Report for 1-3149107872 - 2020-09-18 314
I received the same phone call but I did call the local sheriff to get a hold of them and they are looking for me.

Report for 1-7153923526 - 2020-09-18 715
They call everyday I am on a do not call list and I still get these phone calls.

Report for 1-8189164253 - 2020-09-18 818
Robocall. Called about energy-saving things like a free home security system. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM.

Report for 1-9169105589 - 2020-09-18 916
I got it as well, it just hung up.

Report for 1-9143390386 - 2020-09-18 914
Yep they just called me and left me a message saying same thing. They told me I was going to be arrested. I need to start calling them back everytime they call me. I have already reported this to the IRS and a report is under consideration.

Report for 1-2063363525 - 2020-09-18 206
They called me a few minutes ago, I just blocked them.

Report for 1-9108648836 - 2020-09-18 910
Didn't answer, blocked it.

Report for 1-4420745232 - 2020-09-18 442
Received a call from this number at 12 noon. I did not pick up.

Report for 1-6312289013 - 2020-09-18 631
Calls at odd times. Leaves no message.

Report for 1-7033616164 - 2020-09-18 703
Called, left no message.

Report for 1-2063171744 - 2020-09-18 206
Called, rang, and then they hung up.

Report for 1-6263549207 - 2020-09-18 626
Just called at 8:50pm asking to speak with Larry. I am retired and do not have a bill in my name. This is definitely a scam. I'm going to call and see if they are legit or not. I will not give info to anyone claiming to be law enforcement

Report for 1-3523891935 - 2020-09-18 352
No message

Report for 1-2156900639 - 2020-09-18 215
Caller ID shows "Unbound Call". Callers left no message.

Report for 1-9169976364 - 2020-09-17 916
Unwanted call

Report for 1-5619325068 - 2020-09-16 561
Another scammer telemarketer from Chicago using a local call to get you to pick up the phone. I asked them to take me off their list, they said no. Now I block the number.

Report for 1-3035697159 - 2020-09-15 303
Called this number back and it would not go through.

Report for 1-2026187293 - 2020-09-15 202
got same call...heavy accent, he called from microsoft...and I told him I was on donot call list and told him his call was being logged...he said well if you don't mind me asking what is your computer license number...I said donot have. he said he would call back...I blocked his annoying

Report for 1-8574539913 - 2020-09-15 857
They said they were giving away $100 gift cards and when I said I didn't understand he didn't like that and said to call back later. I hung up. I wish these calls would stop. They need to be stopped and these people are wasting our time. I get the same calls from several numbers and none of them leave a message.

Report for 1-4127481520 - 2020-09-15 412
I received a phone call from this number and they left a message saying my mother need to get in touch with them. They called her husband's cell phone as well and left a message about her needing to call this number 206-496-9233.

Report for 1-3080705585 - 2020-09-15 308
I received a call yesterday and today asking for me by name (which is extremely rare). I asked who was calling and they wouldn't tell me until I verified they had the correct person. Then, he hung up. It sounded automated and said to call back 800-214-6262...No way! That's the one thing I don't care to verify.

Report for 1-2024375401 - 2020-09-15 202
they called left no message. Blocked

Report for 1-4153290128 - 2020-09-15 415
Called today, 9/30/13, and did not leave message. Trying to find who is is

Report for 1-9788704393 - 2020-09-15 978
Called my cell - no message

Report for 1-7163912240 - 2020-09-15 716
Just called. Caller-ID said Chicago I called the number back and they answered "hello" which was a scam number

Report for 1-9032620010 - 2020-09-15 903
The call

Report for 1-9783951038 - 2020-09-15 978
No message

Report for 1-4102052968 - 2020-09-15 410
They called and left a voice mail that I needed to call back regarding my social security number. I called back from a work phone and they told me to wait and was able to transfer me to the appropriate department but he then got angry with me when I asked why they were calling me so many times because there was nothing they could do about it and got angry with me.. I hung up..

Report for 1-6196129821 - 2020-09-15 619
Got a call from this number on my caller ID. Said Florida on the caller ID. I don't answer calls I don't recognize and they hung up.

Report for 1-9149166195 - 2020-09-15 914
This person calls at various times on every day to my landline.

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