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Area 814 is a phone number code located in Pennsylvania. Area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

Most of the phone numbers in the North American numbering plan belong to the US and Canada and a small part assigned to some locations in the Caribbean

Cities served by phone code 814 include: Altoona, Erie, Johnstown, State College

Area 814 posts

Report for 1-8142705899 - 2020-05-28
I have gotten at LEAST 10 calls from this number. It is a recording of a woman yelling at an old man. I will not call back. It's a scam.

Report for 1-8142565250 - 2020-05-24
They called me and they said this is not a solicitation. they keep trying to get my CC number. I hung up. I don't know why no call back. I think its one of those [***] people who's job was on the side of the road. They got a job and got a job.

Report for 1-8148212060 - 2020-05-21
Calling about a pending matter, I do not know what debt is even about and do not have outstanding bills.

Report for 1-8142705899 - 2020-04-19
Hangup. No message.

Report for 1-8142975936 - 2019-11-28
Called my cell at 6:15 in the afternoon, no message

Report for 1-8144652282 - 2019-09-09
I recieved the same call and when I talked to the guy he said that he was trying to serve papers to my job and not home. When he called me back to my cell number I said "that was a dumb [***] and I hope the guy is [***] and he dies" I hope you stop calling my job and my job's phone because I'm waiting for you to deliver [***]" I told him I'm not getting calls and hung up!!!! Haha

Report for 1-8144652282 - 2019-08-24
This number called my house phone this evening saying that we had not paid our bill from a local bank and it was important that we called them back today before 10am. We do not have any bills outstanding with the local bank they said they were with. I called to see how this scam would go and was told you will be notified of a package arriving to pick up the unpaid bill with some options to pay it off. The caller then said his name was Jack. I did not call this number back but just listened to a few minutes of what they had to say. They wanted to know if I was still employed and what the name of my company was (after giving them my work phone number in order for me to call) I said no. Then after the caller went through the normal steps of confirming that I was the one to collect the unpaid bill, I asked if the company they said they already sent me my bill and they said yes and said that I received my package today and he stated I needed to call them back today to get the package and give it to them because it was still in their warehouse. I said no. I'm pretty sure if I was really due a bill then I wouldn't need to go ahead and wait a package from a truck to be delivered, they would just send it. This guy is the reason why I don't trust anything that a company does in person. I just went to pay a bill on my credit card and they said wait 2 hours because the person picking up the package was not at home because she works during lunch, so when the package arrives I'm not sure if I will get to meet with anyone and it would just be another piece of paper to sign for the package and send it to another company! I just feel so foolish!

Report for 1-8144652282 - 2019-06-24
Same, called my landline at 8:35 p.m.

Report for 1-8147653332 - 2019-06-23
Get repeated calls from this number every day. No one is ever on line

Report for 1-8142282853 - 2019-06-03
I got the same call today saying that they had papers for me. I called them back and asked them what this was in reference to, the guy put me on hold immediately asked me if it was in reference to myself. I said no and he said it was not. I said fine

Report for 1-8142530092 - 2019-05-29
Calling for "John". My first name is "J". "This is (first name) with the National Student Loan Advisory Commission" I asked what organization he

Report for 1-8144652282 - 2019-05-29
They keep calling my cell phone and hang up. I called back and it is a disconnected number. I will block.

Report for 1-8142975936 - 2019-05-07
Just got this on my cell on 11/17/12.. I live in NC.

Report for 1-8148212060 - 2019-05-05
Same as above: call from "Washington DC", I didn't answer.

Report for 1-8148212060 - 2019-04-17
Same thing here, just got the call. Tried calling back and got a busy signal.

Report for 1-8148212060 - 2019-04-07
This number keeps popping up, showing Orlando, Fl...I never answer. Have reported to ATT

Report for 1-8144652282 - 2019-03-30
Did not pick up. They left no message.

Report for 1-8144652282 - 2019-03-24
Just got a call on my cell from this number. I didn't answer, and the message left was just a recording saying "Hi, this is Donna from Card Services. Please don't hang up". It's a Robocall, but it didn't make any real sense. The message does not make any sense, either. I have blocked the call - thanks to all who have commented.

Report for 1-8142530092 - 2019-02-21
They do not give up, they keep calling, they are a scam!

Report for 1-8142530092 - 2019-01-25
Received a call from this number on my Cell, the phone rang twice so I didn't answer. No message was left.

Report for 1-8147627814 - 2019-01-07
We recieved a message on our machine yesterday that we are being sued. I called the number listed on the website below from the "original creditor" - who confirmed that we HAVE never had any outstanding loans in their system. They told me that they sent out a notice about my account (I had no idea what notice was for) and they just needed verification that they had sent it to the right right address. I told them they would have to speak with the original creditor - who confirmed that I know where they are located - and that I am forwarding my claim to the attorney general's office. The caller also confirmed with us that by law, they aren't responsible for collecting a debt - if anyone tries to collect a debt for anyone else. This company simply doesn't know any better and is just trying to bully people into giving up info. DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY INFO TO THESE CROOKS!! They will ask for your social, date of birth, email address, etc. DO NOT EVER GIVE THAT INFORMATION TO YOUR ANSWERING

Report for 1-8144652282 - 2019-01-05
Received hang up in voicemail.

Report for 1-8142530092 - 2018-12-09
I didn't answer and they didn't leave a voice mail

Report for 1-8147627814 - 2018-11-23
Received a

Report for 1-8142282853 - 2018-11-13
Unrecognized number. Blocked for the future

Report for 1-8147653332 - 2018-11-13
This is a scam that the FTC has caught. They call saying they are Google and ask for info.

Report for 1-8147653332 - 2018-10-10
They left a message. It was for some college reference. Definitely not me though.

Report for 1-8142530092 - 2018-09-26
Scam. Called me, left no message.

Report for 1-8147627814 - 2018-09-25
Same as above, i called back to tell them to leave me alone and the called 3x and then called back to yell at me on the phone and when I called them out on it they hung up on me!!! Ugh!!

Report for 1-8142565250 - 2018-09-25
they have called twice today. left no message. I've had calls from them before. I never pick up unknown numbers. i have had calls from many other numbers of this type.