Report for 1-2128000990 - 2020-04-29 212
They have also been calling for a week, sometimes every day or so. I have blocked the number. I am going to read up on phone spoofing and the way in which "third party" companies can get around the restrictions/laws that need to be in place. Very sad that I am the same age where these "junk" calls come in and the person hasn't any idea that it is an epidemic. This is just outrageous!

Report for 1-2288328920 - 2020-04-29 228
Yes, this was the call I received. When I said I was unable to understand what he indicated, he said that it was an effort to locate me and if a message or contact had been left, they would make attempt to locate me. (I was the one who answered the call) The caller sounded like he was reading from a script. All I heard, before he had finished the "how are you", was the phone number and said he would call back. The caller didn't even leave a name, just a reference number and phone number. I've reported it to the FTC.

Report for 1-4803363891 - 2020-04-29 480
This caller does not leave a message and only hangs up when I answer.

Report for 1-8632997681 - 2020-04-29 863
Numerous calls to my cell phone for someone who doesn't live here, and who I have no idea exists. I am on a do not call list, but since it's a federal telemarketing violation, the local police department, sheriff's office, etc., do not seem to care! Just hang up! It's that annoying, time consuming thing!

Report for 1-4242432091 - 2020-04-29 424
It's a spoofed phone call from the "Department of Social Security Administration" telling me they're suspending my SSN. What's the point if they cannot send you a letter?

Report for 1-5617073649 - 2020-04-29 561
same here, no message

Report for 1-7145918193 - 2020-04-29 714
they keep calling i never answered they dont want my say anything i blocked their number but they still keep calling.

Report for 1-8314388399 - 2020-04-29 831
Call is from a Marketing company. Wants me to be a customer to a magazine. I don't listen to them and I hang up.

Report for 1-3152859973 - 2020-04-29 315
They are scamers trying to

Report for 1-9736199610 - 2020-04-29 973
Answered and no one on the line.

Report for 1-2069658135 - 2020-04-29 206
It's a scam. First of all I didn't think there was a limit to how many you can block, but I think you need to learn what your up against. I'd just block them. Don't give them any info. I haven't done that yet because I didn't want to take away from what I was doing.

Report for 1-3238385739 - 2020-04-29 323
I received the following message on my phone:"This is not a warranty sales call..this is an important notice about the warranty on your car." I called back and spoke with a "Ryan." He asked if I wanted the warranty immediately and I said yes. He asked for the number that was being referred and I told him to just send that info. He wanted the address, which I said I do not give them out. He asked for the year/model and I said I do not want to give that info. He stated, "Well there is nothing I can do for you right now." I said I guess I will have to hang up then. Then I googled and found this site. Thank you all for the cleared my system. I think this a scam but...anyone know?

Report for 1-3142601469 - 2020-04-29 314
Just received a call from this number on my landline. The caller never left a message. After reading these other reports I am glad I did not answer it - I am reporting to FTC

Report for 1-2156271200 - 2020-04-29 215
I just received the first call from these [***] (from a 'foreign' sounding man with bad English), from a man claiming to be from Microsoft and asking to confirm my name and my home phone number. I told him that I wasn't comfortable talking to him and to please just mail me information... but he had to repeat it... so I told him that I was not comfortable talking to him, that I didn't trust him to do so, and I hung up on him. About 5 minutes later I received the 2nd call from this number... this one claiming to be from the 'irs' saying that they will issue a warrant for my arrest and to get an attorney and to call them back for further information. When I tell them that I know this is a scam and to not call this number again and ask that they not show up at any of my family's homes, dates... etc., they hang up. I've now added a number (not sure if it goes anywhere) to call block and reported the call to the FTC... hopefully someone will finally start looking into these [***].

Report for 1-5807680191 - 2020-04-29 580
Called and did not leave msg. I called back and got message "Hello, Hello and there just a recording, then a hang up.

Report for 1-9192314726 - 2020-04-29 919
this number called and i did'nt pick up so they left a voice mail.

Report for 1-9096887788 - 2020-04-29 909
This number called my husband's cell (which is NOT a business number), which is a private line. A recorded "Mrs. White" said to call back to this same number. I didn't call it back....they wanted to get my husbands social security number. I will be reporting them to law enforcement. If they ask for SSN, hang up!!!

Report for 1-5804771876 - 2020-04-29 580
Got 6 messages on the voicemail yesterday. It comes up with this number. The first thing I am going to do is not answer this number. I am on the do not call registry but these kind of crap calls still come through from this number. I've called the number to be removed and the lady said she will and that the calls will stop. As far as I know it's a scam and it's definitely annoying to think I have to listen to a bunch of my credit or debit card info for nothing!

Report for 1-3102764663 - 2020-04-29 310
Called telling me I was being charged with fraudulent actives for over 1000.00 dollars

Report for 1-7810544330 - 2020-04-29 781
I received an unsolicited text message. The message reads: "Sorry to BotherYou,You Must Contact Us:1-(347)875-6190".Not having my cell phone to call the number, I deleted.The number they sent this is the same for all of us!

Report for 1-8012255609 - 2020-04-29 801
i get this call alot. my phone lets

Report for 1-2125636756 - 2020-04-29 212
IRS scam. If you don't think the IRS would use a recording telling you there is an arrest warrant against you, let's say it, and then come back and say there are no warrants and there's no money in your account. The fact that they would be asking you to call another number and give them the number of the local police forces agency and then the IRS office does not make logical sense. I hope your phone number could

Report for 1-2673084140 - 2020-04-29 267
Call from this number. I did not answer, and the man left no message.

Report for 1-8134134006 - 2020-04-29 813
I just got a call from this number. They told me I received $9000.00 grant from Washington for being a good citizen etc. When I refused to give out the deposit they hung up. Lol. They said they cant send me check just western union. Lme I asked why do they think I have to give them the money. They were offended when I called back several times. I was really trying to get them to hang up. SCAMMMMMMM

Report for 1-3346002304 - 2020-04-29 334
Please dont worry people. Its a scam!

Report for 1-2607336864 - 2020-04-29 260
I got a call from a "John Taylor" from the Criminal Investigations Unit saying I had outstanding warrants and he could help me in paying the amounts I owed in the past 5 years

Report for 1-4087724124 - 2020-04-29 408
Same voicemail they all have about my vehicle expiration date and my last payment wont show up on my credit card but I did give them my last payment today. I did not call them back after looking at this information now I know I was a dumb [***] and not to do business with "The Warranty Company"

Report for 1-2312653965 - 2020-04-29 231
Call from this number, did not leave message. Came up as a missed call.

Report for 1-9084771540 - 2020-04-29 908
This woman Cynthia Green left a message that I have an outstanding loan that I know nothing about

Report for 1-3035864269 - 2020-04-29 303
Same as above and they can't take no for an answer.

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