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Area 361 is a phone number code located in Texas. Area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

Most of the phone numbers in the North American numbering plan belong to the US and Canada and a small part assigned to some locations in the Caribbean

Cities served by phone code 361 include: Corpus Christi, Kingsville, Victoria

Area 361 posts

Report for 1-3615244345 - 2020-03-24
This is the 4th or 5th number that has called me about student loans and this week. I have repeatedly told them that I don't have loans and to stop calling...even got rude and told them that I was going to report them.

Report for 1-3612098447 - 2020-02-27
Got call on my cell. Did not leave message.

Report for 1-3613545511 - 2020-02-26
Called my cell. I don't answer unknown numbers and no VM was left

Report for 1-3613545511 - 2019-09-02
Called me and asked for my grandmother (who I haven't spoken to in 10 years). Scammer.

Report for 1-3615244345 - 2019-08-08
Did not answer, left no message

Report for 1-3613862922 - 2019-07-17
they called my cell phone. I answered it but there was no one on the other side of the line.

Report for 1-3613862922 - 2019-07-05
Called cell twice today, no message. Blocked.

Report for 1-3613862922 - 2019-05-31
Got the same text and thought that it was another scam.

Report for 1-3613545511 - 2019-04-06
Called my number twice in the last 10 minutes. No message left and I have no idea who it is.

Report for 1-3613862922 - 2019-04-05
Received a call at 12;30 pm, no message. Will block.

Report for 1-3613862922 - 2019-03-24
This scammer called my house at 1215PM today. My landline is unlisted. I'm ready to take action. I'm already on the national do NOT call list. Enough!

Report for 1-3613862922 - 2019-03-15
Received a call @ 11:52 am Central, (saying Hello, Hello, Hi, I'm a doctor from my county, and on my caller ID) then hung up. We get this call everyday. How do we stop them??

Report for 1-3613862922 - 2019-03-10
I just got the same call at midnight!!!

Report for 1-3615244345 - 2019-02-22
Called yesterday and today. Rings and hangs up. No messages. Caller ID says "California"

Report for 1-3613862922 - 2019-01-18
They keep calling my cell phone from this number - what fun! No message.

Report for 1-3613862922 - 2019-01-14
"Rachel from the Student Loan Reduction department stating that their student loan reduction program can help you greatly. Press one, and you can have your student loan reduction program for $69.95....

Report for 1-3612098447 - 2019-01-09
This number called and left a message said call 877-890-3845. I am in Arizona

Report for 1-3612098447 - 2018-12-07
Just rec'd call. Didn't leave message

Report for 1-3615244345 - 2018-10-05
No message left (8:30pm). I'm on DNC list, why would a legit service call at all?

Report for 1-3613545511 - 2018-07-31
Called at 9:22 this AM--left no message. I get a lot of these calls on my cell--never the same number. I block all calls other than family & friends.

Report for 1-3613545511 - 2018-07-12
Called and said arrest warrant would be issue if I didn't call back

Report for 1-3613173265 - 2018-06-26
I work in the financial services industry and the way your reading my posts is quite strange and in-fact not entirely legal. You should know that just by the actions of the bank who provides your credit cards to CVS and other retail stores, that CVS is not liable for the charges. If the charge is with a fake store's store, it would be hard to believe that CVS would not be covered. For your example, I know of no CVS where I do business and have never had a credit card with that company. If I ever had a credit card with a known retailer, those charges would be immediately disputed and the card would be canceled. However, it is not entirely understood that when you call the phone company(s) that the phone # is

Report for 1-3613862922 - 2018-06-06
Didn't answer. No msg.

Report for 1-3612098447 - 2018-06-01
Robocall claiming to be a public service announcement about your internet service being upgraded for a limited time. You must respond to this promotion to have service restored. Says to call back 800.240.0390

Report for 1-3613173265 - 2018-05-28
I have been asked to confirm my number by all these random numbers. I have repeatedly asked who they are, but they always say they can't tell me. I told them I just want them to be honest and tell me what business they are in. They claim they are some company called Direct Buy. They said on the voice mail to be honest with them they were not interested and hung up. This number was also registered as Direct Buy. It also said it was a private number.This is a number where you should report these calls. You should report this as well and I have on several occasions on this number.

Report for 1-3615244345 - 2018-02-11
Just got the same call and message. Glad I googled the number first! What a waste of time it is!

Report for 1-3612098447 - 2017-12-06
Called saying I had a law suit against me. Also called with different number.