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Area 626 is a phone number code located in California. Area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

Most of the phone numbers in the North American numbering plan belong to the US and Canada and a small part assigned to some locations in the Caribbean

Cities served by phone code 626 include: Alhambra, Altadena, Arcadia, Azusa, Baldwin Park, West Covina, Duarte, South El Monte, Glendora, Hacienda Heights, La Puente, Monrovia, Monterey Park, South Pasadena, Rosemead, Rowland Heights, South San Gabriel, South El Monte, South Pasadena, South San Jose Hills, Temple City, Valinda, Walnut, West Covina, West Puente Valley

Area 626 posts

Report for 1-6263469853 - 2020-01-18
callerid says Arvada, Colorado. No Manta calls are being made to the person who has this number, so I will ignore it if I ever get bored of ignoring it.

Report for 1-6266688799 - 2020-01-10
They keep calling my job. I have answered once and nobody said anything so I've stopped answering. I'm on do not call registry - but I guess they mean well.

Report for 1-6262889899 - 2019-12-29
Same here just now!!

Report for 1-6262889899 - 2019-12-20
I had the same thing happen with a $300 package. He told me it was the original and that the shipping is free and that they would help me find it and then the package arrived a week later after I put a live person on the phone to purchase the phone equipment. Once I started talking to him, they started asking about my home address, cell number, etc. I hung up at that point. I haven't received the package yet and I am getting suspicious with all these negative posts.

Report for 1-6263779435 - 2019-12-07
Some jerk called just to hang up on the answering machine...

Report for 1-6263779435 - 2019-11-18
I got the call as well. Not going to call them.

Report for 1-6267758865 - 2019-10-29
Called cell. No message.

Report for 1-6262889899 - 2019-10-24
I answered and got hung up on!

Report for 1-6262563539 - 2019-09-25
Called 3 times in a row, left message stating that they are "Consumer Advocates" about an "important consumer issue". No further information. Blocked!

Report for 1-6265121510 - 2019-09-22
I am having the same problem. Someone call you from this number and hang up. You call back and the number is no longer in service. There is a guy saying to me "I just want to fuck you". What do you want to do about it? This is harassment and I am a single mom trying to get by. Is there a way to put a freeze on my social security?

Report for 1-6267758865 - 2019-08-04
I got a call from them this morning... they didnt say anything so i hung up. If they are legit just a person would show up at your door. I also looked up a company with the name of their company it is Global

Report for 1-6262563539 - 2019-06-28
Caller ID says Cancun 714-849-6063, but it's a scammer

Report for 1-6266688799 - 2019-05-28
Robo Caller. Did not answer. It had been going around my area but I don't know anyone in that state and don't answer calls that I don't recognize them. They did not leave a message on voicemail.

Report for 1-6262563539 - 2019-05-04
This number calls me twice a day everyday. They never leave any message. I have call block installed on my phone so when they call back now, I simply block them. They are using the cell numbers of people who are not of the same house, or on the other side of the country from me so the calls would most likely originate from a number used by a random set of people. I have reported this number on the donotcall list but it still shows up on my phone. It is a very disturbing technology.

Report for 1-6262563539 - 2019-05-04
They just left me a message with the number that I know is not real I told them it's BS and take my number off they hung up I tried to call them back now I don't even know if it works

Report for 1-6264470296 - 2019-04-27
Spam call, block this number

Report for 1-6262563539 - 2019-04-08
I don't know if they are really doing what they say, but they are spoofing. They are getting more information about you so they can then do things with that information. In order to get your info, they must confirm you are who you say that you are. If you don't answer or call them back they must give you a phone number and extension. I doubt they actually do this but in order to get the extension they have the correct number. Then they have the correct person you are speaking to. So if you tell them you are not the person they are looking for they can just call others to get a hold of the person. This just means their name and location are on your caller ID. I wouldn't be surprised in any case.

Report for 1-6266688799 - 2019-03-31
Called me on my mobile phone. Didn't answer, so it went to voicemail. No message left. Scammers still using this number.

Report for 1-6263469853 - 2019-03-14
Call from Google saying that there is a problem with my Google listing. The message says to call back.

Report for 1-6263469853 - 2019-03-11
Called with a threatening voice saying they were going to file legal charges - had all my information including my Social Security number - and if I didn't want this to happen press 1 to speak to a representative - I pressed one and got a man who kept talking over me because of my foreign accent - I kept asking questions and he kept putting me on hold or hanging up the phone. I don't know what this is but if they continue to do this to me I'm reporting them.

Report for 1-6263779435 - 2019-03-09
Did not answer and they did not leave a message. Probably just another telemarketers. I have blocked them.

Report for 1-6263469853 - 2019-02-15
I too, just received this a.m. and a busy signal. I also have had them call about 5 times in the last two or three days using two different numbers. I am in Utah.

Report for 1-6266688799 - 2019-02-06
Yes, you are correct. If you do nothing, they will not remove your number from their list. If you call them (call them on a land line and you will get a recording), and you go through the prompts they'll actually remove your number.

Report for 1-6264470296 - 2019-01-18
"This is an important call, but you need to call us back at... blah blah blah."

Report for 1-6262889899 - 2018-12-31
I received a call from a man identified as an investigator with Barrington & Associates, which i did a reverse lookup on, the company does not exist. The number they left to call back was 855-210-9337, when I told him that the person he was asking for wasn't me he stated that he would just have the person he was asking for recorded. I do have a few friends in that company, and after speaking with them for a bit, they all stated to call back 855-210-9337 as soon as possible or they would call the local sheriff's office as a witness to the hearing..I spoke with a Jeffery S. Reed who said to call by 12pm that day if the debt did not go away. The problem with this is that these people have been calling from several numbers and are also using a caller ID spoofing service to show they are calling from the local police or legal office (which of course is a lie, as we all know if a

Report for 1-6267758865 - 2018-12-21
This number called my cell phone. I answered. They hung up. The caller id showed "Aware." I have no desire to find out who/what this is.

Report for 1-6267758865 - 2018-12-13
I have called this number several times because they keep telling me the "IRS" is trying to send me papers regarding a lawsuit.

Report for 1-6262563539 - 2018-12-05
this number has called me 6 times and called 8 times yesterday on my work phone. I called and they are asking for my husband. I told them if you are not his wife, he doesn't need to speak to you.. they said no message to call again, ok. I called back because he is really upset and will be calling them!

Report for 1-6262889899 - 2018-12-03
Called my cell. I picked up and it was a recording about wanting to sell extended warranties on my car.I don't own any extended warranties on my car.

Report for 1-6264470296 - 2018-11-24
Called my cell phone and didn't leave a message