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Area 270 is a phone number code located in Kentucky. Area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

Most of the phone numbers in the North American numbering plan belong to the US and Canada and a small part assigned to some locations in the Caribbean

Cities served by phone code 270 include: Bowling Green, Elizabethtown, Henderson, Hopkinsville, Owensboro, Paducah, Radcliff

Area 270 posts

Report for 1-2706078304 - 2020-04-17
I got call from the lady as well stating they have had a pending case with my name and social security being used for fraud

Report for 1-2704445616 - 2020-03-28
Called me on 10/31/2018. Left no message. Blocking it.

Report for 1-2703504547 - 2020-03-03
No message.

Report for 1-2703620121 - 2020-01-30
I received a call from this number. The number showed up as an unknown on caller ID only. I called back and it was the same recorded message stating "for services call 866-228-8365. CALL BLOCKED.

Report for 1-2708420223 - 2019-12-09
Called back and automated lady said I must be a repeat call. Blocked now.

Report for 1-2703504547 - 2019-10-07
Same. Call no message. Will block #

Report for 1-2703504547 - 2019-10-03
The caller stated that I have a lawsuit for fraudulent use of my social security number.

Report for 1-2708420223 - 2019-09-01
Text Message from this number stating "I found your resume on line. Just wondering if you're still looking for work"

Report for 1-2703504547 - 2019-08-04
This is the call back number for the "green study" scam.

Report for 1-2704445616 - 2019-06-29
I have been getting calls at my job from 877-844-7805, and on my cell phone as well.

Report for 1-2708420223 - 2019-06-12
No message left. No Caller ID as usual. Now blocked.

Report for 1-2708420223 - 2019-06-05
Hung up as soon as the answering machine picked up.

Report for 1-2704092015 - 2019-05-05
My brother has been receiving calls from this place looking for an aunt that he does not live with saying that a complaint was filed on this aunt in his county. They also say this is his legal right to call my brother and he owes a debt for credit rating and collection agency. The call was made by an Anthony Morgan. This place is a scam, they say you will be served and then they would not provide you with the paperwork or the original debt or any contact or correspondence. I will get in touch with the attorney general if no other way can be taken.

Report for 1-2704445616 - 2019-04-15
Health insurance robocall.

Report for 1-2704092015 - 2019-04-09
I have received the same call from 2 different guys, Travis Brown and John Jackson. Saying the same thing. They both had accents, both with the phone number. Said there is a warrant out for my arrest and that I had to give them my statement, the cops are coming for me soon. They even had the nerve to tell me they had recorded the call. I could hear a bunch of telemarketers in the background, but they don't know who they are talking to. They are just scamming people out of their hard earned money. I didn't even think about scamming anyone and just googled the number, glad I did

Report for 1-2708420223 - 2019-03-13
i get the calls also , they won't give any more information and i even told them i had no account with them .and they say they are with a law group .

Report for 1-2708420223 - 2019-02-07
Called this evening. Left no message.

Report for 1-2706078304 - 2019-02-02
Got a call today @ 2:53PM, I did take out a payday loan but after talking to them they said it was paid in full in the last 5 month or two and if I didn't pay it all they could do is sue me for the full amount I would get served with court papers. The company was First Financial Credit. So I guess its possible that I have some type of debt from a company but this was the first call that made it sound like a real debt. I didn't know how it could be true cause I could not remember the name of the company that I took out the loan with...

Report for 1-2704092015 - 2018-12-09
Same thing - they asked for my social security number, I asked for a call back number, they hung up

Report for 1-2703504547 - 2018-09-23
I just received the same call

Report for 1-2706078304 - 2018-08-08

Report for 1-2703620121 - 2018-08-07
called left no message

Report for 1-2704445616 - 2018-07-04
Called about 9,200 in grant money. Gave me a number to call as 000-000-0000. Did not call.

Report for 1-2703504547 - 2018-06-15
They called, I didn't answer, they didn't leave any message. Blocked.

Report for 1-2708420223 - 2018-02-19
A number of these calls on multiple days. No one on the other end.

Report for 1-2704092015 - 2018-02-10
These PSC scammers keep calling my office repeatedly. This has been happening every day in the AM - 3 in a row. I have already reported them to the FTC, and have filed a report with the Attorney General. I know they cannot do [***] about this, as we are a business! Please everyone do the same! Thanks!

Report for 1-2708420223 - 2018-01-09
called and hung up

Report for 1-2704445616 - 2017-11-15
I've been called numerous times (even by a family member.) This is ridiculous. They have called my cell phone at least 10 times this morning. I wish there was something that could be done to make this stop. My relatives aren't the stupid to give out my phone number or any of my social security number

Report for 1-2706078304 - 2017-11-06
Called on land line at 8:00 AM, CID read Out of Area. I wasn't in the chair either, the call went to voice mail and no message left.

Report for 1-2704445616 - 2017-10-21
Called me, I said hello but no one answered. I called back but no answer either so I hung up.