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Area 915 is a phone number code located in Texas. Area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

Most of the phone numbers in the North American numbering plan belong to the US and Canada and a small part assigned to some locations in the Caribbean

Cities served by phone code 915 include: El Paso, Socorro

Area 915 posts

Report for 1-9150711178 - 2020-05-24
Unknown caller. Left no message.

Report for 1-9154808015 - 2020-04-05
I think I might just call the number and have Fun with them. They will ask for my card number.

Report for 1-9153104737 - 2020-03-27
You know, I think it was in our best interest to check on this number. The person said I won a trip. I told him that I have never entered a contest and to cancel me and all other entries. I even told him that I think this is all a scam and he kept saying this is not a scam and you are messing with my time... I told him to take my number out of there system.

Report for 1-9152256436 - 2020-03-18
Called my cell, left no message..

Report for 1-9150405125 - 2020-02-08
They keep calling and leaving me half messages that say the end in message and that they will call again if not with me and to leave a message. I refuse to call them back, I have a feeling they are trying to get people to have there phone numbers from the internet and then they get charged and harassed by those who call.

Report for 1-9152256436 - 2020-02-06
I had a few messages left on my phone about something legal, but couldnt understand most of the messages. Then today i got the first message. Im not sure what it was tho...

Report for 1-9158862156 - 2020-02-04
I called the number back a lady answered the phone "hello" and i told them they had the wrong number and i hung up

Report for 1-9153838796 - 2020-01-22
received phone call at 3:55 this morning. I did not answer and they left no message.

Report for 1-9150320969 - 2020-01-15
called about an ex wife

Report for 1-9158862156 - 2020-01-11
No one speaks when I said Hello.

Report for 1-9151270597 - 2020-01-08
Called 5/27/19. No message left.

Report for 1-9150320969 - 2019-11-21
Called a few minutes ago. Left no message. <

Report for 1-9153993815 - 2019-11-01
Got the same one. They are trying to collect on an old debt from 15 years ago, they are trying to make you pay a big fee to get your name off of the fax list! It's a scam! I have no debt nor have I been writing bad checks in any case I have an excellent credit rating and no outstanding debts. Go look at old records before harassing people

Report for 1-9151301777 - 2019-10-31
They just called my cell. i did'nt answer it. and got a voice mail. saying something about being a "courtesy call" but not saying who was calling or what it was regarding.

Report for 1-9153838796 - 2019-10-21
Same as everyone else. This time he said he was calling in regard to something about the IRS, and before I could ask him what he needed, he hung up. Sounded like a scam. I have blocked this number.

Report for 1-9153104737 - 2019-09-27
I also received a call on my cell phone. I returned the call and it was an auto system that didn't identify the company. I had left my cell phone in the hospital for a month and my cell phone was turned off for two weeks. Called back and "Samantha" was trying to get me to pay the debt. No one here has any debt and if you go to the BBB they have an F rating. Also called the credit bureaus and the Attorney Generals office (this is for the most part not a federal concern). Will have to report this to the FCC

Report for 1-9152256436 - 2019-09-26
Caller ID said "SURV." Did not leave a message

Report for 1-9154808015 - 2019-09-15
This is a number used by a company called "Allstate" calling on a Sunday. They don't leave messages and call at least 3x's a day on multiple days of the week. I have called them for what good its done, and they are extremely rude. I have asked to be removed from their calling list for a week, and they just call me over and over. I called them about 8 times in 3 days. Each time I explained what they were doing and demanding that they NOT call me. Finally today, I explained to the lady who answered that she wouldn't help me if she continued to call me over and over every 3 days. She ignored my demand for the first 3 attempts and continued to call EVERYWHERE. I then called them and asked for the supervisor. I was put on hold for like 5 minutes before she hung up on me. I guess the person handling my calls doesn't seem to believe in being polite to the person handling their calls.

Report for 1-9153993815 - 2019-09-01
called my mobile phone and left no VM

Report for 1-9150405125 - 2019-08-18
IRS phone scam. They are going to "send the police to arrest you!!" LOL! I wish I'd caught them sooner! I just heard the words "Irs" and "cops". This is a classic scam! I wish the next time I see or hear that it would make me laugh.

Report for 1-9152256436 - 2019-07-16
Same happened to me this morning. I'm not calling and I am blocking this number

Report for 1-9152256436 - 2019-07-14
Didn't answer. Left no VM

Report for 1-9151301777 - 2019-06-03
This number just called my number and left a blank voicemail message. I didn't try to return the call, blocked my phone number to prevent them from leaving another voicemail, and looked up other reviews on this and other call types, and I was right.

Report for 1-9158862156 - 2019-05-20
Keep getting annoying calls and I need to block this number!!

Report for 1-9150320969 - 2019-05-13
Same issue. A recorded message saying they are the IRS. The IRS doesn't call and leave a message about any legal action against you, so obviously a scam.

Report for 1-9151301777 - 2019-04-29
I've gotten a couple calls in past few days. The first time no one said anything. The second, I took the guy's info and told him I would call back, even though I knew it was bogus. I was trying to keep my calm, but it was a strange conversation. They asked for a name that I'm pretty sure I have, gave some bogus case #, didn't know my last name. They were calling to get me to call, and nothing else, that's all. Just weird.

Report for 1-9150711178 - 2019-04-07
I received this call as well, was the same message left on my cell for me to call them back. Called back and it sounded like a really shitty automatic voice mail machine. They didnt want to tell me who was calling or anything, they called me by a name and then hung up.

Report for 1-9150405125 - 2019-03-27
They are trying

Report for 1-9152256436 - 2019-03-21
Same here!

Report for 1-9151207777 - 2019-02-13
I got the same call. It was a woman's recorded voice stating: "This is an emergency for you and your family. We need to speak to you" then a recorded voice said "please hold. Someone will answer." then a man comes on and says "hello" then the phone hangs up.