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Area 260 is a phone number code located in Indiana. Area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

Most of the phone numbers in the North American numbering plan belong to the US and Canada and a small part assigned to some locations in the Caribbean

Cities served by phone code 260 include: Fort Wayne

Area 260 posts

Report for 1-2608585039 - 2020-03-25
They rang 3 times, one a bad ring and then right down to nothing.

Report for 1-2608656255 - 2020-03-13
Received a call from this number 2x today, didn't answer and no VM

Report for 1-2608585039 - 2020-02-10
What's a scam for? What a stupid question. We're all here to know what it means because we've all read the posts about this sort of thing, and we've been there.

Report for 1-2608602549 - 2020-01-29
Same. They called and said they were from the county offices and if I didn't return there call there would be further legal action and I needed to be there when they came by

Report for 1-2601151002 - 2020-01-11
This is a scam. Don't answer.

Report for 1-2608585039 - 2019-12-22
No message left.

Report for 1-2601005020 - 2019-12-18
I get these calls several a day. I don't answer and they never leave a message. I'm on the do not call list yet it seems that it doesn't work.

Report for 1-2601005020 - 2019-12-10
They are saying they have legal documents to deliver that need signature then they leave a message at a different time.

Report for 1-2601151002 - 2019-12-04
I asked what they sell and the lady said auto warranty

Report for 1-2608000199 - 2019-11-22
Just got call left a voicemail stating my name. The call back number was 844-262-9222. I have been getting these calles for a couple of years and I can never get someone to answer the phone from what calls I receive.

Report for 1-2608000199 - 2019-10-01
When I answered it was an automated message and I hung up

Report for 1-2609256917 - 2019-09-16
i get this number calling me about 3 and four times per day. I'm in California and I

Report for 1-2608000199 - 2019-08-26
I received the same call this morning, at 10:48 a.m. I did not answer. They left me a message, saying this message is for xxxxxxxx, I did not return the call. I also received messages on my answering machine for 2 minutes.

Report for 1-2608602549 - 2019-08-15
I receive calls from this number all the time..just last couple of days...I even called the number back and got no where..i just keep blocking it..

Report for 1-2601005020 - 2019-08-02
no idea who this is

Report for 1-2608602549 - 2019-07-30
I received a call from this number. The number did not leave a message and the voice mail was a recording where they kept

Report for 1-2608602549 - 2019-05-16
I keep getting phone calls from this number. They say that I am being sued by a payday loan company for a loan that I had with my bank in 2009, which I never took out. I told them that I would get a lawyer. They then continued to harrass me. They stated that they are going to have me fired from my job

Report for 1-2601005020 - 2019-05-06
They called me too and I just answered the phone. They were looking to buy my house and when I told them I no longer live there, I have no use for their house, I am renting now. They wanted to go over the terms. I told them I had some great ideas for the house and they said, but no, they could not talk to me in that vein. Then I said, go ahead and try, I will be glad. They hung up. I called back. This time, I talked to the person I talked to, so I know it is not a real estate company. If they call back, I will give them a piece to my work for being so unserious at least twice.

Report for 1-2601151002 - 2019-04-29
This is NOT from Social Security Administration. It is a scam.

Report for 1-2608602549 - 2019-04-22
This number called me and said I had a warrant that I had to settle with an amount of money or a warrant would be put against me but he wanted to send the paperwork via email. He said my bank information was the main money on my credit but I don't feel comfortable with giving them any of my bank information over the phone.

Report for 1-2608640692 - 2019-03-21
I have been getting calls from this number for about 3-4 weeks. I am guessing it is a computer calling that randomly keeps calling. I have tried asking them to remove my number but that seems to not matter.I am getting really mad at these people but it's hard to say how to stop them when I'm tired of waiting...

Report for 1-2608656255 - 2019-02-18
Scam call - credit one, credit card, or other - left a message saying call to verify personal information

Report for 1-2608602549 - 2019-02-01
I'm tired of getting these stupid calls, the lady even called my job, but i told her i'm calling police because this is illegal

Report for 1-2608602549 - 2019-01-26
They just called me. Didn't answer. I called back and the voicemail said this number is not accepting voicemails at this time.

Report for 1-2608602549 - 2019-01-16
Called me at 10:22pm last night. I didn't answer just blocked it. No voicemail left.

Report for 1-2601005020 - 2018-12-19
Caller ID says Customer Service. I will not answer as this usually is a fraud. The caller hung up on the answering machine.

Report for 1-2608000199 - 2018-11-15
I have been receiving the same call for several months from this number. It's a recording...I have had enough. When a real person answers, they request you verify who you are and ask for your birthdate. I hang up. It is really annoying and really sickening. Can someone stop this?

Report for 1-2609256917 - 2018-11-15
same, no answer on other end when i pick up

Report for 1-2608656255 - 2018-11-09
Call came in at 11:43 a.m., no message left. My phone read: Scam Likely.

Report for 1-2608656255 - 2018-10-11
Scammer called my cell phone and stated we are using your windows computer...