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Area 904 is a phone number code located in Florida. Area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

Most of the phone numbers in the North American numbering plan belong to the US and Canada and a small part assigned to some locations in the Caribbean

Cities served by phone code 904 include: Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Lakeside

Area 904 posts

Report for 1-9043345876 - 2020-08-09
CID was not available - caller left no message

Report for 1-9042658147 - 2020-07-29
Called 3 time today (so far) but left no message. Number is listed as being located in California.

Report for 1-9043345876 - 2020-07-26
What is this? I had 2 messages from this number. They are trying to serve me papers?

Report for 1-9043560415 - 2020-06-29
This number called me at 6:15am. I answered it and it was a recorded message that "My name is Brian of the credit collections department of American Finance Services and I'm doing an out-of-statue of limitation survey" for the people of my area. Since I don't do surveys of anything, I hung up. Called right back to see what the scam was and the woman who answered I went right into yelling at the top of my lungs and then hung up. I then called the number back and the man who answered the phone was so very nice and said he would remove my number. I will update if I hear anything again.

Report for 1-9046307661 - 2020-05-24
No message just hang ups - they've been calling me for months-block them

Report for 1-9044662094 - 2020-05-19
Spam. Did not answer

Report for 1-9049789349 - 2020-04-30
Do not give any information to this number, it was very similar to my experience below. I called right back and it was answered "Thank you for calling BECT...blah...blah...blah...please be directed to the office where our representatives once were" but when I went to speak to the man that he gave the wrong number, he hung up before I could get a word out

Report for 1-9046307661 - 2020-04-18
Scammers. Number blocked

Report for 1-9040832679 - 2020-04-14
No message.

Report for 1-9042658147 - 2020-03-29
1 929 201 1736

Report for 1-9044662094 - 2020-03-28
Just received a call from this # 814.330.0128. It rang several times and hung up. I called back and the line is busy.

Report for 1-9042658147 - 2020-03-02
Calls repeatedly all hours and leaves no message.

Report for 1-9046427297 - 2020-02-25
Just got a missed call from this number....no message left....now when they call me....I tell them I don't want their product.....or, I am NOT interested..... they hang up on me

Report for 1-9040777775 - 2020-02-19

Report for 1-9046427297 - 2020-02-19
Called, said nothing and hung up when I answered

Report for 1-9043996158 - 2020-02-08
came up on caller id.. didn't answer.. caller left no message

Report for 1-9044252913 - 2020-01-31
Got a call from this number this morning and no voice mail was left about the time that it rang. It looks like it might be a scammer.

Report for 1-9043528808 - 2020-01-26
Unrecognized number. Rejected. No message left.

Report for 1-9042892744 - 2020-01-25
Just called my cell phone. Did not leave a message

Report for 1-9045591074 - 2019-12-25
Got txt saying i was a finalist and they gave me a web address to enter the draw at 800-213-9191..

Report for 1-9045032982 - 2019-12-25
No Message left and I blocked them.

Report for 1-9044252913 - 2019-12-15
The same story here!!

Report for 1-9043560415 - 2019-12-07
I received a call today from 855-218-9669, they asked for name I was not familiar with, then wanted to know what my name was, and refused to tell me, even told me I didn't even know who I was, then my number came up, I said well it will take me a bit I need to verify your info, she insisted I verify who I was first, and wouldn't tell me why I needed to verify who I was first. So I hung up. I checked this phone number, it says unknown.

Report for 1-9045591934 - 2019-12-01
I did get a call from the same number on my cell, but I didn't answer and I looked it up to find this thread. Maybe I'll answer next time to see who the caller is.

Report for 1-9049789349 - 2019-11-19
I got this call 4 times today.. I'm blocking this number

Report for 1-9047986897 - 2019-11-18
Called my mobile, caller did not leave a message. When I called back, I heard an audio glitch and a recording about a campaign fundraising. Blocked now for sure.

Report for 1-9043528808 - 2019-11-13
These bozos are still trying and will do ANYTHING to try and steal your personal information. I have them blocked now...but every time I call them, they just get a busy signal. This is a SCAM and YOU MUST BLOCK THESE [***]....

Report for 1-9045960522 - 2019-11-11
Scam call left a voice msg about a claim number and trying to get a hold of me.

Report for 1-9045187883 - 2019-11-07
Same here

Report for 1-9045187883 - 2019-10-30
My cell is set to go to "Do not disturb" only, if I see a number that's in that list I won't answer it. It's really not worth it but if you have a smart phone and you want to block it just type it into the search box on your phone and then it will take you to the main find phone page and you can block it.

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