Report for 1-9072527285 - 2020-05-19 907
Called, no message

Report for 1-4018642155 - 2020-05-19 401
I keep getting the same calls from 866-869-1212.

Report for 1-9093161432 - 2020-05-19 909
Called 3 times today

Report for 1-2108804791 - 2020-05-19 210
No message left

Report for 1-9122860106 - 2020-05-19 912
I just had a call in regard to a bill I supposedly owed from a debt over 3 years ago that was paid. The individual didn't ask for my name, nor did he ask who the original debtor was. He claimed that he had gotten my information from a local company. He did not state the name of his company. I do not owe this debt or any debt for that matter. I have called the original creditor, and they have no record of me. I looked for this debt on the Net and am left with more evidence of this being a fraud or scam.

Report for 1-8313255656 - 2020-05-19 831
Just got a call from a person claiming he's a Process Server and was going to serve papers at my home or work. Gave me the 1-323-305-6598 number as an alternate number he was going to use. I knew immediately it was a scam but wanted to see what it was all about. I called the number that he gave me back because I wanted to find out what it was really about. Told him I was calling on behalf of my lawyer. He hung up. Called back and he refused to give me any information regarding the claim. Just kept saying he couldn't speak to anyone else about it. I hung up again and blocked the number.

Report for 1-9126545060 - 2020-05-19 912
No ID, no message...I didn't answer, I never do!

Report for 1-2128000990 - 2020-05-19 212
they keep calling and telling me that i or my attorney need to fax documents back to them by the end of business today. i tried calling that # and always get no answer..

Report for 1-6169940410 - 2020-05-19 616
Unknown call, no message, caller id "Pierce, WA" on Verizon, 9:24 am EST.

Report for 1-3512020350 - 2020-05-19 351
Some stupid guy who couldn't give me any useful information called my sister. She told me I was going to the hospital.I called back and the guy answers and won't give me any meaningful information about

Report for 1-6292301772 - 2020-05-19 629
I called the number back. Automated answering service asks you to hold to be put on the do not call list. Number is a New York number, but is an automated system, so obviously, you are more likely to get someone from New York. You cannot tell them to stop calling if they do not identify themselves, so I waited. An automated voice came on and said goodbye and then hung up. Not a chance.

Report for 1-8152489156 - 2020-05-19 815
SCAM. Recorded call from what sounded like a young lady stating that she was from Microsoft. She stated that there was a subscription charge for $199.00 for services because of my computer. Did not call back due to the previous scam postings.

Report for 1-6292301772 - 2020-05-18 629
Caller is a medical service and you receive a call-back for any reason. I've used this method before and always got my call on time. Caller identified as CVS pharmacy.

Report for 1-7137857400 - 2020-05-17 713
Left a message (female voice) with a

Report for 1-9037813209 - 2020-05-15 903
Got a call on my business cell from this number today (3/21/2015). I answered and they said the company name was "Online Update." It was a live person. I asked the name of the company and she hung up on me.

Report for 1-8312463317 - 2020-05-15 831
i received a missed call from this number... i call them back and no answer...

Report for 1-3036458318 - 2020-05-14 303
"Jennifer" from card services left a message. Did not specify the name of company. Call back number: 855 202 2583. This is a scam. They will either ask you for your credit card number or your social security number. I have been getting these calls for 5 years.

Report for 1-9037813209 - 2020-05-14 903
Unknown caller. No message left.

Report for 1-5705222000 - 2020-05-12 570
Called asking for my step-father by name. I asked that they not call again.

Report for 1-2126726450 - 2020-05-10 212
This is a fake charity

Report for 1-9852344756 - 2020-05-08 985
Called from 1-866-310-2470, to collect a debt. She (Mandy) got angry when I called her out and hung up.

Report for 1-7172190135 - 2020-05-06 717
I answered, and no response

Report for 1-2159399983 - 2020-05-04 215
I received a call from this number with no message.

Report for 1-4432140085 - 2020-05-04 443
Called said about government grant . I didnt apply for one . Scam . It should be illegal to call and harass people.

Report for 1-6192865966 - 2020-05-03 619
This number called me

Report for 1-7132780439 - 2020-05-03 713
Caller claimed to be Microsoft rep and indicated he recognized my number as an actual Windows customer. After several attempts he said he was going to mark my computer as unusable and wanted me to get on my PC as my computer has malware on it and he will fix it so I should get on my PC. Then he would remove the malware. He said he was calling from the United States but he had a foreign accent. I told him Microsoft doesn't call customers, so he hung up!

Report for 1-9802310403 - 2020-05-03 980
I was also given the same text. I'm in California, so I was worried. I checked my account today - nothing wrong. So, I just deleted and I'll report it to my carrier next time someone else gets scam text.

Report for 1-2143903250 - 2020-05-03 214
Insurance message left....blah blah blah. Didn't call.

Report for 1-9414847199 - 2020-05-01 941
Got it a couple rings from this number . I have my auto-reject feature on my phone so all calls are rejected.

Report for 1-2813816371 - 2020-05-01 281
Got the call from these jokers. No message.

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