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Area 864 is a phone number code located in South Carolina. Area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

Most of the phone numbers in the North American numbering plan belong to the US and Canada and a small part assigned to some locations in the Caribbean

Cities served by phone code 864 include: Anderson, Greenville, Greenwood, Spartanburg, Taylors, Wade Hampton

Area 864 posts

Report for 1-8644978296 - 2020-08-29
Just got a call from this number. I didn't answer - and no vm was left.

Report for 1-8644699860 - 2020-03-31
Called my cell, left no message

Report for 1-8642545066 - 2020-02-16
they left voicemail on my voicemail saying its tax fraud and need to call them. I called back and said i would be reporting this number its a total scam!!

Report for 1-8644699860 - 2020-01-09
Called but left no message.

Report for 1-8644699860 - 2019-12-10
No message left.

Report for 1-8645879950 - 2019-12-09
Called me at 6:15. Left no message

Report for 1-8646409044 - 2019-10-08
same here

Report for 1-8645879950 - 2019-09-13
This number called and left a message on my phone stating that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me and to call them ASAP. They also left a number to call back - 360-637-4200. I did not call.

Report for 1-8644978296 - 2019-08-11
i get this call everyday about 2 to 3 minutes apart. im getting sick of it

Report for 1-8643291588 - 2019-06-10
Just got a call from this place. Was rude told me there were civil cases being brought against me for civil check writing which I will be forced to take to court

Report for 1-8648592283 - 2019-05-15
Caller ID said Alton, IL. I answered because caller ID said "unknown name" and I was expecting a call from this area code. No caller said a word, but then they hung up. Blocked number. Thanks to this site for saving me from a call on my landline where they asked for me by name (at that time I recognized it as an out of area caller).

Report for 1-8646409044 - 2019-04-11
No message on the voicemail

Report for 1-8642545066 - 2019-04-02
Got phone call at 8:30pm... I picked up, as soon as I did it hung up on me. This is definitely a phishing Scam, and if someone answers, give them 100% of scam info you can get. DON'T DO IT!!!

Report for 1-8646409044 - 2019-02-05
Just happened to my in PA, I called back and had my phone number removed

Report for 1-8644978296 - 2019-01-23
I JUST got a call from "Mr. Anderson" today. I got him on the line, I told him to put me on the Do Not Call list because I'm already on the do not call list and he said thank you and hung up. I have no idea why this man "Mr. Anderson" would be calling me on my personal phone and calling me by my first and last name...is this a scam? What the hell is the purpose of this????

Report for 1-8644699860 - 2019-01-15
This is a scam! Don"l people beleive anything they say. You cant buy legal status of immigration. My husband and I fell a few weeks prior to going to the vet with my fiancees vet there and was scammed for $9,000 in cash. The number they used to contact us was an 805-935-4450. The person called himself John Lewis. He was super rude. After calling a couple of times we got an answer and he put us on hold until finally the line went dead. The number

Report for 1-8648592283 - 2019-01-04
Dealer Warranty Services called my phone about an extended warranty on my vehicle. Told them I would give them my VIN. They asked are your current mileage 35000? I replied "No". They stated OK then tell me what the mileage is. I asked why they can't tell me the mileage? They said it has been an issue from the factory. I replied OK but tell me what the mileage is. They put me on hold until I hung up. The call back number that I was given was 877-212-8777.

Report for 1-8648592283 - 2018-12-08
Message that I committed fraud

Report for 1-8648592283 - 2018-10-08
Did a couple of things about those people. First they said they would take my name off but then said they would not. I had the local FBI and was told it was a scam and to contact the BBB. Then I turned the issue over to the FBI as I knew it was a scam so turned it over to them and they said they would look into it and they will take action. My local FBI office told me if the calls don't stop then I need to take the information and have the FBI call. I have an attorney who is a fraud attorney and I can't get the calls to stop.

Report for 1-8644699860 - 2018-06-25

Report for 1-8644699860 - 2018-06-15
No clue. Said the IRS is sueing me and a lawsuit was being initiated against me. Scared to die.

Report for 1-8646409044 - 2018-06-07
I received a VM from someone claiming their name was Nicky Johnson and she said to contact them @ this number in order to keep a document from being processed. That this was a final notice and I would be receiving "preliminary documents" at my place of residence and work. She never said what company she was calling from or what this document was for.

Report for 1-8646409044 - 2018-05-25
They have no right to be calling me about any charity. They want your money, so they will not stop calling even if they don't have something for you they want to rip you off! And they call from multiple numbers too. The DNC registry has been down for almost three years, has never stopped these calls. These idiots need to be put out of business.

Report for 1-8642545066 - 2018-05-17
I just received a call from this number, when I pick up it's dead silent and they hangup.

Report for 1-8648592283 - 2018-04-29
Just got a call from this number - same IRS scam. Don't fall for it!

Report for 1-8644699860 - 2018-04-03
Didn't leave message

Report for 1-8646409044 - 2018-04-02
The caller didn't ask for money, just gave me my # as someone else has indicated, for instance, a neighbor or doctor who was in a car accident. I have had several calls from this #. When I see a call from this # I answer it. It immediately disconnects.

Report for 1-8642545066 - 2018-03-08
No message left. Spam.

Report for 1-8644978296 - 2017-10-17
The number calls me every day. When I pick up, they don't say anything.. just hangs up. Then, the number is blocked from being able to call me.

Report for 1-8648592283 - 2017-10-13
Caller ID shows only "Out of Area" - no message left.