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Area 509 is a phone number code located in Washington. Area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

Most of the phone numbers in the North American numbering plan belong to the US and Canada and a small part assigned to some locations in the Caribbean

Cities served by phone code 509 include: Kennewick, Opportunity, Pasco, Pullman, West Richland, Spokane, Walla Walla, Wenatchee, Yakima

Area 509 posts

Report for 1-5090103461 - 2020-02-14
Just got a call from this number about the same time. I have read several threads and I see it the same story as the others. Don't know who they are or what they want, but the name is on the call ID and they have been calling me all day, up until 9:00 at night. They don't really know any other way to contact you other than from phone calls that are placed that are disconnected. My suggestion to other people who get this number, is to never answer this number unless you know who it is.

Report for 1-5090103461 - 2020-02-11
Same as above but I knew it was bogus. I'm not calling them back. If they are legit then why the hell do not they know my name and number.

Report for 1-5092283504 - 2020-02-05
this is the message I received as well

Report for 1-5090103461 - 2020-01-17
The usual robo scam call....

Report for 1-5095420382 - 2019-12-17
Claims to be the "Internal Revenue Service" saying that there is legal action pending and to take immediate action to avoid arrest. The person calling is impersonating a IRS officer. The number is a "spoofed" number which would cause the actual IRS to call you from another number. DO NOT ANSWER!! The IRS will never call you, they will send a letter first. THIS IS A SCAM!! Block the number and report it.

Report for 1-5094571381 - 2019-12-05
"Hello and welcome to Verizon Wireless." It was a robocall regarding my recent purchase that I had recently placed, and it asked if I was going to continue to use the service. It said something about placing a "welcome call" if I would like to be placed on the do not call list.

Report for 1-5092099239 - 2019-11-20
Got the same call as every on this page. My husband and I both got the same voicemail. I called and got the voicemail for "John Williams" (with all the accent I could picture was from India). He tried to give me a badge ID#, but I stopped him. There is no reason this needs to worry you. There are plenty of complaints on BBB and it is a SCAM. They say I am the person they need to talk to and need my attorneys information and blah blah. Don't worry. I think I will call them back with a fake badge ID#, call back a few days later and make up some BS story about it being a family emergency. He then said "We will

Report for 1-5090103461 - 2019-10-26
Caller ID showed: (323) 574-8488 San Pedro, CA. They called and did not leave a message.

Report for 1-5092283504 - 2019-09-04
Recieved the same message from different name, saying I am being charged with fraud charges, and that they have tried numerous times to reach me by mail, phone and email. This is the third time in the last year I've been called. I know this to be untrue.

Report for 1-5094774758 - 2019-08-08
I got the same thing. I'm not going to answer just because you call and don't leave a message. If you call and just do not speak, it's probably a robo-call. Just block the number and go on with your life. Ignore it.

Report for 1-5094774758 - 2019-07-28
I just received this and I was told it was my final notice before going into default, this was before the new government program came in. So when I called after reading above posts it was regarding the new government program, I kept pressing me as to who they were (which was never answered) and when I was told what company they were with I asked for her name again and was hung up on. So I called back again and asked for a full listing of what company was the supposed law firm, that I received a call from with a specific number and I was told I would get the information within 24 hours. I'm assuming it was the same people I spoke to. I have received over 10,000 phone calls from different numbers over the last 3 years and I'm wondering how to get them.

Report for 1-5092520739 - 2019-07-25
I was called by this phone and it goes dead when I answer. I call them back, and get a busy signal. I have blocked this number.

Report for 1-5092283504 - 2019-06-22
Scum of the earth

Report for 1-5092520739 - 2019-06-10
This number calls frequently. Finally called them today. Some lady with a strong Asian accent told me I had won a grant from the government. When I asked her name (did not give it out), she hung up. SCAM!

Report for 1-5098348226 - 2019-05-30

Report for 1-5092520739 - 2019-04-09
This is a scam they call from many diferent phones

Report for 1-5094571381 - 2019-03-13
Got a call today from "Mike" telling me to call back to receive a government grant because I pay my taxes on time, no criminal background and no bankruptcy. He even provided a reference number. After doing some homework it appears that this is an international calling number.

Report for 1-5092099239 - 2019-02-26
Called and left no message.

Report for 1-5098348226 - 2019-02-22
I just got this phone call. I pressed 1 to get the company name and to be taken off list. Of course, I am already on the "Don't call list" so I just hung up. They called again and I just let it go to my voice mail which does not record any message. I will be blocking the number.

Report for 1-5092520739 - 2019-02-06
No message. Caller ID: San Jose

Report for 1-5094774758 - 2019-02-03
Received a call from this number on my cell. I did not answer it because it was an unrecognized number. They left no message.

Report for 1-5092099239 - 2019-01-30
This person called several friends of mine, my ex husband, my father, a distant sister, my sister who did not live with us, stating that I committed fraud and that they need to deliver papers stating I committed fraud. The first person said that he was a paralegal from Edwards Law Offices. The second person gave me the name Thomas Gray from the same law firm and further stated that if I did not get the papers to please contact them as soon as possible. I have read a lot of people report that they are receiving these calls because they applied for a payday loan online and did not pay it back. These people are scammers and should be reported!

Report for 1-5098348226 - 2018-12-30
Called my cell phone. Hung up when answering machine pressed and they hung up.

Report for 1-5092520739 - 2018-12-29
We called the number. There was a recorded voice saying "To be placed on a do-not-call list for the number that is dialed press 1 now". I did. Hopefully it worked!

Report for 1-5094571381 - 2018-12-21
Called at 3:30pm and again at 8:30pm (3:30 and 8) they did NOT leave a message....so I guess they left me the message to call them back.....lol.....if only they knew the day was important they would have left a message.

Report for 1-5090103461 - 2018-12-17
Just like others, the caller does not leave a message when I don't answer.

Report for 1-5092283504 - 2018-12-04
Received call from this number at nearly 9 am...robo voice said it was Angela Davis with IRS and to call back before they initiated legal action against me. Total SCAM....

Report for 1-5095420382 - 2018-11-28
Same here. Call on cell, but no message left

Report for 1-5092283504 - 2018-09-22
Called but left voicemail with only silence for about 3 seconds.

Report for 1-5094571381 - 2018-09-13
I got a call from this number on my cell phone and they never said a damn word. When I called back, it gave me all sorts of options to press numbers to be removed from the call list, etc. I pressed that number, I'm pretty sure I didn't press anything! I hung up...