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Area 734 is a phone number code located in Michigan. Area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

Most of the phone numbers in the North American numbering plan belong to the US and Canada and a small part assigned to some locations in the Caribbean

Cities served by phone code 734 include: Ann Arbor, Canton, Garden City, Livonia, South Monroe, Plymouth, Romulus, Southgate, Westland, Wyandotte, Ypsilanti

Area 734 posts

Report for 1-7342818843 - 2020-05-26
Left a message on my phone. Said they were the 'criminal investigation division' and we were involved in a case for fraud and it involved criminal warrants under our name and if they did not receive a call back they would submit the case further proceedings against us. They said we were 'warrants' ready to be set. Told me that I had to appear in court. When I called and asked them to send me some more information so i could report them, they said that it was for an out-of-state issue and that no case had been filed yet and that I should just hang up and if I did not then I would have to show up to court and face charges. They said that I would need to appear in court to give them any information and then I could explain why they were calling. They were not professional to begin with. I have not received a call in over a year. If you talk to them they will hang up on you. They are a scam!

Report for 1-7342246844 - 2020-05-21
A Mr. Williams called my parents' home leaving a voicemail saying I needed to call him back. I called the lady who answered and she asked if I had received anything in the mail about a summons or anything? She stated that she was with "Justice" which I thought might be a debt collector, but that I needed to pay the original company they were representing. I had no idea what she was talking about. I then called back and told them it is in my best interest to pay the debt or I will be arrested and they stated that they didn't need to make payments until I was in the court house. I then stated I was going to call my attorney at 907-304-9708 and let them handle it and the man kept acting annoyed with me stating they would just see me in jail. After hanging up with him he called my father and I spoke to him and advised him that he is being recorded by the police and I told him I will contact my attorney before I pay the debt. He started asking where I got my information and when I stated that he could call the courts and go over the matter and we will deal with that. HE HUNG UP! So, I called back and asked why he took the phone of me and he acted like he had something to say then

Report for 1-7346788294 - 2020-02-08
"Debbie" from "Credit Card Services" (yeah, that'll get 'em back to me) left a message about lowering your interest rate. I pressed #1 to speak to a live person and just got disconnected. I had a feeling it was a scam so I looked it up on the internet. There is no company by the name of "Credit Card Services" either in FL or in the US, so for sure it is a scam. This guy called our office number, and this will be my first call from this number this afternoon.

Report for 1-7347829898 - 2020-02-06
Called no messages

Report for 1-7347829898 - 2020-01-06
They called and left a message saying there was a lawsuit pending against me. I didn't call them because we know the IRS does NOT make phone calls.

Report for 1-7347829898 - 2019-12-20
Called at 6:00 am . Left no message

Report for 1-7342706811 - 2019-12-17
Automated voice stating there is a legal action being taken and I need to call them back

Report for 1-7342246844 - 2019-11-14
I keep getting these annoying calls from them. I am on the no call list but that doesn't help with these people. This time they even had the nerve to leave a message without stating their business name.

Report for 1-7342706811 - 2019-09-27
They call but don't leave a message, caller ID shows "Out of area".

Report for 1-7342706811 - 2019-07-07
The calls keep coming no matter what I do. When I answer there is no one there and I get a phone-ring tone. This is getting irritating. I do not want to change my phone number.

Report for 1-7347829898 - 2019-06-19
Got a call from a Mark Wright stating that I had 2 hours to contact them and that I had charges against me. Since I know that I have no outstanding or recent loans so good luck with that.

Report for 1-7342246844 - 2019-05-03
Calls at least 3 times a day never leaves message. Caller ID says Nixcrest CA.

Report for 1-7347829898 - 2019-03-29
I received a call from this number for a week and they did not leave a message. I called the number back and this number has been disconnected.

Report for 1-7347829898 - 2019-02-10
You do now, but we would have had to find them in a thousand years and you would have been the first person to serve them with a judgment. You need to learn to use that language accurately. Also you posted under this thread which court you should report this scam also.

Report for 1-7342706811 - 2018-10-01
The number is a "no answer" number from "Vasun," a Spanish-language social media.

Report for 1-7342706811 - 2018-08-07
Calls every day

Report for 1-7347829898 - 2018-04-25
Just got a text saying "your

Report for 1-7342706811 - 2018-04-19
Just called the office. I did not answer the call since the # was not recognized. The voicemail that was left said it was from C. C. Management. I think that they are trying to make you think this call is from a friend or co-worker. As stated above, I believe this is a bill collector. I can't decide whether it's legit or an identity theft scammer.

Report for 1-7346788294 - 2017-12-15
The number comes up Unknown but when I google it is this website.The number is 877-331-8207 and the name attached to the number is "Global Solutions."

Report for 1-7342818843 - 2017-12-06
I received a call from this number on my cellphone. No message. Blocked the number.

Report for 1-7342818843 - 2017-12-05
Got a call from them as they stated above but didnt say what for at first but stated I wrote a bad check on a loan with some company. Never have I ever had a loan with any collection company

Report for 1-7342818843 - 2017-12-04
This is a fake IRS call. The first part of this message is: "Now we have tried to notify you regarding this issue in previous six months but got nothing from you . So it has been considered as an intentional fraud and lawsuit has been filled under your name by the United States government. You may call our dept number that is 571-329-2501. I repeat 571-329-2501. Thank you."

Report for 1-7346788294 - 2017-10-19
got a call from number 8184022115, message stated if I did not call them back they would suspend my social security information

Report for 1-7342818843 - 2017-10-18
Threatening call saying that lawsuit filed against me & to call 206-337-1411 ASAP. This is scam

Report for 1-7342246844 - 2017-10-15
It's a scam

Report for 1-7346788294 - 2017-08-31
Called at about 12:15pm PST. Didn't recognize the #, so I didn't pick up. No message left.

Report for 1-7342818843 - 2017-08-14
Robotic male voice saying this is an emergency call and requesting a callback at a number. "This is an important message for ....." I didn't catch that last part. Just "an important" message is what it is. These crooks are more like scammers.

Report for 1-7346788294 - 2017-07-26
This number called me 5 hours ago- no message. I'm trying to get my credit card number

Report for 1-7347829898 - 2017-07-24
Same as above except they said 4 warrants and to call.

Report for 1-7342818843 - 2017-06-25
I didn't answer. The caller left voicemail (automated message) on my cell. Automated message starts with "We may attempt to reach you in the future in an attempt to reach you. We're calling you regarding the recently filed action which was received in my office. We are contacting you to discuss the information provided as part of an affidavit. This information is the only form of contact you will have with a potential legal representative. Please press 1 if you want to be added to our Do Not Call List..." At that point, I hung up.