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Area 972 is a phone number code located in Texas. Area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

Most of the phone numbers in the North American numbering plan belong to the US and Canada and a small part assigned to some locations in the Caribbean

Cities served by phone code 972 include: Allen, Carrollton, Cedar Hill, Coppell, Dallas, DeSoto, Duncanville, Farmers Branch, Flower Mound, Frisco, Garland, Grand Prairie, Irving, Lancaster, Lewisville, McKinney, Mesquite, Plano, Richardson, Rowlett, The Colony, University Park, Waxahachie

Area 972 posts

Report for 1-9725125500 - 2020-01-24
Received automated call yesterday. Left another VM today for me to

Report for 1-9724225300 - 2020-01-11
Received a call from this number with no message.

Report for 1-9724040295 - 2019-11-03
I called this number, and it is the "Sprint Phone System". There is no problem with your service, etc. I hope Sprint is going to find out how they got rid of my number in the first place. I have called them many times to be removed from this list but I keep getting calls from them. I have talked to them several times, but it is always during business hours. What part of the Do Not Call list do they not understand? They are violating all kinds of laws by getting our phone numbers. I am on the do not call list many, many times. I will be calling Sprint later today to see what can be done to put them out of business.

Report for 1-9723987998 - 2019-10-06
Unknown caller, no

Report for 1-9727631920 - 2019-10-05
Same here! It's a scam. Blocking this #

Report for 1-9727631920 - 2019-09-23
Called back got a busy signal

Report for 1-9722819547 - 2019-06-30
Called, no messege left - BLOCKED!

Report for 1-9723987998 - 2019-04-26
Called my cell and did not leave any messages.

Report for 1-9723987998 - 2019-04-13
This number called saying they are a pro-life group. I asked they remove me from their list. Guy told me he was going to call me every hour! WTH? WTF?! I hang up and he calls again! So now I just block them.

Report for 1-9723987998 - 2019-03-16
I received a call 2/3/2017, from this unknown number. This is an area code near my home, I didn't answer (I don't have Voice Mail, so it never rang), but no voicemail left. As others have mentioned, I am on the national DNC Registry, and wonder why my number was on it when these calls began in the first place.

Report for 1-9722195328 - 2019-03-09
Called at 12:50pm and hung up when the answering device picked-up.

Report for 1-9724225300 - 2019-01-20
Call today from 585-207-0607, Caller-I.D. showing "UNKNOWN." Message states that they are from the IRS and that there are 4 serious allegations under my name. To resolve the issue call this number ASAP! IRS NEVER calls anyone. These are scammers! I'm so tired of getting these scam scam calls - and they keep changing numbers.

Report for 1-9723987998 - 2019-01-06
Receive this call 2-3 times a week. No one ever leaves a message. I have nothing in collections as well. What can we do about this?

Report for 1-9722195328 - 2018-12-13
No one on line. Scammers don't have a time preference either.

Report for 1-9722195328 - 2018-10-23
Call on landline from 1-913-219-0942 caller ID said "COMMUNICERSUP". Message was from someone with heavy Indian-like accent that said something about the IRS and it was urgent to call them back. So, I did. Same guy with heavy Indian-like accent said the local PD would be coming to arrest me and I needed to make arrangements to pay money owed to the IRS. I asked for his name and ID number and the reason he was calling and he said he didn't have that info, etc. I said "you should have it already but that won't do you no good because I know you're lying to you're self. I know your from the IRS and you'll only get your paycheck a week or so later." I said "I've been doing my taxes for the past 20 years. Look on the internet and your an idiot!!" He hung up. Number blocked.

Report for 1-9722819547 - 2018-09-27
I just received a call from them and I called them back because I knew it had to be a scam. They said it was a law firm that was collecting $1000 from the IRS. I asked them to email me the paperwork and a copy of my taxes and they said they couldn't because it was a sealed envelope and then hung up. They told me my address and even went so far as to tell me that there was a legal case against me and when I stated that I was going to report them, they hung up again. I called back several times no answer.

Report for 1-9727631920 - 2018-06-28
Same. Just got a call now from 513-234-1612. No message.

Report for 1-9722819547 - 2018-05-24
I just missed one from this #. If these people want to

Report for 1-9724040295 - 2018-05-01
I have asked them to STOP calling, but they continue to call.

Report for 1-9723987998 - 2018-02-14
Robotic voice says there was an investigation on my name from IRS. Called back and the number was disconnected. I called again and asked "Who are you calling for?" I was then hung up on. I called again and the machine said I had visited one of some government web site. I am going to report to Attorney General immediately and the IRS! Thanks everyone for posting this info.

Report for 1-9722819547 - 2018-02-10
"It' a survey company calling to see what you think about something. I can take a message if you want my personal number."

Report for 1-9722819547 - 2017-12-09
they call my cell and do not leave a message

Report for 1-9723987998 - 2017-11-07
I've asked repeatedly NOT TO BE CONTACTED BY this person, and the calls keep coming

Report for 1-9724225300 - 2017-10-25
received a call at 8:11, left no message

Report for 1-9727631920 - 2017-09-28
Called this afternoon. Didn't leave a message.

Report for 1-9723987998 - 2017-09-16
These scammers will not stop calling my cell phone. They keep calling. I am so frustrated. These are idiots. I am on the Do Not call list and I am now reporting all of these numbers.

Report for 1-9724040295 - 2017-09-09
Got a call from this number. No message left.

Report for 1-9727631920 - 2017-09-04
I got two calls within 1 minute same deal as everyone has been saying.....hang up...I tried call back and its some recording saying its disconnected. UHC. Its annoying I guess

Report for 1-9723987998 - 2017-08-14

Report for 1-9724040295 - 2017-08-05
I got a call from this number on 7/9/18. I didn't answer and no msg. Was blocked after reading the other comments.