Report for 1-4233545780 - 2020-01-26 423
Caller ID said "Toll Free Call", but only the phone number appeared, not the name or company. Caller claimed to be with Comcast and I asked, "Who are you with Comcast??" He replied, "We're with Comcast, and we're calling to inform you that your service was suspended." I said, "Seriously? That's funny! You're calling me from a toll-free number. What's wrong with your service?" He said "There's... It's really funny because I'm actually calling to remind you something." And he hung up. I called Comcast to verify, and they didn't suspect a service suspension; it was a SCAM. DO NOT GIVE YOUR INFO -- and by the way, my service was NOT suspended. If you're in this situation, call Comcast and ask them to block the number.

Report for 1-8432275502 - 2020-01-26 843
Recording about free medical alert stuff from a company claiming to be a pharmacy.

Report for 1-3255001041 - 2020-01-26 325
scammers calling my cell, i won't do that anymore because they just use the number on facebook, if your not one of their friends and know all your details better than your girlfriend and phone numbers then just answer...

Report for 1-2814063487 - 2020-01-26 281
Received this call on my cell phone. Caller ID stated New York, NY. They did not leave message.

Report for 1-7704810861 - 2020-01-26 770
I received a voice mail from a guy saying I was notified and there is a problem with a law suit against me on a pay day loan from 4 years ago.

Report for 1-2253039512 - 2020-01-25 225
Blocked - did not answer

Report for 1-9164088899 - 2020-01-25 916
This number is a telemarketer - a call center which is contracted by many companies to make sales calls for them. They make your call, they don't say anything. If you want the calls to stop, then tell them to stop. If they tell you they are an employee of the company (or tell you they work for one of them), then you will ask them to take your number off the calling list (it is the law and you are entitled to a written notice that they have to provide to the company you work for).

Report for 1-6103772111 - 2020-01-25 610
I asked him for a manager. And he said i needed one. So i said to take my number off the list. The man became angry with me and was extremely rude. What a bunch of BS.

Report for 1-7324621537 - 2020-01-25 732
I got a phone call telling me that the government decided to give me a grant of 7000 and asked me to call this number with the reference number given. I called and it just rang. The guy I spoke to had a heavy accent. When he asked me for me my name and the account number I hung up. Very Suspicious! Beware!

Report for 1-9169122414 - 2020-01-25 916
Rachel from cardholders services for your credit card ... blah blah blah ....

Report for 1-8123122319 - 2020-01-25 812
Didn't answer. No message.

Report for 1-5108668194 - 2020-01-25 510
Text asking me to call back about a return texting. No one to return the texts to, I blocked the number.

Report for 1-9165094752 - 2020-01-25 916
I have tried calling and I get nothing... I do not want anything to do with them...Please do something about these types of harassing calls...

Report for 1-9161914822 - 2020-01-25 916
they left no message, caller id showed as "unknown", blocked

Report for 1-3393378615 - 2020-01-25 339
Did not message.

Report for 1-3526861411 - 2020-01-25 352
Same deal as everyone else. They left a message about your socials being suspended unless you call them right away.

Report for 1-8703536277 - 2020-01-25 870
I received the same message. I don't speak Spanish. I don't use Navigator.

Report for 1-8043231264 - 2020-01-25 804
Same here, calling for my ex's uncle. I told them I just went over their contact list and they hung up. Very rude.

Report for 1-9042892744 - 2020-01-25 904
Just called my cell phone. Did not leave a message

Report for 1-8183092528 - 2020-01-25 818
I've blocked them. The calls don't ring through anymore. My voicemail is full now. They're still calling every day.

Report for 1-7024938033 - 2020-01-25 702
got another text message from this number and decided to give it a try. I sent a check for 1.00 and the check bounced. I'm on my way to the police station to have my check forwarded to a criminal account. I'm also going to the credit bureaus and telling them to put a fraud alert on all my accounts immediately. If anyone knows of a good scam that will bring more funds into our country I would love to hear it!

Report for 1-6196747357 - 2020-01-25 619
I had the second call from this number, but the first one told me that my Windows computer was sending error messages to them and I needed to run to an office or something. The second call said it was about my Apple computer but I could not understand their names, they were not very clearly saying who they were, but they spoke a lot better English and sounded very authoritative. They said that my Apple account had a lot of illegal activity. They gave me one phone number (866-419-6727), which when I called I found out that it was a debt collector. I told them I have no Apple devices, so I don't know how the people are getting the numbers and how they have had my number for years. It seems pretty silly to send me anything threatening regarding a supposed debt when I don't owe the debt - and if I owed it, I would owe the person who owes it the money.

Report for 1-6093854600 - 2020-01-25 609
Called my cell a few minutes ago (5/27/17) and didn't leave a message. Added them to my call-blocking list. :)

Report for 1-3232077414 - 2020-01-25 323
I got a call from this #, also. Did not answer.

Report for 1-5164552110 - 2020-01-25 516
Same as above.

Report for 1-3474414108 - 2020-01-25 347
scamer called. blocking

Report for 1-8435114611 - 2020-01-25 843
Just got the call from 202-657-4085. Same as others have had. They told me I had requested information. I asked to be put on the do not call list and he told me that wasn't possible. I then asked why he called me. He told me that what I said made him mad. I told him again that he told me that because I said

Report for 1-3512391600 - 2020-01-25 351
They said I owed a debt they could not tell me who it was from or who to call back but if I paid $400 they would send me information to make payment..

Report for 1-7135894179 - 2020-01-25 713
Received the call from this number. As usual, no message was left, also, did not answer the call from this number. No idea who this number was from.

Report for 1-4104642993 - 2020-01-25 410
Just received a VM from this number. It was a pre-recorded message saying the very same as the previous messages. I knew at that point it was a scam. Socialsecurity would never call you like that.

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