Report for 1-6176814894 - 2020-09-10 617
I have gotten three calls in the last 2 days from the above listed number - left no messages - it's obvious that it doesn't really concern me..

Report for 1-2124300425 - 2020-09-10 212
Another scammer who got through one of those nifty robocalling programs. The phone rang. I answered. Dead silence. No recording for about 3 seconds. Then a man said hello. I asked them why they called when they didn't know who they were looking for. Just saying "why you call and what are you calling for". Then I hung up. I have a Panasonic cordless so I use this number. It works well for robocalls.

Report for 1-2813915261 - 2020-09-10 281
They don't provide a website. It was a letter. I'm thinking scam. Please block these numbers.

Report for 1-7065137569 - 2020-09-10 706
Got a call from this number but no voicemail.

Report for 1-2068233341 - 2020-09-10 206
I do not know the person they are asking me to give my personal info to.

Report for 1-4012535878 - 2020-09-10 401
Received voice mail telling me there is illegal activity with my social security number. Scam!!!

Report for 1-3392013529 - 2020-09-10 339
Robocall - insurance scams

Report for 1-2145243029 - 2020-09-08 214
I called it back on my cell phone and a recording said it was the Veterans Assistance Foundation (a different "legitimate" charity from the one in the phone caller id). Don't these criminals realize that criminals don't go to the real charity in the phone book or their scammer website and give the money to the real charity?

Report for 1-6314010360 - 2020-09-08 631
Caller ID: CHESAPEAKE, PA / 412-430-9018This number calls my home phone multiple times at day and night and never leaves a message. Caller blocked.

Report for 1-8123202437 - 2020-09-08 812
No one left message; just hung up.

Report for 1-9046394919 - 2020-09-08 904
I keep getting phone calls from these's nothing but a scam!

Report for 1-7819249037 - 2020-09-08 781
Recorded female voice: "This is an urgent message for ....... (I'm sorry but I can assure you, that I do not have a person named ....... in my household, so I knew it was a scam....)

Report for 1-9854199961 - 2020-09-08 985
They called about my Google listing being "fixed" to a certain point. I don't have a Google listing, that's why I'm asking. I just told them to take me off of their call list. She said she could not.

Report for 1-7703873081 - 2020-09-08 770
Unwanted call to my cellphone. I do not answer unknown callers. Caller ID said Med Claims Dept. From reading above reports, it's probably another Medicare BS scam. I blocked it.

Report for 1-7047085542 - 2020-09-08 704
Caller ID showed Name Unav and phone number 903-224-0371. I let it go to voicemail and of course they did not leave a message. Have now blocked all other calls from 903-224-0372.

Report for 1-4074311847 - 2020-09-08 407
Fake Call - claims to be the IRS and threatening legal action if I don't pay.

Report for 1-8042123831 - 2020-09-07 804
Tried phoning this # back only to find out it's out of service.

Report for 1-7635591975 - 2020-09-07 763
Same thing happened to me this morning but this call came from a local number in my state (202) 607-1040

Report for 1-5102698100 - 2020-09-07 510
This number called today and after about 6 calls from them left a voicemail that was a robotic voice. It was stating that I should call a number and speak to an IRS Investigator at the number given before it went to my local police department.

Report for 1-5108278388 - 2020-09-07 510
Same exact thing happened to me last night. IRS

Report for 1-7756744432 - 2020-09-07 775
Got a call, no message

Report for 1-3522465491 - 2020-09-07 352
Got a voice mail with a computerized voice saying that I was going to be taken into custody by local police due to 4 serious allegations against me. Then I get a call from an "officer" who sounds like a robot. Then I ask what number to call them back on and the phone hangs up!!! Total scam.

Report for 1-7133640017 - 2020-09-07 713
They ask for a person by name, told them they must have the wrong number, they keep calling. Finally one of the callers told me to [***]." Hahaha. Now I'm getting annoyed.

Report for 1-2199228200 - 2020-09-07 219
This number calls my phone 2-3 times per day, sometimes multiple times within a minute with no message

Report for 1-8314559300 - 2020-09-05 831
Another hang up call

Report for 1-9031067793 - 2020-09-05 903
Called asking if we were interested in selling.

Report for 1-5712821705 - 2020-09-04 571
So you made a payment and gave your money away to [your] self when they took control of the account. Then they start saying that there has been a fraud, misrepresentation, deception, etc. And for what???? Not because you haven't done nothing but because you gave this company access to your bank account and information.

Report for 1-5122569315 - 2020-09-04 512
1-800-269-0271: this is the "IRS" number to call if you have a problem and your phone number has been "blacklisted" by the IRS, so they can get your account info (not your name!) I was going to call this number today to see who would answer, but the internet says it's the "Social Security Administration"...I wonder if a "real person" can answer when you call it? It just "wasn't meant for dialing" the "Real Number" says I'm trying to call YOU to call YOU...I'm not stupid! I already know who it is!

Report for 1-9169976364 - 2020-09-04 916
Same as all the rest...Social Security, legal enforcement, legal proceedings, call back within 1 hour.

Report for 1-5042823354 - 2020-09-04 504
I got a call today, no message, don't know them, don't care. I am currently looking at a house in a location that costs me less than $500/month, so this might be a rental or something they would like to take up the remaining space in my budget. I guess they might try to look up our telephone number through the internet if they have any of our info... Wish they would stop calling my phone...

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