Report for 1-4234263515 - 2020-04-11 423
Scam call! Don't pay any attention to it.

Report for 1-3343109204 - 2020-04-11 334
Got a call, then I checked, found out it was them. Thank the Lord, it worked! (and it sure was fun talking to them, I wish I had them under my control) If someone can figure out how to block them, would be awesome. I'll try to get the rest of my block list. I am getting so tired of the telemarketers

Report for 1-6787301002 - 2020-04-11 678
Same thing here. They told me they are going to serve me at work.

Report for 1-9103153167 - 2020-04-11 910
It was a recorded message. Said something about an issue on our credit card using the exact wording as above and said they would reduce the interest rate on our card by 99%. It then asked if we wanted to know about the rates in our area or if we had any questions about the new rate, we were given the opportunity to press 8 for do not call, 8 instead for do not need to give information. When we called back the number (8:20 pm pacific) it was a recording that said "thank you for calling customer service. please hold", then we got disconnected.

Report for 1-9166872767 - 2020-04-11 916
I just got a call from this number. My computer froze up when I heard the message about my ss number is suspended... I did not call the number and will not call back. I would like to know how they scam people. I want to block them now.

Report for 1-9165499335 - 2020-04-11 916
They called my cell 3x in the last 3 hours. As soon as I see that I have a missed call go to my phone and that's when I found that it was these telemarketers calling.

Report for 1-3312007102 - 2020-04-11 331
I just received the same message.

Report for 1-7701208681 - 2020-04-11 770
Received two robo-calls in succession from "Michelle Lewis" asking me to call back regarding a debt due... blah, blah, blah. Don't have any debt to pay.I've blocked these numbers from my cell and home numbers. I can only block 10 numbers. So if I do get any call from a legit debt collector, they'll get a couple of "we know how to reach you" messages.

Report for 1-2072174332 - 2020-04-11 207
call. did not leave a message

Report for 1-2074277956 - 2020-04-10 207
Got a call from a person today 8/3 with same story as the previous posts...he also said he was John Cooper and said he will be serving papers to me at my place of employment. I was confused and looked up his business information - no results. I called my local police department, they told me to let them know what's going on. He said they got in touch with my old employer and they will see that I get papers in the mail.

Report for 1-4698262887 - 2020-04-10 469
The message left on my cell today, June 18, 2017, is the most ridiculous and disgusting scam I have seen in a long time.The call is a recorded message saying it is IRS and I was guilty of tax fraud. I did not fall for the phony message. I blocked the number so the calls will stop. I just can't figure out how they got my cell number. I've never given it out. These morons are getting very lazy!

Report for 1-7192003055 - 2020-04-10 719
Same thing here , and the next page says it is an emergency

Report for 1-3513559468 - 2020-04-10 351
They called me and I called back they said it was the reward redemption center because i had called somewhere about a 100+ miles away. then they wanted my debit card number to charge for a 100+ dollar gift card for free shipping and a $50 gift card, which i just laughed and they ended the call. what a scam

Report for 1-6302318770 - 2020-04-10 630
They were looking for an ex wife... she doesn't live here anymore.

Report for 1-8632264509 - 2020-04-10 863
I keep on calling and hanging up and they don't care. It's an auto dialer not a human they can do what they please.

Report for 1-2023564123 - 2020-04-10 202
I received a call from (315) 636-1334 and they didn't leave any

Report for 1-6128114332 - 2020-04-10 612
Called twice last night. I didnt answer and they didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-2038691145 - 2020-04-10 203
This company - Cash Advance USA- has been calling to obtain your information to provide you with a loan. Be very wary of them!

Report for 1-4152873207 - 2020-04-10 415
They called my cell phone, left the message saying, "This is a legal alligator call" and to please call them back at 855-406-1747. Obviously this is a scam since the IRS doesn't leave you automated messages about anything. I called them back and some guy answered with the name of "Ryan Williams" and asked who I was calling. I said "I was just checking on your telephone call". He then said "you just mess with me." I then said again that I only did because I called them back and asked what kind of scammer I had been and he hung up!! I blocked!

Report for 1-3367423103 - 2020-04-10 336
I received four calls in a row from this number between 8:30 and 9:00. I told the caller to stop calling me and if he didn't have a better way of doing it, I would report them. He refused to leave a voicemail or talk to me. I'm tired of these annoying calls, no voicemails are done, just hang ups!!

Report for 1-7604759665 - 2020-04-10 760
Called my landline and left a message saying "to be removed from our list, please press five." I did not press five.

Report for 1-9728059657 - 2020-04-09 972
I received a call from these people and it is not true!

Report for 1-8326653385 - 2020-04-09 832
I got a missed call from this number and no voicemail.

Report for 1-3641730292 - 2020-04-08 364
Called at 4:15 today, didn't recognize number so I blocked it.

Report for 1-2154050566 - 2020-04-08 215
this number keeps calling my phone, i don't answer when i see it on my caller ID.... they don't leave a message and they keep calling!!!!

Report for 1-9035045994 - 2020-04-08 903
Received three calls today, 2 of which claimed to be IRS and 2 as "law enforcement." I returned the first call (didn't pick-up) at 10:07PM central time (California) because I wasn't really sure of it. Caller identified herself as "Samantha Jones"--very heavy Indian/Pakistani/Pakastani accent. I think this is a new and very aggressive ploy by these thieves to try to intimidate and frighten people into giving up their personal and financial information, which is then used by scammers -- including

Report for 1-3109297334 - 2020-04-08 310
My phone rang, it sounded like a computer generated voice said a refund of 199.00 or it could be a $4.95 charge, but never mentioned a company name, never answered. I got a good laugh because you could barely understand what this was about. I never called it, no I am not even in the USA

Report for 1-5129692261 - 2020-04-08 512
A robo voice tells me if I don't call back I have a warrant out for my arrest. Yeah right. SCAM. DO NOT ANSWER CALLS FROM THIS NUMBER.

Report for 1-4059424733 - 2020-04-08 405
Called on my cell, no message left.

Report for 1-7248724200 - 2020-04-08 724
called no msg

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