Report for 1-4073746906 - 2020-05-28 407
The number came up on my cell phone and it showed the number and it was for a law firm. They said that a lawsuit was filed against me and to call them immediately to discuss. I called them back and they wanted to know if I knew the name of another person or an address. I said "no". They said that they were going to have me arrested. I have no idea where they found that address. I told them to send me info on this case. After questioning me, they finally told me that I owed $13k to a company called cash advance me. When I said I didn't remember dealing with them, she said she will have me fired from my job. I'm still in the process of getting this taken care of.

Report for 1-9726200400 - 2020-05-28 972
Said they were from PSC. Wanted to speak to the owner if we had an email address. She was very hard to understand. I asked her what she wanted and she hung up.

Report for 1-8312452370 - 2020-05-28 831
Has been calling my cell, no message

Report for 1-8137822341 - 2020-05-28 813
Just got the call from this number saying they are windows tech support. I'm going to have problems for the next 24 hours. I told them to come get me. They hung up.

Report for 1-2170383039 - 2020-05-27 217
Just called the number. A recording with a female voice asked if I would like to donate to a police/firefighters fund. I said sure, press 1. It was then that I found it that a man answered, asked me how I was going to donate. I said not that I would, but that I hoped he'd donate for my family's needs. The recording then hung up. I don't know what the story is there, but I didn't give them any info.

Report for 1-3018610847 - 2020-05-27 301
They called and just hang up. My wife answered and the lady said that she got my number from "The Facebook Listings Company" because I have been on the list for at least a year. She said it was very important that I give them some personal details so that they can send me important information.

Report for 1-2184296110 - 2020-05-27 218
Called cell left no message.

Report for 1-3127525093 - 2020-05-27 312
stop [***] calling me I'm on the do not call list and you are calling [***]!!

Report for 1-2164853644 - 2020-05-27 216
call the number and it says "if you want off our calling list dial 1" it was a recording

Report for 1-7078237900 - 2020-05-27 707
"Call us before you get arrested..." This is NOT the IRS. This is an overseas scamming cell number.

Report for 1-9164856697 - 2020-05-27 916
I get this number calling me at least one a week. No one speaks when i answer.

Report for 1-8659221123 - 2020-05-27 865
My husband got the same thing. They didn't address him that they were taking his wife's license.

Report for 1-7027694500 - 2020-05-27 702
Received a call from this number today at 10:45 AM and didn't answer. No voice mail message left. Will be added to call block list.

Report for 1-9852344756 - 2020-05-27 985
Called at 1:20 pm. Left no message. Will block them...

Report for 1-9175789198 - 2020-05-27 917
This is the second number I've received from that area code (208) with the same scam "Google listing" crap.

Report for 1-8452642643 - 2020-05-27 845
Called again

Report for 1-7138175191 - 2020-05-27 713
Caller id was WESTMINSTER P.A

Report for 1-2123656200 - 2020-05-27 212
calls from this number and others, never leaves a message.I want the harrasment to stop.

Report for 1-5134400726 - 2020-05-27 513
I get a call from this number on my phone like every day (4x today) and when I see it I ignore it. But it is still annoying. I called back an talked to a lady (she sounded like a robot) she said she was from some company that works with

Report for 1-4103904141 - 2020-05-27 410
Call from 8am-2pm everyday, leaving no messages. I'm not sure what they're trying to do, but if you call back, you get a recording that says, "Thank you for calling back, all our agent are busy, leave your name, number, and best possible time for you to call for a meeting and they will get back to you." That just isn't professional and it's a waste of our time.

Report for 1-3175958586 - 2020-05-27 317
Robocall to the cell phone from the bogus WCF. No message left.

Report for 1-7163043882 - 2020-05-27 716
I didn't answer. I am on a no call list. This is the second day in a row this type of crap has called. Other number is 18662024078

Report for 1-4053078080 - 2020-05-27 405
they called, and when I said to have them take me off the call list..and if I really am on the DO NOT CALL list that it does not apply..they hung up on me!!!!!..I am on the do not call can they get away with this? I do not know who they are or who to report them to???????????? I just want them to get charged with harrassment!!!!!!!!

Report for 1-8138023509 - 2020-05-27 813
This call is from a recording of John Boehner begging for support for John McCain. I hung up.

Report for 1-2092102963 - 2020-05-27 209
Got a call from this number and they didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-3215592911 - 2020-05-27 321
Called left no message, my phone is on the do not call list.

Report for 1-8053161787 - 2020-05-27 805
Call, didn't answer and left no message

Report for 1-3140059015 - 2020-05-27 314
called 11:48 AM

Report for 1-2053047553 - 2020-05-27 205
Got a call from these people this morning, said they were calling from the IRS and I needed to call them back to avoid arrest. I didn't even get two minutes of my day to respond, but it gave me a sick laugh. When I call this 877-218-5302 number back, I just receive a recording that says your call could not be connected.

Report for 1-9414847199 - 2020-05-27 941
Call my cell number which, by the way, is on the Do Not Call registry. I am in New York. My question is when I do answer the phone there is no one there. What is going on?

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