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Area 984 is a phone number code located in North Carolina. Area codes in North America were introduced in 1947.

Most of the phone numbers in the North American numbering plan belong to the US and Canada and a small part assigned to some locations in the Caribbean

Cities served by phone code 984 include: Apex, Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, Goldsboro, West Raleigh, Sanford

Area 984 posts

Report for 1-9842347032 - 2020-07-10
They have been doing this to me and my ex husband. I just called them and had a little fun with them on the phone! I told them i was the police and had a warrant on me and if they ever called

Report for 1-9842051420 - 2020-01-27
It's another scam from India for business loans. Scammers.

Report for 1-9842347032 - 2019-11-22
I called back the number, a guy was on the other end with a strong accent, then the phone went dead.

Report for 1-9842050550 - 2019-11-04
They call every day and leave no message. I do not ever answer or call them back. They are just looking to steal money. They call in the early evening.

Report for 1-9842050550 - 2019-10-03
They keep calling from several different numbers and say nothing!

Report for 1-9842050550 - 2019-07-19
I don't know the number but I do know that it comes up only on caller id as a local number 888-214-2195. What a pain.

Report for 1-9842347032 - 2019-03-10
Caller ID came up as 'Cancer Health'. Did not answer and caller hung up.

Report for 1-9842347032 - 2019-03-01
Called at 1:12 pm on 7/4/2019. Caller ID listed "JUICE". The woman said she was from the National Health Insurance Enrollment Center. I told her that she called me, first, at 5:50 AM and she hung up.

Report for 1-9842050550 - 2019-01-18
Caller Id said "Toll Free Number". Left no message. Don't know them, don't take calls from them. Blocked

Report for 1-9842051420 - 2018-12-01
They said there was a fraud case against me and to call 719-408-9197. They said there was a warrant out on me for something. I have filed bankruptcy and they are calling me back

Report for 1-9842051420 - 2018-11-19
I've been getting these calls about 10 times a week. It says I have a security breach on my computer but this is crazy!

Report for 1-9842050550 - 2018-10-11
I just received a phone call from this number, stating that i owe 2000 for a loan and i will be arrested within two hours.

Report for 1-9842050550 - 2018-09-02
This is a total SCAM. If you have ever paid for services you do online and you receive a charge in the mail, they have your address. They called, left a message and said to call back or 299.99 charge would be made to my bank account. I just filed a police report that they must be stopped because these scammers are getting old.

Report for 1-9842051420 - 2018-07-05
This number is calling my work phone. I have no idea who it is.

Report for 1-9842050550 - 2018-06-30
Received call from this number and no message was left.

Report for 1-9842051420 - 2018-05-12
Scam and I would not recommend calling them back to let them know you do know the person they are trying to reach. You've been scammed. They are not a collection agency. They are criminals trying to extort money from people who they do not know. I would advise you to block the number and if you don't have call blocking installed, go ahead and install it on your phone.

Report for 1-9842347032 - 2018-04-19
Calls. No messages. Now blocked.Caller BlockApp

Report for 1-9842347032 - 2018-04-09
I have been receiving calls from this number for over 2 months, I am going to report this number to the police this company is a scam company.I am going to turn them over to the prosecutor.

Report for 1-9842347032 - 2018-03-25
Got the same message. I blocked the number!

Report for 1-9842050550 - 2018-02-28
I just a received a call from this number. I donot answer calls from numbers I don't have in my contact list. They did not leave a voice mail. Thanks guys

Report for 1-9842051420 - 2018-01-22
Said they were the irs and needed to give me my lawyer's number and information.

Report for 1-9842050550 - 2017-11-18
Got a call from an Indian guy with his name being Justin Scott! Said something about an arrest warrant, etc, when I inquired what the issue was, he became very rude and threatening. This guy is awful, and it's the same guy that does the fake IRS scam with some computer voice! I can only imagine the people getting upset and angry over this stupid phone call. This needs to stop!

Report for 1-9842347032 - 2017-11-01
This is the second time in two weeks that I have received calls from the number above.

Report for 1-9842050550 - 2017-09-27
Said they are from Google support, that my account has been breached. Did not call

Report for 1-9842347032 - 2017-09-23
This is the third time this number called and left no message. I have called the number back with my number blocked and the person did not even say who I was talking to when they answered. They had a thick foreign accent and didn't even say Hello. I think I may press 5 on my phone and then just wait until they hang up. I don't know if this works but if it does I will probably get 10+ calls from other numbers all day.