Report for 1-2608638700 - 2020-05-21 260
Same here. Glad I googled the number.

Report for 1-6179639265 - 2020-05-21 617
Keep receiving calls no message.

Report for 1-3162021735 - 2020-05-20 316
Voicemail left threatening actions against me

Report for 1-5037846007 - 2020-05-20 503
Left garbled VM to call another number.

Report for 1-3038259018 - 2020-05-20 303
I bought from the last 4 years and they keep calling. What a scam. They have called several times and I finally answered this time and demanded to not be harassed any further. If they can't leave me alone after all that time, why should I give them any more money. This number needs to be blocked. Caller is unknown to me also.

Report for 1-5032284533 - 2020-05-20 503
Multiple calls/voicemails. No voice, dead air when you answer. Very annoying

Report for 1-3036458318 - 2020-05-20 303
I don't answer unknown number

Report for 1-4432140085 - 2020-05-20 443
Got a call and left no message. Call came from Kansas (Overlay on CID)

Report for 1-2126726450 - 2020-05-20 212
My phone never rang. Just the VM message: I'm calling you from the Department of Social Security Administration. The reason you have received this phone call from our department is to inform you that there's an order now being filed against your

Report for 1-4044185365 - 2020-05-20 404
They claim they want 500.00 from me I need $300.00 to receive the money

Report for 1-9367884020 - 2020-05-20 936
Says he is from American Credit something or other and has a $100 cash in hand, said that it would only be for about 2 weeks, said that I could get it at the end of June or July or whatever time frame he is talking about. It was a recording for the first call and then a live person. I'm just going to hang on to it and maybe when I'm done it will kick him out. Maybe he'll give up on that garbage. Who knows.

Report for 1-9163294981 - 2020-05-20 916
Just block their number on your phone.

Report for 1-9104463286 - 2020-05-20 910
I just got a call from them too and they hung up when I answered. When I tried to call back it went straight to a busy signal.

Report for 1-3607786542 - 2020-05-20 360
Robo caller threatening to shut down your Microsoft account unless you make a call to them right away.

Report for 1-9292241809 - 2020-05-20 929
Just got a call from this number just now and did not leave any message.

Report for 1-4130039100 - 2020-05-20 413
They called me today...told the people in my family that they were going to get arrested.....they even told my husband he will get a warrant that will come from the county of California! Scared him! They had information but could not tell me what to do about it.....and the person even said that it's because he signed the paper work! How do we stop this crap from happening if nobody answers the phone or calls back?

Report for 1-8172388800 - 2020-05-20 817
They are calling from a phone system that is calling from India . They are not from the us.They have called me and said I owe money and if I don't pay back a warrant for my arrest will be sent out. They are asking for me by my married name from 10+ years ago. When I ask why they are calling they hang up and call again later.

Report for 1-2563487019 - 2020-05-20 256
Caller ID showed number 202-851-3046 and Washington DC. Didn't leave vm..

Report for 1-2143903250 - 2020-05-20 214
I too got this call around 5:00 pm CST from the number: 1-800-819-4915. This call, was from some person who did NOT sound American. Asks to speak to the lady running the credit card. Says a few words then hangs up. When I called the number back a machine came on and said it was Wells Fargo and I was connected to a customer service rep. I hit 9 to be added to the do not call list.

Report for 1-9523455778 - 2020-05-20 952
Another robocall. They keep changing numbers and keep blocking the numbers they call from.

Report for 1-6463862389 - 2020-05-20 646
I called back and it was a recording for the "Green World Pro" scam....I hung up, blocked this number and all of it.

Report for 1-6673560073 - 2020-05-20 667
I received a call yesterday morning asking for my husband. I called the number back and the call was answered by a Mr. Costoni. He then started asking me to confirm the last 4 of our social security number saying that there was a legal matter that I needed to handle and that was the contact number that I could give him. He didn't make it very clear to me the name of the person who he was trying to reach. What a waste of our time. I asked him to clarify who he worked for. He gave me the run around then said that he couldn't help me unless he had all of my information. I asked for the person he asked for and gave him my name and stated this is my husband. That was as far as I got with the call until he informed me that because this number was the primary call back number that I could not just hang up on him.

Report for 1-7078237900 - 2020-05-20 707
I got a call. The message was some kind of message for a friend of mine.

Report for 1-9095673780 - 2020-05-19 909
Called at 7:06 a.m. CST. A woman said she was calling about our car insurance payment. When asked if her company was based in Texas, she said "Yes, it's based in Texas." I told her she was a scammer & should not call again.

Report for 1-4086276222 - 2020-05-19 408
Left the same message

Report for 1-2162981458 - 2020-05-19 216
Yes, it is a political survey, so there is that. I don't know why the call was transferred to my voicemail, however.

Report for 1-9044662094 - 2020-05-19 904
Spam. Did not answer

Report for 1-5022006142 - 2020-05-19 502
I just got a call from the same people, and when I told them that I didn't know who they were looking for but I do owe the money, they hung up on me so maybe they got the message.

Report for 1-7868662526 - 2020-05-19 786
They have been calling me off and on for about a week with the same caller ID "No name". As soon as I pick up, dead air. It's getting rather annoying and I want it stopped. I tried to dial it back and get a busy signal.

Report for 1-9207499900 - 2020-05-19 920
I received a call that my social security number was being suspended. I did not call back..

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