1-202-239-2437 Phone Number

Phone number 1-202-239-2437 can be found in Area code 202. 202 numbers are generally can be found in District of Columbia, but there are exceptions. 1-202-239-2437 has exchange area code 202-239, which is used to trace more precise location for the number. Do note that the location is still an approximation. More accurate details you can find in a report. Cell phone numbers in general are more difficult to locate because the prefix code only identifies mobile network rather than a physical switch as it is the case for landline numbers.

1-202-239-2437 - Submitted Entries

The reports for 1-202-239-2437 were submitted by our visitors

Report by The Cares - 2020-03-28
Tried to collect a debt from 12 yrs ago. This debt has been paid off since i lived there 6 months ago.

Report by Bj Kap - 2020-03-20
This is a scam!! They are asking to call them asap.

Report by Joshana Bruch - 2020-01-28
I have been receiving calls from all these numbers as well as 1-315-636-8574. They claim to be a US Treasury Investigation Dept and they threaten to have me arrested if I don't call them back. I told the Indian accented voice to come and kidnap me and I would do it in front of all the police in the world. These [***] need to be stopped. They are in India trying to scam money...What a joke.

Report by Applicant Services - 2019-07-24
If you don't call them back then they'll know they can count on it. They will not stop. As far as I am concerned, you can put it to any phone and they can block it. The only one that might have some authority to block it is you. Don't give them any info and just call them on the phone number you wish to make them aware that they are trying to collect a debt that would be way past the statute of limitations.

Report by J So Cal just got call - 2019-05-23
"This is not a solicitation call. We have a $100 reward voucher for you that only rewards one place to receive your $100.00 voucher. If you pay $4.95 postage charges to ship it out, and I need to verify you're eligible. Call: 1-855-217-0844. If you wish to be removed from our list - but don't want the gift, just call and claim." Yeah, no. LOL :)

Report by Cameron Clark - 2019-03-25
I am also on the donot call list. I have received many calls from this # and my husband was on the phone at the time. I called the # back and told the person on the other end of the line that you called me and you do not have the right #. He asked to look it up on the computer, but no one had it for quite a while. Then I explained that my husband was at the time of my call and it was very upsetting to hear that people are actually calling him to harrass him and trying to reach him. I had to keep asking "What kind of company is this, what is the name of your company, where is the address for the company?" But he would not answer me - just kept talking to me. He kept asking questions like my name, address, etc.. I asked what company is this and who is the president of the company in which he would not answer. I then informed him of the donot call list and he continued to talk with me and talk nonsense, I told him to take us off his calling list. He proceeded to curse me and informme that this was a "very important business matter" and that he would "LURCH" me (I don't know what he got my number for, but I will tell you he did not stop what he was doing for a full hour and a half) so I hung up on him. You can't understand how infuriating these calls are - there is no way to speak to anyone, not even a rep with the company's name speaking to you. My phone # was not on anything that has been submitted for anything in the past, so what gives them the right to call me? I have attempted to report all the numbers (of which this is just one) but each time they call and change their number and keep calling, it is a new # in a list of numbers and it does no good.

Report by C8B at y Halloween - 2019-01-19
They keep calling. It's a recording and it's a recording. They call all the time. If it's Sallie Mae, they need to stop calling me. This has just gotten way out of hand! I know it will stop soon!

Report by S.Snowden - 2017-06-17
This number just showed up as unknown on my caller ID. The message said: This is a call for John Smith. Please call back at 949-268-8579. No company name given, no call back number was given, no person on the end of the line.

Report by Larry whiteside - 2017-05-22
I received 2 messages today from this number with a computer-driven voicemail, saying that there was a case number attached to my phone number and this was my final warning. It said to call the 323-449-6990 and when I did, they asked for my name and social security number. I refused and they hung up. I am sick of the daily calls. I am a recent college graduate and I am struggling to make my payments.

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