Report for 1-3236915467 - 2019-10-20 323
I got a call to, and an automated voice came on to say "Goodbye" and they hung up.

Report for 1-9510290015 - 2019-10-20 951
got a call at midnight.. I am on tinder so I guess they got my number.

Report for 1-5123673854 - 2019-10-20 512
got a message from "jason" from the consumer assoc. that insurance was applied for in my name and here is the regossation quote calling again after 2 weeks no exact details as seems to be a scam to get personal numbers so contact them directly !!!!!!!SCAMMER

Report for 1-2092137059 - 2019-10-20 209
Called my phone but left a VM for my ex friend. Saying we'll file a judgement if I don't call them back & get the matter cleared. Didn't say who it was from.

Report for 1-8123329110 - 2019-10-20 812
A few calls from this messages. I am so tired of these calls. I used to get a lot of sales calls and now I am getting these calls.

Report for 1-8182249880 - 2019-10-20 818
Got a call at my work number and they refused to send me a statement in my name in regards to the case. He stated that he is sending me to court if I don't pay this loan over the phone to clear up a bad debt.

Report for 1-3104927767 - 2019-10-20 310
A woman who identified herself as Cynthia Jones left me a voice mail today, saying she was calling from United Bank, with whom I have an account. She left me another phone number 954-352-7200 x8161 which is the number for United Bank. They gave me information that would make me think they were legit, like my date of birth. As I tried to research the company, a bad website came up for it all. I do not know if it was in error or not, but I was concerned about fraud. When I went to the web site, the "contact" is blank!

Report for 1-7079971440 - 2019-10-19 707
Robocall - "This is your Google account representative. We have an important announcement about your google account."

Report for 1-7182994681 - 2019-10-19 718
Just got a call from them. Same as the rest of you. They are a bunch of lowlife scammers. Just hang up on them.

Report for 1-9167404442 - 2019-10-19 916
If this is about debt collection, that's not true. I've NEVER had any kind of debt... not credit cards, not student loans, etc. So there's no way I owe anybody. If it was a real creditor, they'd have already left a message or been knocking on the door.

Report for 1-2146903945 - 2019-10-19 214
Same here - call about 2 hours ago - left nothing.

Report for 1-4344520836 - 2019-10-19 434
They told me they would be bringing a warrant out for my arrest if I didn't pay a loan back in 2012. Threatened me with a warrant for my arrest if I didn't pay them. They also called my in-laws.

Report for 1-4086642892 - 2019-10-19 408
It left a voicemail and stated "This is Brian Owens, and I am calling in reference to your federal student loans, um I need to discuss your repayment options with some new changes that have taken effect recently, so if you could be sure to call me back my number is 866-228-5085 and I am going to give you a reference number if you would please have this handy when you call back. It just helps a lot, and congratulations.

Report for 1-8121146170 - 2019-10-19 812
No Message

Report for 1-4232316928 - 2019-10-19 423
Same situation as previously reported.

Report for 1-2024178409 - 2019-10-18 202
You're a [***] because no one is ever going to give you money in this economy.

Report for 1-8125712057 - 2019-10-18 812
Didn't leave a message, blocked.

Report for 1-4242634632 - 2019-10-18 424
Called my cell ,left no message

Report for 1-2146995101 - 2019-10-18 214
Just got a call from this number on my cell. They did not leave a message. From the other comments, it seems they are also calling cell numbers, so I will block it from further contact.

Report for 1-2818491741 - 2019-10-18 281
I got the call from the same number. When the other's on the other end say a name in my own language and ask if I can speak and they got a live rep on the other end in the language I'm speaking that was my last thing.

Report for 1-8123229086 - 2019-10-17 812
Got a call from this number today asking for my Dad by name saying he was from the Department of Legal Affairs....said his name was Jack Wilson...then stated that he was calling from his desk.

Report for 1-2064600909 - 2019-10-17 206
This is a scam. The number they called me from was an actual number from a store I shopped at, so they were probably spoofing the number they were calling from. The woman said her name was Jennifer Brooks and that I have a lawsuit of some sort and that I had only 30 minutes before my case goes to the county courts (she couldn't give me an exact county she couldn't give an exact county in AZ either) and I would have to surrender myself to the nearest police station and surrender my documents. This is all bogus. No debt collector would work that route with you...

Report for 1-2819685404 - 2019-10-17 281
Received another call. I never answer phone calls that are not in my contacts. My phone is a cell phone that has only 12 numbers, so no idea who/what phone company this is. If any one knows please email me at Thanks!

Report for 1-7145038525 - 2019-10-17 714
I keep receiving calls from this number on my cell phone. I've called two different numbers to find out who the caller is with and they both says they are a debt collect call. I've also googled both of the numbers but not seeing anything, I continue to get calls. I'm sure it's a spam, maybe a bill collector? I keep telling them to please remove my number because I don't owe anybody and if they continue to call I am going to report them. So weird that my number is blocked (how did that happen?), but I've had a feeling it was an odd coincidence I could be wrong though.

Report for 1-6128684894 - 2019-10-17 612
Same as above--calls from this number and when I pick-up, there is no answer.

Report for 1-2147016672 - 2019-10-17 214
they called me today, no one spoke, so i hung up on them, and then tried to call them back and they refused to answer

Report for 1-5047829544 - 2019-10-17 504
Called my brothers phone and left a voice message saying they were going to report me to a county court for a bill I owe with a name I never heard of in my entire life. I looked up the number since I knew it was BS and sure enough you come right here to see it is BS. I had a call from the same thing before saying I had 2 hrs to pay, I just hung up and blocked it.

Report for 1-7708691535 - 2019-10-17 770
Caller did not leave a message.

Report for 1-3108358900 - 2019-10-17 310
I've been receiving calls 3-4 times aday for at least a month. They have called my work number for 3 months. Now i've had the phone # blocked. They call from private number and give the number. 877-309-6988. I told them if i had a payday loan and I do not they have the wrong number. The guy was just a real nasty A--hole, he proceeded to tell me they won't send out anything so I'll just have to wait for a summons, I don't have to worry. I told him I want proof, he starts yelling at me. I go off on this guy, I tell him that I just filed a complaint of harassment against him. My husband is working and wants to make sure these fools get the message. He is a REAL [***] JERK!!!

Report for 1-4349738281 - 2019-10-16 434
Got a robo call about credit card balance with 0 balance blah blah! Blocked!

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