-30 214
My name this number so and so. Caller states I have a complaint to take care of and they will take further action unless I call this number. I don't even remember being in the US so it had to be a scam. And I don't have anything out there they want me to call. What good is the National Do not call. I am blocking this caller.

Report for 1-3234733250 - 2019-11-30 323
They have called me on Sunday 3 times in 5 minutes, when you pick up no one is there.

Report for 1-2012151726 - 2019-11-30 201
I'm in the same group of people, so it's probably not the IRS

Report for 1-8173367191 - 2019-11-30 817
Called my cell phone, but didn't recognize the number. CID simply said "California". A quick search turned up a phone number here, for a non-profit agency in the Los Angeles, CA area that does not appear to have a website or a CID. Blocked.

Report for 1-9032190831 - 2019-11-30 903
Keep calling

Report for 1-3522510898 - 2019-11-29 352
No message left. Blocked it.

Report for 1-3107796068 - 2019-11-29 310
Another scammer. If this was legitimate, they would state company name and the person they're trying to call

Report for 1-2064523911 - 2019-11-29 206
Scammers have been using fake names and numbers in the past to commit identity theft. The usual process started in the US about a year ago. These are no different than criminal thugs who use a phone, a prepaid Master Card, a giftcard, a gift card with a fake number on it, or even an iTunes card. They fake their information to avoid detection by US Law Enforcement. For example, just because the caller has an "official badge #", does not make them a member of Law Enforcement. They also have NO control of where the stolen money goes.Once in a while this group of crooks will call back making it look like they are calling from the local County Courthouse or Legal Office. I also have great news for these people. They are too dumb to realize that the Officer they want is not going to see their calls. His badge # is not going to be issued to them. I hope these people all burn in hell.

Report for 1-8589093686 - 2019-11-29 858
Got a call from this number. Answered. A guy says he is from US navy going to give me a job I am going to study and he wants to meet me.... I told him that's strange because this isn't the navy and navy should know me.He said he has a few questions: 1) Where are you working, 2) You will find my office when you go to the navy office 3) There is a pay rate he can give me $10 dollars if you study for 1 day after the exam...I just hung up the phone.

Report for 1-9108622554 - 2019-11-29 910
Received a call on my mobile (Google Voice number). When I called back, I got an automated voice that said it was the "National Credit Association." They had called my mobile number months ago regarding a credit card we hadn't used in the last seven years. I'm afraid to call this number again to see what it is. It was after 8pm and the only one who had called was an automated voice and gave me an extension for them when I called back and they seemed unsure why I was calling.

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