Report for 1-8472602183 - 2019-12-31 847
No message left.

Report for 1-8123526959 - 2019-12-31 812
Left msg with no information as to what it was about. I blocked the call. They keep calling with the same message.

Report for 1-8438395186 - 2019-12-31 843
The first part of the recording was cut when I picked up.

Report for 1-5417761263 - 2019-12-31 541
I have been getting multiple calls on my cell from this number and a guy using the name Kevin Richards. They never leave a message. I called back this guy answered the phone by saying "investigator _____ what is your business" the guy then proceeded to yell at me and say that the sheriff will come to my job and pick me up if my attorney is not there.

Report for 1-8312961893 - 2019-12-31 831
We also recieved a call from this number.

Report for 1-4246060030 - 2019-12-31 424
Keep getting voice messages saying something about a person that does not live here They say I need to contact them as soon as possible and if I am not the person they are looking for they will come to my home or place of work or I could stop them from coming to my home or work place

Report for 1-3193731163 - 2019-12-31 319
They called me. I called back. Asking for personal information.

Report for 1-2145567099 - 2019-12-31 214
called, no message. blocked them

Report for 1-3603805796 - 2019-12-31 360
No answer. No message.

Report for 1-7725221578 - 2019-12-30 772
I called the police and filed a report on the #. They said that this is a collection agency and that they can do nothing about it. They just want people to pay or give them money. I think that they are also looking at my bank account to see if I have had to close it and make another one up

Report for 1-6312287544 - 2019-12-30 631
Called. Left no message.

Report for 1-8033455401 - 2019-12-30 803
The call is from a fraudster that uses multiple numbers in different area codes.

Report for 1-9037233451 - 2019-12-30 903
No!This is a hoax. The are not even calling from this number, and they are not the ones who are calling you.They have called me, too, saying they are from the U.S Treasury. I contacted the U.S Treasury, who said this is a scam, and that they are not calling from this number. I do not think it would be safe to give them any information, including your Social Security number

Report for 1-2035562226 - 2019-12-29 203
I think this caller is part of the scam to get your personal identifying information for identity theft. The best way to stop this is to report them to the federal government!

Report for 1-7401003216 - 2019-12-29 740
Called said they were the IRS and to call this number. I called and they answered Internal Revenue Service and hung up when I asked for their name. They have called multiple times, I blocked the number

Report for 1-2036991700 - 2019-12-29 203
this number has called me numerous times in the past, they never leave a message, and i cant get through to them.

Report for 1-3522510898 - 2019-12-29 352
called my cell phone, no message left

Report for 1-2193446374 - 2019-12-29 219
I do not want these call -I do not know you, I do not have debt.Stop calling me

Report for 1-6262889899 - 2019-12-29 626
Same here just now!!

Report for 1-3513070431 - 2019-12-29 351
Same experience. I am blocking this number.

Report for 1-3181067207 - 2019-12-29 318
Received a VM from this number saying my loan was approved. The call came from a number with no identification associated with it so I could not determine who was calling.

Report for 1-6026273516 - 2019-12-29 602
This number called me on July 30 and on August 1, I got the same call as everyone else that they wanted to reduce my interest rates on credit cards. The way the voice said it was a recorded voice and that was all he said. I blocked the number.

Report for 1-3397004673 - 2019-12-29 339
I just received a call from this number on our business line. I didn't answer because it said the caller id was from the US, and I've gotten calls from that number before, usually its someone making calls about some health plan. I figure if it's a real call from anyone, they would leave a message; so I blocked it. I don't answer numbers like this, and if they don't or I don't know the number then I let it to go to voice mail. If they don't leave a message, they are no legitimate callers!!

Report for 1-8312958330 - 2019-12-29 831
I am looking for a way to know if this is a good company to work for. How is this company getting the name and phone number? I am looking for that website. I think that is the number to be on for any new orders. If it can happen to me again and another person I have talked to and we both have orders I haven't made why would this company be in business. I was

Report for 1-3054946553 - 2019-12-29 305
This is what happens to these a$$ hole scammers if you let them know that you are aware that you are recording them. 1. Call them back and swear at them and tell them that you are an IRS agent and that they are tracking down the next president of the united states. Or anything you feel like! The funniest way to deal with a scammer is to make it fun...pretend that you are interested but then get upset when they ask you a lot of questions that only a scammer would know. Also, pretend to have an unlimited debit or credit card and use it to bribe them when they ask for your tax id #. Be prepared to waste their time by spelling out every question they have until they hang up on you. 2. Go to their website and make them think you are really making a large amount of money. Tell them that you need some time to get your finances in order, but that you will report them to the proper authorities once you have the money. 3. Make up all kinds of stupid questions that they cannot possibly possibly know the answers to. Anything that they ask you to repeat is scripted. 4. Tell them that you are an FBI agent, Secret Service agent, State Police Agent, or other law enforcement officer with all the authority to record all calls that you make and at any time for any reason. If they continue to curse you out, just tell them that you are a law enforcement officer with all the authority to record all calls that you make and at any time for any reason and you are tracing the call as it rolls in from wherever it came from. That will serve as your official warning to never call you again or any other person or number you wish to hear from. Make a point to always call them back over and over again. Tell them that you are tracing the call as it rolls in from wherever it came from and that you will keep coming up with new reasons to curse them out each time they call. If you continue to call them back over and over again, just increase the amount of fun you have by telling them that you are holding down two or more jobs and calling them as you walk out the door.

Report for 1-8039559755 - 2019-12-29 803
Call came in at 1:24 pm. Did not answer since had no idea of who they were. Checked other sites and they claimed to be from IRS, which is how I had gotten to my earlier post. Did not answer. No message left.

Report for 1-7135415200 - 2019-12-29 713
Same message as other about my Social Security and a lawsuit being filed against me.

Report for 1-5132384639 - 2019-12-29 513
Left no message. Assume spam.

Report for 1-5623956438 - 2019-12-29 562
Keep getting calls from this number every morning at 9am. We don't recognize it. I block the number and then they come up with a new one.

Report for 1-3183421414 - 2019-12-29 318
Just got the same BS voicemail message. It's been a while and I've been getting these calls on my land-line and my cell phone. I'm not going to waste my time calling them back since I don't know who or how they got my cell number in the first place and since they don't know me that well either. I've turned them into the FTC just in case.

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